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  1. Adamw

    Fuel Pump Enquiry

    Ok, then I think you need to use the S14-S15 Map. The S13-S14 map is setup for the 76Pin ECU. Fuel pump is on Aux 5 and some of the analog inputs are configured differently. Your Error codes arent anything to worry about. Error 23 is ANV 5 at ground. This is on the expansion connector so wont have anything connected, it will be turned off once you load in the S15 map. Error 11 is AN Volt 1 at ground. This is because the oxy probe is cold and not outputting any voltage. You can adjust the fault settings to prevent that one from bothering you. Error 46 is AN Temp 2 at 5V. This probably means you have no air temp sensor connected. You should really fit an air temp sensor but you will still be able to get it running without one.
  2. Adamw

    Question for dwell time

    I cant open your files. Can you put the correct extensions on them
  3. Adamw

    Traction Control settings

    Yep, both good thoughts although I havent heard of it being used in a drag racing situation before, Im not sure if controlling slip to 500% is going to work. I can see value in having the speed lockout configurable for higher speeds. As a workaround if you have a spare aux output and spare DI, I think we could connect the two together and use the aux output to disable/enable the traction DI under whatever conditions you like.
  4. Adamw

    Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    No sorry this is still not implemented. The best workaround for now is the post above yours. There are quite a few users and dealers pushing for this so I have been pushing for it too.
  5. Adamw

    Link thunder sometimes doesnt log data

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this one on the bench. I run Cozcorners map in a Thunder here for weeks of on/off testing and it always logged, trying quite hard to do everything I could to upset it. However I will ask Engineering to take a look at this thread and see if they can come up with any thoughts next time they are looking at the code.
  6. Adamw

    Fuel Pump Enquiry

    Is this the 64 pin or 76 pin ECU?
  7. Adamw

    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    Ok, set up looks ok. But one of the first things I noticed you are on very old firmware, 5.0, this was basically the first release of G4+. You should update to the latest, there have been many improvements and fixes since.
  8. Adamw

    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    How do you make the power button only turn the screen off? I cant see any settings to do that in my tablet, the only option is "sleep" or "do nothing". As per JMP's comment, it appears your USB ports are being put to sleep when you press the power button. On my tablet If I set the power button to "do nothing", and set the screen to turn off after 1 minute, then when the screen turns off logging continues recording correctly in the background and is all there when I wake the screen again.
  9. Adamw

    Low idle on cold startup

    Your warmup enrichment table looks pretty weak especially 20-50deg. Can you give us a log, make sure the wideband is warmed up/operating before starting.
  10. Adamw

    vi44 unlock code

    If you cant find the original dealer then you can email and we will be able to do it for you with a bit of extra information from you
  11. Adamw

    Unlock code help me

    Your dealer must have given you the wrong code. Pm me your serial number and I will check
  12. Adamw

    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    Attach your tune file so I can check at least the link end.
  13. Adamw

    convert tune file from traditional to modelled

    The fuel map will need to be re-tuned. The overall shape won’t change drastically but the numbers will. As well you will turn off the IAT trim table and zero out rhe warmup enrichment.
  14. Adamw

    Question for dwell time

    Can you share the actual log file (and map would be good too). There is not really enough info in the screenshot to conclude anything. Your dwell scatter looks a little more than typical for a 60-2 trigger.
  15. Adamw

    Trigger issues with atom set up?

    To initially set the base timing you can just set injection mode to "off". The engine will then not try to start when your cranking so you can check timing with a timing light while cranking. Once you have a timing mark somewhere in the ball park, then turn fuel back on and do a final check again once its running.