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  1. The 350Z table is definitely more suitable than your one. For the WOT row, usually around 0.86-0.89 lambda will be about right for an engine like this. For idle, some engines are happier slightly richer than stoich - just try it a bit either side of 1.0 to see where it is happiest.
  2. Adamw

    ID injectors 1700 set up

    There is Link formatted data on ID's website: http://help.injectordynamics.com/helpdesk/attachments/4057295777 choose the worksheet closest to the base pressure you intend to run and copy/paste it straight into your map.
  3. Adamw

    Nissan speedo signal

    The aux output will send out a 0-12V square wave of 50% DC. Is speed reading correctly in PC Link?
  4. Adamw

    Digital pressure sensor

    What are you trying to achieve over a more common automotive sensor? The biggest absolute pressure range they do is 30psi (so 15psi max boost), and it doesnt appear to be designed to handle fuel vapours. The common automotive MAP sensors usually have only fluorosilicone wetted so they are quite resistant to most fuels.
  5. Any brake or clutch input will cancel cruise control, so your proposal is fine. Wire DI6 so it only sees the clutch switch and set DI 6 to clutch switch (the clutch switch will also disable cruise).
  6. Hi Timo, We have had this reported by a couple of users now, so we believe it is a bug. We havent been able to reproduce it in house yet last time I heard so I will pass your log on to engineering so they have more info to help find the problem.
  7. I would say the timing doesnt look unusally high for 8.2CR with E85, but it also doesnt look tuned at all to me, it looks like someone has just made up the numbers. Why have so many rows with exactly the same numbers on them? You would be better to just delete them all. Seems pretty odd to have the same timing at 207Kpa than you have at 138Kpa. And as JMP says, that big step between 1500 & 2000 is gnarly.
  8. There is no way to do it with position feedback in our current firmware. Something like this could be used: https://www.pololu.com/product/3142 The ECU boost solenoid PWM output can be set up to duplicate a "hobby RC servo" type position output to command this motor controller. The motor controller takes the analog feedback from the position sensor and handles the closed loop position control onboard. I've never used one personally but in theory it should work.
  9. Looks like it is showing a reasonable trend to me. Knock level global as far as I know is the unwindowed/unprocessed raw level from the knock input and I suspect it is not relevent when using the external processing system. You need to use the knock level 1 & 2. Since you are wasted spark, 3 & 4 will just be identical to 1 & 2.
  10. @Brad Burnett has itb's with DBW on his Beams AE86. From memory a S54 BMW throttle motor. Good work on the dash by the way. I can imagine how many hours go in to learning all that stuff. Even stuff like the 3D printing has quite a learning curve...
  11. Yes you could probably just use 2D, you might need a second axis if for instance idle oil pressure drops low when the oil is hot. But something like below would be a starting point, engine wont fire until there is at least 10psi.
  12. I would avoid a stepper motor, but two solenoids connected to the same output should be fine - just check they dont pull more than 2A total. The common 2 wire Bosch ones from BMW etc would probably be plenty big enough.
  13. Adamw

    Dual fuel table setup

    I cant quite understand the last bit of your question, but the "fuel table ratio table" is "percentage of table 2". So 0% in that table means it is using table 1 only (0% of table 2). 100% in there means it is only using table 2. 50% would mean it is interpolating exactly halfway between the two tables.
  14. Adamw

