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  1. I am looking for a Subaru EZ36D engine base map for a Link Extreme on a low boost application? Do you have it in stock to help start my engine for some testing before a pro tuner make a real map for my ca? Thanks in advance!
  2. I am not a tuner so, what the difference between wasted spark and group fire fuel and full sequential???
  3. I just pass a rod on my EJ257 subaru engine so I plan to replace it by a forged EZ30D subaru engine. The question is that I have the 2010 Vipec V44 of my old setup, and I want not buy an other ECU for fun! So do you think the V44 will be able to run the EZ30D engine? If I can not run the V44 on H6 engine, do Vipec offer an exchange programe for peaple like me?
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