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  1. A friend have programmed an Arduino Micro for us, so we will use that to run the shift light instead.
  2. We have an old G3 upgraded to G4 and want to be able to have different rpm on the shift light on every gear. This function does not exist on this old ECU like it does on the G4+ We have a switch for every gear, can we connect a digital input for every gear and then use 5 outputs wired to the same shift light ? Will this work ? Thanks.
  3. Aahh, ok now I understand how this works . So what we would need is to have labels other than an v1, v2 etc... Pressure, Temperature for example or preferrably to make your own labels.
  4. Yes it's voltage being logged with the CAN converter. Did you switch on HD on the video?
  5. Ok, so my question obviously came out wrong. IF I connect for example a pressure sensor 150psi I get a 0-5v signal. I don't watt Link to show 0-5v, I want it to show 0-150psi. This is not possible right now when loggning analog inputs with the gaugeart converter?
  6. So now I have the new gaugeART Analog to CAN Converter in the car and working, when will we be able to choose Cal Tables like with the onboard Analog Inputs to get it to show something more interesting than voltage? Label change would also be very nice.
  7. So I have installed the Analog to CAN Converter from gaugeART and started testing a bit. Here's a vid testing it with 1-5v signal from electronic pressure regulators at 50% duty cycle. https://youtu.be/ZwKQ6xWes_Y
  8. Thanks Scott. Had these lying around for quite some years now with the purpose to use them for boost control . Not until now I have had a converter so yes I think we are going to test it for boost control.
  9. So I have this PWM to 0-10v module connected to my G4+ to drive an Electric Pressure Regulator Had some issues not getting 10v on the output, it was low battery voltage so that was an easy fix Anyway, here's a little test video: Test Video: https://youtu.be/yEZeBy3uhlc Display on regulator showing PSI
  10. Sounds promising ! Please let us know as soon it's confirmed that it works.
  11. I am using the KMS EGT Can module, why wouldn't this analog input box work ?
  12. I found this: http://gaugeart.com/product/gaugeart-analog-to-can-converter/ Can I set this up with the Link G4+ and if so how do I do it? Or are there other cheap Analog to Can converters that will work ?
  13. I am thinking about using 4 Ecotrons ALM-LSU ADV lambdas with pre turbo sensors via the can bus for logging purpose and still use my existing analog input Lambda as the primary Lambda 1 tuning sensor. Is this possible and how do I configure this?
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