    Injectors Not firing

    A couple of comments after looking at your tune... Turn off the IAT trim table. The air density is already taken care of in the modelled fuel equation based on the charge temp estimation. IAT trim table should not normally be needed unless you have to work around a heat soak issue or some other effect manually. Your charge temp approximation table looks a bit unrealistic and means the effect of the hot manifold and port walls are not being considered. The example from the help file below will be a better starting point. I would turn closed loop lambda off while you are tuning as that will have you chasing your tail.
  15. They are stored in the tune/.pclr. Note you can also export any table if you want to copy them out of some other map or save a copy to your hard drive somewhere for future use etc. Right click on table>import/export>export as file. The linear cals 4,5,6 cant be exported.
  16. Can you just do a pc log as it is now so we can first confirm if the noise levels being reported by the system looks like it follows some sort or realistic trend.
  17. You have the right idea, but engine runtime on the axis is not going to work. The engine isnt considered running until it is above 400RPM so the engine run time is never going to count up in this case. You could instead use a general purpose timer that resets based on some other parameters such as RPM above 20 or similar. Personally I think it would be better to fit an oil pressure sensor and base the limit on actual oil pressure - then you can also use the same table for safety at high RPM where oil pressure is far more important.
  18. A rev limit is active there is no combustion so that removes all compressive load from the connecting rod so I dont think it could be related to that. When an engine is sitting on a limiter for an extended period of time, the irregular firing events does create more torsional vibration in the crankshaft and this is well known to shorten crankshaft life - but I cant see how this could place any more stress on the connecting rod. The "adaptive" limiter mode is designed to minimise the extra crankshaft stress by randomizing the cut pattern to reduce harmonics. I think if it were detonation related you would see effects on the piston, spark plugs and rod bearings first. So, im my opinion if you are seeing compression related failures on the conrods and there are no signs of detonation then it would suggest you are exceeding the torque capability of the connecting rod.
  19. The accel channels only work with the Thunder ECU which has built in accelerometers. You should be able to use the gearshift control function to do the downshift blip. It will look at clutch switch and throttle position to determine if it is an upshift or downshift and apply the appropriate strategy from there.
  20. Adamw

    Injectors Not firing

    Our Supra base map is set up as traditional. None of these settings are in a traditional base map. If you change to modelled then you must enter the correct settings to suit your engine & fuel. That includes injector size, injector characteristics, engine size, fuel properties, etc. You will also need to load in a fuel table that is suitable for VE as the traditional table will not be.
  21. Connect to the factory knock sensor wiring. Bosch 0 261 231 006 is a common wideband part number.
  22. Adamw

    R34 GTT E-throttle

    Do you have is set to run when stalled? If not it will only work when the engine is running. If thats not the problem then please attach a short log of you working the pedal.
  23. Adamw

    phil till

    How sensitive an engine is to knock is determined by many factors, but the main ones would be cylinder pressure, combustion chamber design, intake air temperature and fuel octane. Turbo or supercharged engines are typically far more sensitive as the turbo increases two of those main factors - cylinder pressure and intake temperature. An engine will make best power when the ignition advance can cause the cylinder pressure to peak at the correct crank angle - typically around 15°ATDC. When you can achieve this it is called "MBT" (Maximum Brake Torque), basically the ignition timing that produces the maximum torque for that RPM/load. With many turbo engines on pump gas you cant actually achieve MBT, the engine starts to knock well before it has enough advance to achieve MBT, so we say it is a "knock limited" engine. With a knock limited engine the amount of power it makes will be determined by how close you run the timing to the point that it will knock, so knock control with a knock limited engine means you can run closer to the maximum power/torque level with some safety net if fuel, boost or temperatures vary. An ECU with knock control capability in this case is nice to have. A naturally aspirated 4AGE on the other hand, has many things in its favour in terms of knock sensitivity - good combustion chamber design, low cylinder pressure, no turbo heating the air, and since you're in the UK you have reasonable fuel octane too. So it is nothing like a knock limited engine. With a 4AGE, you will reach MBT well before it is anywhere near knocking. That means if the engine is tuned properly you have a huge safety net before knock can happen. As long as you dont go putting kerosene in the fuel tank then it is never going to knock.
  24. I have no experience with the knock block as it was before I started working for Link. But a couple of comments from looking at your log: You are only logging at 10Hz, that is not going to give a good picture of what is going on. ECU logging in the V series was a bit restrictive and doesnt give you the individual cylinder levels etc. I would suggest doing a PC log at 40Hz with all parameters logged so we have a bit more info to go on. It also sounds like you might need to change to a wideband sensor but try it with what you have now before jumping to conclusions.
  25. Are the failed conrods showing a tensile or compression type failure? Are the big-end bearings and pistons from un-broken cylinders showing any signs of damage?
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