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  1. Q3 gives you a divide by 8, Q4 is divide by 16.
  2. Adamw

    Ethanol Sensor wiring DI

    DI 1-8 are the ones capable of reading an ethanol content sensor. DI 8 on pin 88 is usually the easiest option on the Evo 9.
  3. Check the 5V out parameter on the runtimes screen, ECU status tab. Check it is showing near 5V. If it is not then you have a short on the 5V power supply somewhere.
  4. Adamw

    Fuel Pump Control ECU

    Yes, the prime setting is in the fuel pump control folder.
  5. They are two wire sensors on the RB26. They should be shielded cable too. The two shields and grounds are usually all spliced together and connected to the B17 pin.
  6. No one will be able to tell you much from a map alone. You will need to get another wideband on there that you trust.
  7. Adamw

    G4+ Supra 2JZ PNP

    Your fuel pump set up and the fuel pressure increase solenoid on ign 8 all looks to be ok to me. Have you actually tried adjusting the fuel? You say "stock engine" but the master fuel is set to 8ms. 8ms would be typical for injectors around 1000cc. If you have the stock 440 or 550cc injectors then the master will likely need to be more like 13-20ms. That doesnt sound like anything to worry about to me. If you want to do a more scientific test, pull both sensors out and hang them in a cup of ice water.
  8. Does it still have air conditioning? That is normally the common problem one in an R34 as the relay coil is "hot fed" (live all the time) and will cause a back feed if connected to a normal aux output. The VCT and boost valve should be ok if here wiring is as per factory - powered direct from the ignition switch.
  9. Those are “gen 3” cars, Link does not make an ECU For the Gen 3’s. The Link WRX107 ecu is for gen 2 cars which have a chassis code GG. Most of the dash, abs, climate control and center diff won’t work in a Gen 3 as it’s all controlled by CAN.
  10. I think your first proposal above should do it fine. It is usually best to keep things as simple as possible, considering 99% of cars get away with just on/off control for an engine fan you are possibly over thinking it... If you really want to, depending on how many IO you have spare, you can do a bit of a hack to get a 4D PWM. A bit hard to explain, but an example below. You need to use two GP PWM aux outputs. One controls the fan directly, the other is just wired direct to a digital input. This Aux we set the DC table to a flat 50%, and instead use the frequency table as our 4D (this is because a DI cant measure DC but can measure frequency). We use the DI to measure the frequency then put that on the axis of the fan control PWM table. Set the DI to "GP Speed" with a calibration of 360. (its reported speed will then match frequency). Example below, Aux 1 is wired to DI1. Aux 1 frequency table generates a frequency between 10-100Hz based on road speed and ECT variables. Aux 2 DC table then has the AC request on one axis and the DI frequency on the other. You can see in this example my fan would get 20% more DC when air con is on and would still vary with road speed and ECT.
  11. Ok, this will switch on an aux output (ground) whenever RPM is below 1200RPM.
  12. Adamw

    Boost Control

    I would suggest to start with, change the target table so that the rows are flat right across the RPM range like pic below, PID is easier to tune initially if the target is stable. Also, I would half the proportional and derivative numbers that you currently have and give it a bit more stage 3 delay, maybe 0.5s. Do us another log with those changes and hopefully it will be clearer what we need to change.
  13. Im not sure what "permanent mass" means, I think maybe a bad translation. Do you mean ground?
  14. In Group staged injection mode, odd numbered drives work as primary and even numbered drives are secondary. So two primary injectors should be wired to Inj drive 1, two pri injectors to Inj drive 3. Secondaries to inj drives 2 & 4. Im not sure I understand your question about the throttle, but the Storm cant control electronic throttle directly.
  15. Yeah, its all CAN bus in the gen 3 cars, our plug in ECU is not designed for these cars. There will be lots of other stuff besides the temp gauge that wont work - DCCD etc.
  16. MGP is the parameter you are looking for.
  17. It looks like you have found a bug, I just tested on a ecu here and I get a similar problem - traction disable switch on DI16 doesnot work correctly or at all? I tested all other DI's seem to work, just not DI16. Can you move the pin to one of the others? I will report it to Link.
  18. Adamw

    Wmi active switch

    If you want a switch as well, then it would be best to connect that to a digital input. Then for your switch logic on the pump aux output you set it to "cond 1 & 2" and have one of the conditions as DI* = on. Example below.
  19. If it doesnt have "Engine Speed" displayed above the number like your top pic then you either didnt assign the parameter correctly or the visibility is set wrong. Notice the scale is wrong also. Right click on the guage, then choose properties, then make sure it looks like this:
  20. It will need quite a strong pull-up to overcome the 6V pull-up in the ECU. 100ohm, 3 or 5W should do. Connect like this:
  21. I think the problem probably is you due to not using a compatible trigger & VVT mode. Your Inlet LH error counter is continuously counting up and the Inlet LH signal is reporting extra pulses. Try setting trigger mode to M52 VVT and VVT mode to M52, this should work with the single tooth cam and 60-2 crank. Trigger offset and VVT offset may need to be set again with this change. If that doesnt help please post another log and the tune file. I suspect something is also mechanically wrong if this is the case, in my experience the 2 state vanos is usually near instant switching (less than 50ms at a guess), you dont normally need to consider cam position at all, usually just switch VE tables at the same time the vanos is activated.
  22. Adamw

    Low voltage at ECU

    What is AN Volt 4 function set to? I think from memory it is the narrowband oxy sensor so you will need to change the fault settings to low = 0.0V and high = 5.0V. Your resistance to ground doesnt sound right - how are you measuring this - between which pins/points?
  23. It can be done. You just need to have the new ECU connected to PC link first, then open you G4 map in the normal way and it will be converted as it is written into the ECU. It would still pay to get the tune checked though as there are many new features and fixes in the G4+ that may have small effects on some tunes.
  24. Adamw

    Wmi active switch

    You will need one aux to control the pump, set it to GP output and set the switch logic to "cond 1 only" and give it a condition of MAP >180kpa. You will need another aux for the solenoid, set it to GP PWM, constant frequency and set it to a suitable frequency. Set the PWM table to control the valve how you like. For the boost you can just turn on two boost tables and have table 2 active whenever the WMI valve aux is active. If you want more safety such as a flow switch - so if the pump dies or you run out of water it reverts back to the low boost table, then you can use a virtual aux to add more conditions into switching the boost table.
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