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  1. Adamw

    loading a start file for my 1uz cressida

    We only give each user a small upload allowance so some of your earlier posts have probably burnt through that. Share it on google drive, onedrive, dropbox or some other file sharing site.
  2. Adamw

    loading a start file for my 1uz cressida

    If you post a short log and a copy of your map I will take a quick look if it can be improved but be aware for good idle behaviour fuel and ignition need to be pretty good too.
  3. Adamw

    Unstable Idle

    I dont see any obvious problems in the log. Have you checked your base timing is correct? If you lock the timing and watch the pulley with a timing light at idle, is the timing stable or is it bouncing around? The only thing I see that is a little weird in your log is that your idle valve is working at 5-20% DC. In our ST185 base map we have the minimum clamp set to 20%, usually the reason we put a clamp like that in the base map would be because the idle valve control becomes erratic below that DC. So I suggest you try closing the throttle blade a little and adjust your base position table so that normal idle valve position is around 50%.
  4. Adamw

    loading a start file for my 1uz cressida

    Idle control is typically the last aspect you will tune after everything else is done. Fuel, ignition, warmup etc must be done before you can tune the idle control. Has the rest of it been tuned properly yet?
  5. Adamw


    That is probably fine/normal, any unused injector and ignition drives can be used as auxiliary outputs. You just need to go to Auxiliary outputs -fuel, then assign the correct function.
  6. Adamw

    Force GDI no output on DI pump driver

    No the "polarity" setting just inverts the logic, so on low polarity 100%DC = Max fuel pressure. With Polarity set to high the 100%DC = min fuel pressure. The wiring would not be changed. Yes I would have expected to see a noid lamp to light up for that first 10seconds or so before the error. If you are seeing nothing on a test light I would be suspicious of a hardware problem too but lets try updating firmware first. You are on an older firmware so there could potentially be a problem that has since been fixed. There is this note below in the firmware notes that may be related:
  7. Adamw


    If you look again at the link Brad provided that is exactly what one of the kits does. "Kit A" is the MAFless kit, so it is just basically an adapter to connect a IAT sensor to the MAF plug. Seems a little expensive for what it is but you can make something similar yourself if you are capable. Or just leave the MAF in place for IAT.
  8. Adamw

    3sgte Idles lean

    I dont see any problems in your setup or the log. I would be suspicious of fuel pressure. You can see at the end of the log when lambda starts to go lean the injector pulse width has actually increased so assuming injectors still have 12V etc, that suggests there is a fuel supply problem.
  9. Adamw

    Force GDI no output on DI pump driver

    In the log it seems the ECU is sending 90%DC to the spill valve yet rail pressure is not increasing. Maybe your spill valve works opposite to normal? Can you try changing GDI pump solenoid polarity to high and see if that effects rail pressure. Edit: Sorry I forgot to say, there is no test function available for the GDI solenoid output. However the fact you get the wiring error when you unplug it suggests there must be some current flowing.
  10. Adamw

    Custom Crank Tooth

    Ok, a few mistakes in your pclr. Can you load this one in and do a short log again. Try this.pclr
  11. Adamw

    Force GDI no output on DI pump driver

    Hi Eric, Im dont have much experience with GDI, and have never touched an ecoboost but looking over your config I have a couple of thoughts/questions; AN Volt 4 you have labelled "LOW PRESSURE", but the function is assigned as MAP sensor. Is this correct or is it meant to be the low pressure fuel sensor? Auxilary outputs>Fuel pump control, you have speed control method set to "off", normally on GDI engines this is set to "closed loop" to supply a constant pressure to the high pressure pump. Does this car use a regulator instead for the low pressure side or does it need electronic control? If you can attach a short PC log of a start up attempt it might be easier to see the problem.
  12. Adamw

    Unstable Idle

    I have merged your threads since they are all about the same problem. Have you checked this yet? Dwell scatter means the ECU is not receiving regular tooth events from the CAS. Your triggerscope looks ok so that suggests the problem is mechanical rather than electrical. Most likely there is excessive backlash in the drive system somewhere, loose cambelt, tensioner, sprocket etc... Did you increase the lambda target like I suggested earlier? Some of the idle problem is possibly related to the same problem that is causing the dwell scatter so I would get that fixed before I spent much time trying to fix the idle.
  13. Adamw

    Poor Idle

    Please update your firmware before you mess around anymore. Yours is over 3 years old and there have been many changes and fixes to idle control since. Your log 1 looks like it is mostly ok, the stall is caused by the idle ignition table suddenly turning on at 1500RPM and pulling 25deg out. Update firmware, do another log with the PID back how it was in log 1. I think we will need to adjust either the main ignition table or the idle ignition table so that there isnt such a big difference between the two, but Id rather work with current firmware that I know better.
  14. Adamw

    Toyota 20v . Trigger wheel position pls help !!!!

