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  1. Adamw

    Assigning Traction Disable to CAN DI

    Close but your screenshot shows the transmit parameter, change your filter to receive and use the same parameter:
  2. Adamw

    Firmware upgrade failure

    Did you do the power cycle when the power cycle box popped up? Sometimes I have seen this if the ECU doesnt shutdown properly during the powercycle step due to a back-feeding aux or something. Try it again and when you get to the powercycle step, completely disconnect battery or unplug ECU.
  3. Adamw

    Wideband voltage too high

    You must be doing something wrong because when the error low/high is set to 0 and 5 they are completely disabled, you could send 12V in there and it wont generate a fault.
  4. Adamw

    Problems setting up CAN O2

    On the 350Z ECU (and all our other ECUs for cars with an OEM CAN bus) CAN2 can only be used for the preconfigured OEM datastream. Any other CAN devices have to be connected to CAN1. The CAN1 socket is inside the case, you will need to open up the case, put a hole in it and use a CANPCB cable to bring that port outside of the ECU.
  5. Adamw

    Software download

    You nee G4 PCLink. I have only seen that "too old" message if you try to use G4+ PCLink on a G4. Look for version V4.10.2 about halfway down the downloads page. When installed it should leave a red icon on your desktop, if you have a black icon it is the wrong one.
  6. Adamw

    Wideband voltage too high

    I dont know the DLG-1 well but with most innovate devices you can program what voltage they output during warm-up and error conditions. However thats not such a big deal, you can just set the Link analog input error high to 5.0 and error low to 0.0v and the ECU will no longer throw fault codes.
  7. Adamw


    Some notes we have here suggest there may be various trigger patterns used on the 1ZZ so it may no always use the "1ZZ" trigger mode. You can start by doing a log of you cranking it for a few seconds and attach that and a copy of your map here, that may give us some clues as to whats wrong.
  8. Adamw


    Our current 6 CAN ID's allowance is not normally much of a limitation for the market our ECU's are used in. Most motorsport devices allow sequential or compound messaging which allow you to send multiple data words on the same ID. It is usually just odd proprietary stuff like AEMNET or trying to duplicate an OEM CAN bus that needs multiple ID's. It would be nice to have more ID's but there is a finite amount of memory in the ECU so the allowance that is given to CAN functions has to be balanced against other features that users want. I suspect you wont find it a limitation at all.
  9. Adamw

    Power Wiring 2GR-FE G4+ Fury

    Start with the Fury sample map then configure all inputs/outputs to match your wiring and sensors etc. Then post it here and we will take a quick look over.
  10. Adamw

    Audi S3 cruise control

    Correct, just set them up as "GP Inputs" initally, then press each button while watching the DI Runtimes status so you know which button is connected to which DI. Then you can re-assign each DI to the correct function.
  11. Adamw

    Laggy PCLink software

    Since you thought this problem only showed up recently (and PCLink hasnt changed in about a year), I think it wouldnt be a bad idea to try an older graphics driver to see if it changes anything. Thanks for the info. I've noticed this complaint pop up more frequently recently but myself and our engineering guys havent been able to reproduce it in house with a multitude of different PC's. My personal tuning laptop is only a basic i3 with intel graphics and same with my work PC, a fairly old i5 with integrated graphics running 2 high res monitors both run PC Link nicely. I've also tried a really gutless atom tablet and although that's slow to initially open up it still runs the application fine once going. Can you guys also try loading the attached layout, to see if it has any effect, I've just removed the surface view. Basic Layout.llf
  12. Adamw

    Advice on the order of doing things fuel related

    My suggestion is to start with a reasonably realistic guess for the charge temp table. Copy the table from the Monsoon base map is a good starting point for most common engines. Get one area of your VE table dialed in reasonably close and flat so you can then do the charge cooling coeffiec test and dial that in (injector data needs to be good for this test to work, if you dont have good injector data then I suggest just sticking with 10deg C). Next fully calibrate your VE table. Once you have the VE table close you can check a few points in your charge temp table and tweak that so the lambda does not vary with varying air temp (constant water temp). I normally do this by blocking intercooler or directing hot air in to the intake. If the charge temp table needed significant adjustment from what you originally had then you may need to re fine-tune the VE table again. When you turn on multi-fuel you will have two charge cooling coeff settings (as well as all the other fuel other properties such as density etc), one for each fuel.
  13. Adamw

    Audi S3 cruise control

    None of those pins are connected to any input on our ECU. I would guess one of those wires will be a common and the others will be the 3 signals, so you will at least need to find which one is the common, you would then connect this to ground (pin 27). The others need to be connected to digital inputs but spare DI's are a bit thin on this ecu. DI8 is free on pin 67. DI9 is free on pin 112. For the last one I would probably use DI2 or 3 since you dont need two brake switches.
  14. Adamw

    Problem with v88 on 1.8t ethtottle

    If your PInout doesn't closely match the Audi TT, then that ecu will unlikely work. What pins have you found that dont match? What car do you have and what is the engine code?
  15. Adamw


    Yep, all of that would work fine, it will use up 4 ID's out of the 6 possible so still leaves you a little freedom if you decide later to add some other CAN device.