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  1. 4age 20v blacktop base map , g4 link atom 2

    Hi Jimmy, I dont have a basemap but it is a simple engine and I do have enough info and experience to knock up something that will get you running. Can you give me a quick rundown of your engine... Is it stock injectors, NA or turbo, still distributor?
  2. Which E Throttle and pedal ?

    For the TB, you can pretty much use anything but it will be easier for you if you can get one of the models that we have tuning information for to fit. There is at least a partial list in the help file below, but that may be missing some, for instance we have plugin ecu's for WRX V10 and audi TT but they seem to be missing from that list. If you want to use something else and are not familiar with PID tuning then you could send it to us for testing (this would be free). For the pedal, again you can use almost anything that will fit in the space. @Brad Burnett has often suggested on here a Suburu one that is a nice universal design (he may pop in to give more info later). The last install I done I found a VW at a "u-pull-it" type place that was nice and easy (forget what the model was).
  3. Mazda alternator control

    If either of you guys have any decent information on how the alternator works and what it needs to control it I will take a closer look at if we can do it.
  4. Fuel Trim table 4 missing

    You are limited to 30 tables in the G4+ ECU's (It is usually quite difficult to use them all up!) , but you have already used up all 30, that's why it wont allow you to add the last. When I loaded your map into an ecu here PCLink popped up a warning saying that too many tables were allocated so it should have been clear. You can see what your tables have been assigned to by viewing the "table allocation" item at the bottom of the ECU settings tree I will paste a copy of yours below. You dont really need all individual cylinder trims active unless you have individual lambda probes in each primary to be able to tune individual cylinders. A Typical install wouldnt use them at all but some tuners might turn on one or two to add a little extra fuel to the hottest cylinder if they know the engine is prone to damaging certain cylinders. You also have 4 individual cylinder trims enabled which is unlikely needed.
  5. Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    Unfortunately no sorry. The next firmware release is still a few months away, I have been pushing to have this function fixed for release so hopefully it will be.
  6. Missing Cable? ECU to USB

    The cable you are missing has part number #CANPCB. This is what it looks like: http://dealers.linkecu.com/CANPCB_2 You can search for a local dealer here: http://www.linkecu.com/dealer-network/ Most dealers would not have this part in stock but our UK warehouse has them in stock so it wont need to travel too far.
  7. How does CAN logging / refresh rate interact?

    Here is where you adjust that:
  8. How does CAN logging / refresh rate interact?

    The logging will still be limited to the 100Hz or 40Hz limit regardless of the data source. Although the ECU can still receive, process and use the data much faster if it is used for internal calculations - it will only be time stamped and written to the logging memory chip 100 times per sec. The maximum rate for transmitting CAN messages out of the ecu (for say an external logger) is limited to 200Hz.
  9. Map Limit or not?

    He said originally that it had "external boost control" so I assume that means independent of the ECU but maybe that was a bad assumption...
  10. Map Limit or not?

    I would say with the overly rich mixture and overly retarded ignition timing you are probably finding the limit of your single coil/distributor ignition system. Everything will need to be tuned fairly well for a low energy ignition system to be able to effectively spark at the boost level you are looking for. The power FC probably just has a better tune in it.
  11. injector dead time by volts

    There are too many possibilities to even guess. Please attach a log and map so we have some data to help narrow down the possibilities.
  12. Help

    Can you attach the map you are using? I will start by looking at that. Did the seller suggest any wiring needed to be changed? It appears there are at least 4 different pinouts for the GTO/3000GT so it may be a wiring problem too. Does yours look like it matches the file I have attached? 3s_1991-1993_ecu_pins.pdf
  13. rough idle after changing injectors

    Simon asked for a map earlier, can you attach that please.
  14. injector dead time by volts

    Deadtime can make quite a difference to Afr at low rpm where it is a significant proportion of the injector pulsewidth but if you are seeing afr changing at high rpm/load then it is unlikely related to deadtime as it is then a much smaller proportion of total pulsewidth. You can log actual pulsewidth, effective pulsewidth and deadtime if you want to see what has been applied. I would also suggest you log fuel pressure.
  15. Knock Block on 13B

    4kHz Narrow generally works best on rotaries.