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  1. techsalvager

    DBW options

    Its gonna be on mazda miata 1.6l so its gonna be grafted on somehow, I just wanted to make sure the different hardware will work despite what I chose or find to bolt up easily.
  2. techsalvager

    DBW options

    I am interested in buying a blackbox extreme ecu. I was saving for the older non blackbox unit beore it was pulled and the new unit went up and glad the new one has all the stuff included. For the DBW support what is the recommended DBW throttles and pedals to use, esp for forced induction usage.
  3. Is there a way to add to the list of selectable values for the axis on tables? I would like to use the lambda target instead of lambda 1 in this case. Â
  4. techsalvager

    MAF usage

    My next question would be, whats the point of having the ability to input a maf into link\vipec ecu's as of now? Â
  5. techsalvager

    MAF usage

    Simon I went though the forums and saw some people had it working but noted how they had to do it.  I was looking at the way the table is setup for the maf transfer function under custom cal tables.  Could the grams\second area become user editable for each cell instead of having to set a start point and width of each cell.  Seems like a lot of the back in for proper maf support is there with the fuel modeling. I was\am also interested in the haltech elite 1500 unit but certain features in it seem like featureless features compared to the link g4+ extreme and while they do have the maf support they don't have much defining the injector model. My big question is there anything really stopping even having a usable table of 16 ( if not 32 points or more ) points that can be adjusted better than currently implemented? Â
  6. techsalvager

    MAF usage

    Has and can anyone show a working example of a setup with maf being used? The custom cal tables for maf don't seem to setup well and I would like to see what people have done. I'm failry interested in buying the g4+ extreme but this is something I would like to find out what the support level is at for in it software\hardware. Â Thanks Justin
  7. techsalvager

    maf tuning

    Hello I was interested in the v44 before seeing as it suppodesly supported maf inputs. I don't see a load factor for maf fueling, only map, bap, etc under fuel config I see you can set a maf in analog inputs, but the cal setup for it, is not nearly enough that I've seen for a proper maf transfer function to be made. Can anyone enlighten me on how the maf support works? I once talked to a repersentative of vi-pec at PRI show in 2012 and was basically told me off for wanting maf usage, and that vipec didn't support it and that left a bad taste for customer support in my mouth.
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