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  1. Thank you Shadow and guys, I will let me friend know about this and when I return to that country we will try to do what you guys just said.
  2. the engine wants to crank, but since there is no additional fuel going into the injectors since we can not hear the fuel pump is the reason why it wont start(engine). Also why do the fans stay on as soon as the ECU is plugged in and trying to start? I looked for the fan parameters and they were ON at 90°C so that is correct. I even tried putting the other maps form other versions and I would get a IAT sensor warning and the temp was at 212°F
  3. Thanks Dave and let me know what other info you might need and I can try to round it up for you, but only issues is that the client is a little naive with the install of the ECU. Here are some of the pics of the oem ECU and plugs.
  4. This is the second one that is in the actual ECU after I moved some parameters in it. LHauMY00JDM.pcl
  5. Here is the map that we started with and the second one is the one that is in the ECU currently. The ECU was set with the jumpers in NO Immobilizer mode. Subaru WRX V5-6 i88 Plugin.pcl
  6. I have a client with a Subaru Forester 2000 JDM Version 4-5 I purchased the unit for a client and then later flew to his country to try to tune it. We carefully followed all the instructions on the brochure to install it and then after receiving the unlock code we followed the info for trying to start the engine. As we did everything specified, the fuel pump would never turn ON and the fans would just stay ON and the battery got quickly drained. I had to leave the car and ViPEC in his country and come home, so now he has a unit that is not operable. Please help so perhaps I can assist my client over the phone and get his car started with the ViPEC. Thanks, Corr Performance Tuning, LLC
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