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  1. I had another thought when you are back on to it. Can you confirm what you are using for a coil/ignitor? From memory the Omex has built-in coil drivers whereas our ECU's dont and will need an external ignitor or coil with built-in ignitor.
  2. The USB port for the laptop would normally be the one fitted in the top of the case with the red o-ring as pictured below - unless someone has messed around inside. I would expect the extra one that you say is "coming from inside" is probably the dash connection.
  3. Adamw

    SOI question

    Yeah sorry, I done that spreadsheet about 10 years ago and have obviously made a mistake in one of the formulas for end of injection somewhere. I dont really have time or interest in fixing it right now. You will have to get your calculator out...
  4. Adamw

    g4/v88 to racepak

    Yep, my normal hours are 1PM - 9PM NZ time. You can usually get me via the live chat widget on the Linkecu.com webpage.
  5. Ok, Im not sure if I have got this right since you mentioned both pressure and temperature, but here is what the logic would look like for the oil temp warning. The example assumes my oil temp sensor is connected to AN Temp 3. If you want the same lamp to warn for pressure as well then we can stack a virtual aux onto it to get more activation conditions. Sorry, still not sure what you want here. So you are just sending a constant DC to reduce voltage? It just turns on at a single RPM? I thought it was a PWM controlled multi colour shift light module or something?
  6. Its a bit of an unknown. Our factory wiring diagram shows a fairly conventional relay connected to pin N3/E3 (ign 5). However looking at our drawings/notes for the Altezza it seems our Altezza test car didnt have anything connected to this pin but I assume the fuel pump still worked. No, irrelevant, Aux 8 is fine.
  7. It should work once you change sync mode to Cam pulse. If not please attach a log of it cranking.
  8. I just checked, the link to the PDF manual in the post you linked to above still works, you just need to be logged in to access it. Note all the same info is in the PC Link help file. This is just a PDF version.
  9. Adamw

    ECU Unlock fails

    Please PM me the dealers name, I can get our sales team to contact them if you are having trouble.
  10. Pin A4 goes to one of the pins on the spill valve. The other pins goes to ign switched +12V. From the GDI specific wiring info in the help file:
  11. So if you manually ground that aux 8 wire, does the pump run? From what I can see in the Altezza info it looks like the fuel pump is controlled via BEAN in the model.
  12. Can you link to the post you are talking about?
  13. Adamw

    SOI question

    Yes you are right, it should be 540. Sorry I think I have a mistake in my spread sheet, I think I have fixed it now. Injection Calcs.xlsx
  14. Then I would say pre-ignition is the cause. Is that 2 different plugs that has melted on different occasions? You need to get it sorted ASAP, you will damage the engine quickly if you carry on like that.
  15. In your map fuel is set to off and ignition is set to direct spark?. Have you upgraded to coil on plug or is it distributor still? Also in the trigger 2 settings the sync mode needs to be set to "cam pulse 1x".
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