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  1. Adamw

    3 Bar Map sensor

    If its not already too late, can you try the calibration below. Looking at it again this morning I found the GM ecu that those sensors are designed for use a 5.1V power supply, so many of the published calibrations ( and possibly the cal in the G4 are wrong when a sensor is powered by 5V). There are also two diffrent variations of formula given on the delphi data sheets which both give different results! So below is my best guess.
  2. I would agree with Vaughan's comment, from the extra noise you have on the lambda trace it suggests you have a misfire or at least 1 cylinder with very poor combustion. It is definitely not due to an increase in torque or efficiency - probably quite the opposite.
  3. Its definitely important to check rotor phasing but that may not mean you need to adjust anything - just do a static check first. Do just as Brad's post above suggests, manually turn the crank to 20BTDC, pull the dizzy cap off and check the rotor is nicely centered under a post. If it already is then no need to adjust anything. If it isnt, then rotate the distributor body until it is, lock it up, then start it again and adjust the trigger offset so that the timing light matches ecu commanded timing.
  4. Did the ST185 actually have a factory fitted manifold air temp sensor? I thought they only had an airbox temp sensor? Most of the Denso temp sensors use the std bosch curve. Can you pull the sensor out and measure its resistance when in a room at about 20 or 25deg C, that may give us a clue what curve it matches.
  5. Ok you dont show all the info that is needed but a couple of things I can see: In the ECU config you have both RPM and gear set up in the same stream. But in the ecumaster config you have the RPM and gear set up on different ID's, 3E8 & 3EB. You dont show what ID you have set in the Link ecu but assuming you are using 1000, then both the RPM and Gear ID's in the ecumaster should be set to the same 3E8. In the ecumaster settings, the Gear byte position should be 2. And make sure you check the bit rates to match. You have the ecu set to 1Mbit, but I cant see what the gear display is set to.
  6. You've got normalise ratio turned off when doing the calibration right?
  7. I dont really see any suggestion there is a problem in your log. The only trigger error logged was when the engine stalled at the 20sec mark. The noise on the RPM trace looks typical for a cam attached trigger. The tacho bouncing around when on the rev limit is because you are using and ignition cut limiter, the factory tacho is driven off the coil so if you cut sparks to the coil then you are cutting the signal to your tacho too. The factory ECU uses fuel cut so you wont see this effect.
  8. Adamw

    USB ALTW connectors

    The part number for our CANF plug is AU-06BFFA-LL7001. Over here you can just buy them at the local Jaycar electronics store but I dont know what you have in Hungary. Places like Mouser, Digikey, RS Components etc usually have it. I would think most Link dealers would have one floating around too.
  9. Adamw

    3 Bar Map sensor

    Sorry I missed your last reply. It appears to me that the BAP reading 100Kpa looks quite realistic assuming you live near or slightly above sea level. The displayed MAP value of 107Kpa for 1.64V is dead on GM's quoted curve so the ECU is interpreting that voltage correctly. However, the MAP sensor reading 107Kpa with the engine off would only be correct if you live ~500M below sea level, which there are not many places like that on earth. So I tend to believe the BAP is probably reading correct which would suggest both MAP sensors are reading wrong. I can give you a custom cal to fudge the MAP to make it match the BAP if you like but if they are already reading 7KPa/1psi out at atmospheric pressure do you really want to trust them at say 30psi?
  10. Dave beat me to it but I was just about done with a similar reply. As far as I have seen only nissans with a distributor use the single wide slot triggerdisc like you show in your pic (early SR20, RB30, and a couple of others). So the engines that have a distributor can start up fast since the ecu doesnt need to know the correct cylinder - the coil just sparks at every inner slot and the distributor will always send the spark to the correct cylinder. The injectors just fire in batch mode until it syncs so they can fire a spark as soon as the first inner slot is seen. As far as I can see on google the TB48 is coil on plug and the factory CAS should already have the trigger wheel with different sized windows? So that should be able to sync within 120deg without "remembering" the shut down engine position. With the G4X if you use the trigger disc with different sized windows and set trigger mode to "Nissan 360 Opto" then the ecu will sync as soon as it sees the first inner window (i.e. a 6cyl will sync within 120deg crank revolution).
  11. Here is a quick video V series Inj Test.mp4
  12. Most of the basics are working in that log so it would be a good idea to try the injector test and ignition test to confirm your injectors are clicking and you have spark. Even though RPM is reading mostly right, there is one big spike at the start of cranking and trigger errors are clocking up. So that may still indicate there is potentially a trigger issue too. You would really need an oscilloscope to confirm that so start with the injector/ign test first. Also pull a plug out and make sure it is sparking when cranking.
  13. This video is for a G4+ but you will find the procedure is much the same in the Vipec. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A
  14. Adamw

    Launch on and off

    It is not even reaching the launch limit. I suspect with 50deg retard and 50% of the fuel removed the engine isnt making enough torque to even reach the launch limit. Zero out the fuel trim table for a start. Maybe back the retard off to half the values you have as well. Why are you using fuel cut? Even with launch control working well you are never going to produce high exhaust energy when using fuel cut so boost build will be slow.
  15. Adamw


    There are maps for both the single vvt and dual/quad vvt 350Z already in PC Link. If you mean for the HR engine then im not sure we do but I can give you some guidance.
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