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  1. Ok thanks, maybe I read it wrong and saw the other values to be multiplied by 5 in the help. All good thanks
  2. noticed a strange issue where in the CAN channel config if i enable knock level global, knock threshold and knock counter cyl #1 all in the same stream the knock level global is no longer required to be multiplied by 5. that is, the number that comes out in the knock level global packet is the actual correct value and doesnt need * 5 to display the correct value, but only after i enabled the other two CAN channel items. Vipec 9 PnP, Firmware 4.10.2 Not urgent just an odd issue i found
  3. took a while sorry, but finally have video
  4. i run innovate LC2 and it works great for wideband input and wideband closed loop on v44
  5. made some good progress tonight. a few values to out how they are displayed, but working with the vipec v44 correctly.
  6. The Vipec v44 and possibly other models require math computation on some of the values so they are displayed properly, so for example temperature is offset by +50 so you need to tell the display this logic otherwise your airtemp will show as 80deg when it’s actually 30. the plex uSDM 102 Pro does this via a feature “math channels” but the function is used for more advanced logic such as showing average of two sensors, using cosine, log etc I.e averages of two EGT probes to be shown as a single value or used for alarms on the display. The software for the plex uSDM 100 and 102 Pro both allow the user to configure an “offset” for every sensor value in the CAN packet so you can say airtemp is airtemp with an offset of -50 thereby solving the wrong values issue. the offset feature is different to the “math channels” so it looks like on the 100 Pro you can run this on a Vipec v44 and use the offsets to do all the calculations and therefore you don’t HAVE to buy the 102 pro version purely for the “math channels” function. in summary you can go for the cheaper option if required. Wish I had of known that when I ordered mine
  7. Hi All, Thread for setup guide of the plex uSDM 102 Pro CAN display on the Vipec v44. My display should arrive this week so I’ll post up info and details on getting this working on a Vipec v44 (my model is Evo 9 topboard PnP).
  8. I’ve purchased a plex usdm 102 pro CAN display so I will post up some info once I have it working etc
  9. sorry its locked, there is no place in 2018 for locked tunes. make sure you tell all your friends the workshop does this. its a beginners trap if you arent advised upfront and find its locked later. can you still read logs off the ECU when its locked? you could reverse look at the logs to see how its tuned etc.....
  10. good choice, ive got an evo 8 FQ with v44 vipec, keen to see your ride
  11. Thanks and all, just couldn’t work out why they opt to use serial instead of native CAN. Maybe they just assume every v44 isn’t compatible based on the 10,000 serial # issue?
  12. hi all considering a commercial off the shelf replacement screen, namely the PLX SDM 102 pro here; https://www.plex-tuning.com/product/plex-%ce%bcsdm-102-pro/ The tech manual states to connect it to the Vipec V44 via Serial TX/RX but the product states it supports CAN but they dont use it on the V44? The I44/i88 refer to connecting it via CAN. Is there a reason for this? I dont want to run it via serial
  13. There are plenty of off-the-shelf CAN displays out there. Have you looked at these? Not cheap but will do what you want. They aren’t cheap because of the design and R&D work they have had to put into each product but will do what u want without hacking tablets etc
  14. Anyone else have any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Is there a way to make knock adjustments permanent (with key off)
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