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  1. Adamw

    m50 crank signal

    Photo is too blurry to see the cam signal well, you would be better to use the save as log feature. One thing I can see though is your crank sensor is wired incorrect polarity.
  2. Adamw

    Help needed fuel pump control

    I don't know this engine well, but isn't this what he has set up on Aux2 - just labelled wrong. That sounds fine to me. Don't know what this would achieve, it should work fine as it is.
  3. Adamw

    3sgte unstable ignition

    I can't be sure this is your problem but my feeling is your trigger 1 & 2 edges are a little too close for comfort, it could potentially result in clashing edges which will shift the timing by one tooth. It appears closer at cranking speed than idle too. Normally the Toyota trig 2 is nicely centered between the trig 1 tooth but yours is not for some reason. I don't know what the distributor looks like inside but is there a way to move the sensors relative to each other?
  4. Adamw

    Closed Loop Lambda calculation formula

    Sorry, I don't have a full explanation for you as I'm on holiday but I can possibly help with some of it. I know the term "rate" can sometimes be used in place of differential but that is not what we are referring to in the CLL settings. In this case rate is just how often the lambda error is assessed and corrected. 5Hz means it is assessed 5 times per second. I'm not 100% sure of the control strategy that is used in the background but I assume since we only have a gain setting that the control is proportional only.
  5. Adamw

    Help needed fuel pump control

    In both you logs your have the cam angle test turned on so vvt is disabled. The cam in sitting in its home position.
  6. It is not clear what you are asking. Can you explain what problem you have?
  7. Adamw

    Vvti setup errors

    Read the cam angle test procedure in the help file, picture below shows where to find it. perform the cam angle test using a test pulse count of 3 (the cam has 3 teeth). this test will give you the offset to use for the trig 2 vvt offset setting.
  8. Adamw

    Vvti setup errors

    Have you done the cam angle test to set the correct offset on trig 2 vvt settings?
  9. Adamw

    Sr20 plug in dash options.

    This is a V series. The MXS dash will still work fine.
  10. Adamw

    Trans Brake Control (Bump Box)

    The Hella ones are quite nice as they fit in a standard ISO relay base. https://www.hella.co.nz/en/products/relays-flashers/solid-state-relays/12v-4-pin-solid-state-relay-22a.html
  11. Adamw

    Suzuki g16b crank trigger set up

    Can you attach a picture of the actual CAS on your engine. Also, if it is twin cam does it also have another sensor on the other cam?
  12. Adamw

    Best setup for revlimit to work

    The 12000 Rpm showing in your log is just a trigger error that occurred as you shut the engine off, it was only idling with TP at zero at that time. In your video, it looks more like you have changed from 3rd gear into 2nd causing a mechanical over-rev, electronics can do nothing to prevent that. Having said that, if you want a faster responding limiter, change to ignition. cut, fuel is injected much earlier in the cycle than ignition so if you use fuel cut you can still potentially have one cycle of fuel already injected sitting in the intake port or combustion chamber waiting for the next spark. Also I suggest you increase the start cut TP100 to 60% and the end cut to 100%.
  13. Adamw

    Flat shift

    you will need a clutch switch or lever switch. I don’t know how you would detect “low load” when you are at WOT.
  14. Adamw

    Deadtimes base maps.

    No, consider the basemaps something to allow you to get the engine starting and driving only, they will need tuning to suit your engine. Most of our plug-in base maps have come from tuned/running near stock cars but they may not have been dead stock and in many cases the plug-in ecu’s cover several models of similar cars the have very different injectors.
  15. Adamw

    Help needed fuel pump control

    Nobody here is going to be able to diagnose much from a dyno chart. Post a log and the tune file. Also it would help to know what the engine is.
  16. Adamw

    Gdi spill valve energized +5v

    I can’t quite understand what your scope capture is showing. What is channel A & B connected to? Generally the ECU only switches the ground side of the spill valve, the live side comes from the power wiring. On your scope it looks like channel A is set to 10v/div so those small square waves are approx 15v.
  17. Adamw

    m50 crank signal

    Correct, with a missing tooth crank wheel the cam is only used for phase detection. So really the most important aspect is the cam edge that you are using must always occur on the same side of the crank gap.
  18. Adamw

    Looking for a cruise control with ECU input

    My recollection of the old cable cruise control like Subaru and Honda used in the 90s were they were vacuum controlled, so I don’t think it will be any good for anti lag as you will have no vacuum.
  19. Adamw

    G4+ Evo Plug in Bosch DBW Setup

    You donot need an external e-throttle relay for the plug-in ECUs. However you still need to assign a spare aux or virtual aux as e-throttle relay in the software for it to work. I have found the PID for the BA Falcon are usually very close for the common Bosch throttles.
  20. Adamw

    CAN to Stack Dash

    With a standard CAN message you can only send a single frame per ID. Typically this is 8 bytes, Link allows longer frames but I don’t think the stack does (sometimes called DLC or data length code). To allow multiple frames to be sent with a single ID you use a compound message, in a compound message you use byte 0 as an index or indentifier. Stack call this a multiplexer. You can research how to construct a compound message yourself, there are examples in the help file such as the generic dash stream.
  21. Adamw

    Altezza RS200 3SGE it is difficult to start the car

    I suggest you follow CJ’s suggestions above, then if still a problem give us a log of a difficult start as that log file shows a very quick start so it is not useful for diagnosing your issue.
  22. Adamw

    rpm so low ploblem

    Yes it would be connected to a DI usually. The settings required will depend if the switch grounds or sends 12v to the DI.
  23. Adamw

    Altezza RS200 3SGE it is difficult to start the car

    in the attached log you start cranking the engine at 4.8seconds (batt voltage drops) and the engine is running at 1000rpm at 5.4seconds, so it took 0.6 of a second to start. Can you confirm what you mean by ""difficult to start"?
  24. Adamw

    CAN to Stack Dash

    FYI, you can use the test calculator in pclink to see how each parameter is stored and used in the firmware. Example for TP below. 0-100% with a resolution of 0.1%, so you need 1000 "bits". If you weren't worried about the 0.1% resolution then you could just use a divider of 10 and send it as an 8bit value.
  25. Adamw

    G4+ Mazda RX8 CAN Bus

    The VA8 is just used to generate a constant. VA8 cannot be used for anything else and must remain set to off for this to work. I can't confirm if the ODO works as I haven't had feedback from anyone on that. The cruise light wont work but everything else you mention should.