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  1. Siemens DEKA 80lb 830cc injector data

    I linked to the full Ford data sheet in that thread. what data do you need that is missing?
  2. Closed Loop fuel trims

    Actually, the Storm doesnt have automode CLL, only the Xtreme and higher ECUs.
  3. CAN Keypad

    I just had a quick look at the manuals for a couple of the common ones (motec and racegrade), they dont seem to have built in latch functions for the keys so they are going to be difficult to make work with our present firmware (not impossible but difficult).
  4. pressure sensor wiring

    A quick google suggests the LS1 oil pressure sensor is a 3 wire unit. It will most likely be a linear 0-5V output, you will not need a pull-up or calibration table like the VDO sensor in this thread subject.
  5. Your misfire is definitely due to the trigger error, in the log you can see there is a 100% ignition cut being applied every time there is a spike in the RPM trace. It would be nice to keep the 36-1 provided it is a reasonably well fitted trigger system and not something just hacked together and flimsy. So assuming that the 36-1 is well made then the best option will be to remove one of the "phase" teeth. I would say the Lambda is dropping out due to your battery voltage issue. Get the charging system working and report back.
  6. Launch controll goes off after some time?

    We will need a log and map to see the reason. There is no "time limit" in any of our standard launch control functions.
  7. Siemens DEKA 80lb 830cc injector data

    http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/7477-siemens-deka-875cc-injector-data/ Same injector.
  8. 3uzfe basemap running too rich

    The 1.15Bar sensor calibration is in the list. The intake manifold on the UZ looks reasonably well designed from a symmetry point of view so I wouldnt expect significant bank to bank variation. You could probably get away with just one probe.
  9. 3SGTE Tuning - low rpm hesitation

    The first thing I notice in your log is there is significant relationship between lambda and battery voltage. Every time you have a bump in battery voltage your lambda spikes rich (without a change in inj PW), this could possibly be your dead times are very wrong but I suspect since your battery voltage is also very low you may a have a wiring/ground problem. So I wouldnt trust the Lambda measurement until you get that fixed. If we could trust your lambda then I would say the fuel table needs some work - CLL is bottomed out at -10% for nearly the whole log. I notice your trigger offset hasnt been changed from our base map so have you set your base timing? Your ignition table is very conservative at light loads/cruise so that is going to make it fairly lethargic. Your Lambda overlay table should be turned off and the open loop lambda table should be turned on. Also turn off torque management (I dont think it will be doing anything but turn it off anyhow).
  10. Correct, these work like a 2 wire valve. Power to switched +12V. Ground to engine ground. Signal to ECU aux.
  11. 3uzfe basemap running too rich

    We have a 1.15Bar MAP sensor that is ideal for NA engines: http://dealers.linkecu.com/1.15-Bar-MAP I dont know how you even got it to run with a MAF on that base map as its not intended for it at all - no wonder it was "running pretty rich"!.
  12. Motec PDM to Fury CAN

    There are 8 virtual auxes available in the most recent firmware. If your map hasnt been loaded into an ECU with the most recent firmware then you will only see 3. For many functions you wont even need a virtual aux as you can assign them direct to a CAN DI. (boost, and launch for example wont need a VA).
  13. s15 VCT set up

    Correct, use a virtual aux (or even multiple virtual auxes) if you want more conditions. Having said that it’s more common just to switch at higher RPM - 2000 or so.
  14. Closed Loop fuel trims

    P (gain) & D (rate) are already there. I is not commonly used for CLL.
  15. IAT sensor

    Its job is to determine the temp of the air entering the cylinder, so in thoery, the closer to the port the better. But it is often difficult to mount it there so more commonly somewhere near the throttle body. Definitely not on the induction side - that would only work on an engine using MAF.