    That sensor is a VR sensor and should only have two pins, ground and signal. It looks like the black wire just grounds the shield to the mounting bracket. Gap position is fine at 11 teeth offset. Air gap about 0.5mm at a guess. Wheel design looks ok for this sensor to me.
  15. Typically I would see around 50-65% around the idle area. Obviously there are many factors that will affect that but 80% suggests something is off. Usually a bigger than realistic VE number would indicate the engine is receiving less fuel than the ECU thinks. Commonly that is fuel pressure or injector flow related but there are so many inputs into the modelled mode it could be any one of those. Lambda sensor calibration, fuel property settings, MAP sensor calibration, injector settings etc. If VE is only unrealistically large at idle but comes right with more load then you would say it is dead times/short PW related. If it goes unrealistically high at high loads then usually that means fuel press is dropping away. If it is high under all conditions then it is one of the basic flow rate/pressure/property settings.
  16. Adamw

    3uz throttle map

    They are in the help file, I will attach below
  17. Adamw

    Miata mx5 pnp install help

    As far as I know the manual transmission 1.6 Miata doesn't have a proper variable throttle position sensor, it just has an on/off switch. I believe the automatic models do have a proper variable TPS (but completely different throttle body). So if yours is a big square box looking thing with 3 pins then it is most likely a switch type and will need to be changed. Note it is highly recommended to change to a variable TPS but you can still run without it in a pinch. You will have to change accel enrichment to use MAP instead of TPS and things like idle control, launch control and rev limits wont be as configurable without TPS but it will still run. If you google "1.6 Miata variable TPS" you will find kits for sale if its not something you can do yourself. The common option seems to be a E36 BMW sensor and either a 3D printed or CNC bracket
  18. Adamw

    CAN info needed

    Correct, 120ohm built in at ECU end.
  19. Adamw

    350z wideband

    No they will pull too much current to drive from an Aux output. You will have to find a source elsewhere in the car.
  20. Adamw

    Idle status?? WTF?

    Yes the idle status parameter has a bug in the current firmware. It doesn’t effect the way anything works, just the logged value is wrong. From memory when you exceed your speed lockout the status parameter somehow becomes related to speed. If you can post the actual log and tune files I will take a look and possibly make some suggestions.
  21. Adamw

    Unstable Idle

    Hmmm, thats weird, the triggerscope looks ok, I really expected to see something wrong that would explain the jumpy dwell. It wouldnt hurt to check the distributor/CAS doesnt have lots of backlash or the sensor has come lose inside etc. Did it help idle when you richened up the target table or was it still similar? Actually looking at the log again the idle doesnt actually look too bad. Can you explain a bit better what you mean by "I cant make my idle to stabilize"
  22. Adamw

    RB25 plugin ecu problem

    Yes, that may happen since you have the key on, but relay out, some of the accesories will be powered up (such as boost valve etc), but the ECU is not powered up. The 12V from those auxilaries can backfeed through diodes etc in the ecu then "come out" of the pin 49/59. Yep, perfectly fine to do that and that will tell you if that relay is the problem or not. Just make sure that you do bridge 3&5 and not 1&2. bridging 1&2 will pop a fuse.
  23. Adamw

    3uz throttle map

    In that screenshot above the cam is bouncing between about 35 & 40deg. The target was 35deg so you could say 5deg either side of target. So that would definitely make a measurable difference to torque output but Im not sure how noticeable that would be to "seat of the pants". I dont see any evidence in your log that the throttle is oscillating so the VVT is a possible explanation. Looking at your log I think the reason for your original "throttle error" complaint is probably the E-throttle PID is too conservative so the throttle is too slow to react to small errors. In the example below you can see in the area where my yellow cursor is, the E-throttle 1 target is 2% but the TP main is sitting at 6% and kind of sits at 6% for a while before it finally corrects. If there is more than a couple of % difference betwwen the Target and TP main, for some short time period (sorry I dont know the time period of the top of my head) then the ECU will will increment the TP/Target error accumulator by 1, if the error persists it will continue to count upwards. In this log you can see it counted up to 5 before the error was small enough that the ECU was happy again so it start counting down again. If that error accumulator gets up to 100 then it will go into safety mode and shut down the throttle. The highest accumulator we see in that log is 5 so you are a long way off safety mode with normal driving but is possible with much more on/off throttle action in a race situation that could count up much faster. You could try the 1UZ PID settings from the help file and see if they help.
  24. Adamw

    RB25 plugin ecu problem

    Sounds like that relay has worn contacts in that case.
  25. Adamw

    3uz throttle map

    You could be right, it seems higher than I expect at hot but they may run an especially high oil pressure for some reason (or there could be something wrong with the relief valve). In a previous life I used to build dry sump systems and the common ford oil filter that we had on the test bench would blow up like a balloon at about 130psi, so that is where my worry came from. If you have 110psi when hot I would expect it is quite a bit higher when cold. Yes that was my original thought but I was assuming these things had a more typical OP, like say 50psi. Now I dont really know. If your current oil pressure is normal then it looks like you will need to use the custom PID setting to get the cam control better.