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    Aem map sensor calibration error codes

    According to the AEM datasheet, the 3.5bar MAP sensor should output 0.5V at 0KPa (full vacuum). Your runtime shows only 0.45V, so either your wiring is wrong or your sensor is dead.
  2. Adamw

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Im pretty sure that map was done by High Performance Academy, I assume since it is a NA car and wouldnt normally have running intake temps above about 30°C, the enrichment at high intake temps is done intentionally to compensate for hot start heat soak.
  3. Adamw

    Link g4+ subaru wrx v1 starting problem

    Yes, trig 1 signal and trig 2 signal should both normally say yes when it is all happy. To confirm it is a trigger problem check if realistic RPM is displayed while cranking (say 180-250RPM). If you have no RPM then you have a trigger problem so the next step would be to do a triggerscope capture while cranking. Video showing how to do that: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY
  4. Adamw

    CAN Pinout on PCB ?

  5. You will need to wire the ECU as per the "ECU hold power" wiring diagram in the help file. The ECU can then be set to "stay alive" for a pre-set length of time. It will always stay alive for this pre-set time regardless of whether your EWP needs to run or not. The ECU uses very little current so shouldnt drain battery etc. The maximum keep alive time setting is 1310 seconds or about 20minutes.
  6. Adamw

    Aem map sensor calibration error codes

    Ok, with ignition on, engine off, open up the runtimes screen (F12) and note down the value of the 3 parameters highlighted below. Reply with those.
  7. Adamw

    Monsoon LLC, PSL and GSI Setup....

    The Speed sensor signal can go to any DI. The switches also need to go to (any) DI's. For wiring the switches, one pin is wired to the DI, the other side can go to either ground or an ign switched +12V. Usually ground is the easiest.
  8. Adamw

    EZ30R MAP

    There are no obvious clues in the log but can definitely see the engine is not happy. Its making no vacuum and it needs like 15-20% throttle to get it to 2000RPM. Have you done an injector and ignition test to confirm all ign/inj drives are wired to the correct cylinders? Its very rich in the log, did you try removing fuel so lambda is closer to something normal? Have you checked base timing? Is this engine a known runner or has it been apart recently?
  9. Adamw

    EZ30D JDM swap into Subaru 2.5rs

    What gauge do you have and what CAN port is it connected to? Attach your tune file and I will take a look at your settings
  10. Adamw

    Boost reference

    When you say "boost reference" I assume you mean the supply for the wastegate - not the MAP reference for the ECU? I dont do many turbo cars so dont have much experience but for the wastegate supply my logic says somewhere near the compressor is more relevant as it will not be influenced by throttle blade position.
  11. Adamw

    Fuel Pressure Sensor

    Where are these colours you are quoting - are these XS wire colours, or colours on your sensor wires? You are right that you need a 5V supply, Sensor ground and an analog input. Unfortunately for the XS loom colours you will have to open the case up and look at the labels printed on the PCB or pin positions yourself. The wire colours used in the expansion loom have changed a couple of times over the years so we cant confidently relate colours to pin functions.
  12. Adamw

    Injector actual pulsewidth

    You can log actual PW but I dont see how you could interpret it into a 3D table since there are more than 2 "dimensions" that influence it. You could use a 3rd party tool such as MLV pro to filter out some of those variables to make it fill a 3D table but I still dont see it being particularly relevant. What are you wanting to do?
  13. Adamw


    The charge temp table is used to calculate air mass for the fuel equation. You would usually still want/need the IAT ignition trim table active - at least in a knock limited turbo car.
  14. Adamw

    Aem map sensor calibration error codes

    Your cal 5 is not set up correctly, set up like below:
  15. Adamw

    Ballenger AFR 500 Analogue output

    Yep, use cal 4,5 or 6 and that’s all you need.
  16. Adamw

    RPM Jumping - can not find reason

    I have also been discussing this with George via our tech support skype. The trigger capture looks good but it still it has massive trigger errors. I have given him a couple of ideas to try and he has another ecu to try also. I will update this once we work out what is going on.
  17. Adamw

    Constant Trigger Errors and no Start.

    Heres a pic of the early WRX crank & cam wheels. Notice the crank goes 2 teeth, 1 tooth, 2 teeth, 1 tooth. The cam goes 1T, 2T ,1T ,3T The ECU triggers when a falling edge crosses over the zero volts line, I have marked on the pic below those trigger points with pink dots. If you count them you will notice the 2,1,2,1 crank pattern is on the bottom.
  18. Adamw

    Issue setting base timing

    Yes, it locks to whatever figure you have in the "lock timing to" box as soon as you open the set base timing screen.
  19. Adamw

    Constant Trigger Errors and no Start.

    Thats odd, you have the cam pattern coming through on trig 1 and the crank pattern coming through to trig 2, it should be the opposite. Either someone has mixed the plugs up on the engine (I dont know subarus well enough to know if this is even possible) or the wiring is a bit different in this car for some reason. If the wiring reaches either sensor and the plugs are the same then just swap the crank/cam wires. If not then you can swap the signal wires at the ECU end on pins 38 & 53.
  20. Adamw

    Monsoon LLC, PSL and GSI Setup....

    I had this same query in tech support email so I will post my initial reply here so others know it has been answered. Gear detection needs a driven wheel speed - preferably a "VSS" type sensor in the gearbox if you have one so that the differential effect doesnt effect gear detection.Latched launch doesnt need a wheel speed at all, this works off RPM.Speed limiter can use either driven or non-driven so my suggestion would be to use the same VSS sensor as used for the gear detection.There are instructions or at least a basic explanation for all of these functions in the help file. I will paste copies below.I suggest setting up the basics first yourself, make sure all the DI's and speed sensor is working and calibrated correctly, then have a play around (just jack the wheels up off the ground and test on jack stands). Then if there are problems or something is not clear you can send us logs to get help.
  21. Adamw

    3sgte knock gain

    I would also suggest changing to a common Bosch sensor. There are quite a few different part numbers but the common one is 0 261 231 006. Also a note about the gain. On the main knock setup page the "channel gain" setting can only be adjusted in "whole number" increments of 1. So 1 is the minimum setting that will work here. However, if you go to the cyl setup page the individual cylinder gains have a resolution of 0.01 so you can use these to adjust the "volume" much more finely.
  22. Adamw

    Trouble Setting Up Knock Control

    Neither of your logs look too bad to me but there is only one very should blip of decent load and RPM so its hard to tell without more data. The big spike when you lift off is pretty common and is usually driveline bashlash that causes that. You can get the ecu to ignore that via the TP delta and TP lockout. I would normally set the knock thresehold somewhere around where I have drawn the pink line below.
  23. Adamw

    Issue setting base timing

    Ok, triggerscope looks good. There is no obvious reason this shouldnt work for you. Are you sure that offset number turned blue when you adjusted it?
  24. Adamw

    Issue setting base timing

    Sorry, I think it is just Brads wording that is confusing you. It sounds like you are already doing it correct. Can you do us a quick triggerscope so we can see if there is another reason that the offset is not working correctly. Heres a quick video showing how to do it: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY
  25. Adamw

    Link thunder sometimes doesnt log data

    We could send the parameter "logging status" to the dash, but back on the last page @JayGow mentioned his logging status showed it was logging but when he went to download there was 0.00 so Im not sure if this is going to be a good indicator. The ECU obviously thinks it is logging.