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  1. paulr33

    Unlocking ECU???

    sorry its locked, there is no place in 2018 for locked tunes. make sure you tell all your friends the workshop does this. its a beginners trap if you arent advised upfront and find its locked later. can you still read logs off the ECU when its locked? you could reverse look at the logs to see how its tuned etc.....
  2. paulr33

    Password protection issue

    good choice, ive got an evo 8 FQ with v44 vipec, keen to see your ride
  3. paulr33

    DIY vipec display

    Thanks and all, just couldn’t work out why they opt to use serial instead of native CAN. Maybe they just assume every v44 isn’t compatible based on the 10,000 serial # issue?
  4. paulr33

    DIY vipec display

    hi all considering a commercial off the shelf replacement screen, namely the PLX SDM 102 pro here; https://www.plex-tuning.com/product/plex-%ce%bcsdm-102-pro/ The tech manual states to connect it to the Vipec V44 via Serial TX/RX but the product states it supports CAN but they dont use it on the V44? The I44/i88 refer to connecting it via CAN. Is there a reason for this? I dont want to run it via serial
  5. paulr33

    PC link - Windows CE based double din radio

    There are plenty of off-the-shelf CAN displays out there. Have you looked at these? Not cheap but will do what you want. They aren’t cheap because of the design and R&D work they have had to put into each product but will do what u want without hacking tablets etc
  6. paulr33

    EVO 8 V44 plugin - no knock or speed input?

    Anyone else have any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Is there a way to make knock adjustments permanent (with key off)
  7. paulr33

    EVO 8 V44 plugin - no knock or speed input?

    i think i have picked up a bad batch of fuel and im now getting some knocking levels previously unseen for my car. i have the ECU setup as follows; what i was hoping for was the vipec to cut ign timing across the whole tune if it picked up knock and not just the individual cell on the tune. i want it to be a bit more failsafe instead of just retarding that cell momentarily (for upto 25sec (Advance delay)) and leave it like that - even when keyd' off. i thought setting "Clear i-trim tables" to OFF would allow me to do this, but the tables are always 0's - both Cyl #1 and #2 - i think its because advance delay is 1s, but the most i can set this to is 25seconds. is there a way to make it cut timing on the whole tune map when it detects KNOCK > KNOCK THRESHOLD (poor mans failsafe)?
  8. paulr33

    DIY vipec display

    hi the biggest issues i had was getting a working CAN adapter and connection, once i got that working everything else was easy. are you gettting CAN data correctly from the Vipec ? dont try and troubleshoot it at all at once, focus on one thing, first minimum requirement is are you getting any data from the vipec
  9. paulr33

    EVO 8 V44 plugin - no knock or speed input?

    FYI just wanted to say thanks for your help with the idle control open loop help, i did this yesterday on my evo with stroker kit, big cams and balance shaft delete so the idle is mega lumpy and following your steps the idle is now a lot better, more stable and predictable and hot start is also prefectly (previously would stall almost every time)
  10. paulr33

    DIY vipec display

    can you post up your complete code or zip it and upload somewhere and i can check it for you
  11. paulr33

    Windows tablet multidisplay

    Do you have to use a tablet? CHeck out the thread my lekonna on doing a DIY CANBUS display, then you can write your own like I did for my evo lancer CANBUS DISPLAY
  12. paulr33

    DIY vipec display

    Screen going well, stable and no issues
  13. paulr33

    EVO 8 V44 plugin - no knock or speed input?

    Overrun fuel cut off and that has fixed the cyclic idle so all good, but I will still do a complete default set of idle control to ensure everything is perfect thanks for your help
  14. paulr33

    DIY vipec display

  15. paulr33

    EVO 8 V44 plugin - no knock or speed input?

    hi all if i am driving and put the clutch in at around 20km/h i get this excessive and recursive idle hunt sequence, when the engine tries to idle, and basically hunts its ass off between 2000rpm and 1500rpm in constantly cycle. it looks like this in the logs; i did some more digging in the logs and found im triggering overrun fuel cut, so if i overlap overrun fuel cut on the engine speed plot, we get this view; basically the engine is trying to idle, trips over run fuel cut and then runs in a cyclic idle hunt - drives me nuts when im trying to coast down my street quietly and this 2.3L evo is hunts its ass off between 2000rpm and 1500rpm. so question - is overrun fuel cut the cause of the hunting or is it simply a control mechanism and something else needs to be adjusted? did some reading and understand the intent of overrun fuel cut - maybe i just try disabling it? its based on deactivation RPM and is targetted at 1600rpm at 80deg water temp (the above example) i also have an issue where hot start works first shot, runs for 2 seconds then blips and almost stalls and recovers, incredibly annoying... from the help; Startup Step - Provides increased air bypass for starting. Startup step decays as over a period of three seconds after RPM is detected. In Closed Loop ISC control mode this is a temperature dependant table. my ISC mode is set to closed loop/sol stepper startup step is on with +20 for 80deg water temp (this log) idle rpm target is 1000rpm at 80deg water temp the logs show it can hold idle, its only when i tries to lower it, that it just stalls rapidly 2.3L with big cams, map sensor etc should i just increase idle rpm to about 1100rpm and see how that fares?