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  1. Polishing the tune

    Its not clear what you are asking. Mixture map is only used after the fact to correct the fuel table from logged data, it is not a live, real time trim. If you want data suitable for mixture map tuning then you really want CLL turned off during the logging.
  2. Spikes on Engine Speed triggering rev limiter

    Hmmm, the trigger actually looks not bad. There could be a few possibilities... Maybe ignition noise upsetting it at high RPM/load. Can you explain the ignition system detail a little - wasted spark? what coils? etc. Some high tooth count missing tooth wheels can distort the shape of the waveform on the tooth after the gap so much at high RPM that it no longers falls through zero, then the ECU doesnt count it as a tooth. Can you try another triggerscope at say 5000RPM, we may see if it is changing shape. The cam tooth is a little close to the crank "gap". Although it looks offset to the left enough to not be a problem it is still worth doing a little trick to eliminate that as the potential issue. Set trig 2 like below and see if you still get the odd spikes. If you still get spikes then we can rule that out and put trig 2 settings back to how you have them now.
  3. AEM CD-7 digital display

    Please attach your .CD7 file and your ECU tune file, I will take a look. Which AN Volt channel do you want to broadcast?
  4. Spikes on Engine Speed triggering rev limiter

    You have trigger errors, RPM limit settings are irrelevant when the ECU is reporting 19000RPM. We need to find the cause of the trigger error. Start by doing a triggerscope (just at idle for now) and attach the scope capture here.
  5. Tuning question - extrapolating tables?

    I wouldnt bother with MAF unless you have very good calibration data for it. Even with MAF it would be best to tune in its final setup as even though MAF should take care of fueling based on the measured air mass flow, there may be other variables introduced that make the engine more or less knock limited that the MAF cant account for. Charge temps and combustion chamber temps for instance will change with turbo efficiency and boost pressure so I wouldnt like to assume the ignition map is still a good fit after such a change.
  6. EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    We are expecting the falling edge on cam teeth to be just to the left of the "gaps" on the crank. Then as the cams advance that cam edge moves further to the left of the gap. Since his signal is inverted his falling edge actually starts off on the right hand side of the gap, and as the cam advances it crosses over to the other side of that gap. I would say this is when it gets all upset. Changing to the rising edge will put the trigger points back to the correct side of the gap where we designed them to work. A bit of rounding at the top or bottom a square wave is usually not a drama, the actual trigger point that the ecu uses is at a level of about 1.0 or 1.5V depending or if its rising or falling (cant remember which is which). So provided the edge looks relatively vertical around the 1.0V mark you are usually good. Andpdas, I should have also mentioned if you change the edge to rising and the engine will no longer start you may have to try adding or subtracting 360deg from your current trigger offset.
  7. AEM CD-7 digital display

    Yes, it can be done. Attach your .cd7 configuration and I will set up the basics. What analog channel did you want to broadcast? Do you just want to broadcast the raw voltage or some calibrated value/unit?
  8. EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    Your camshaft "teeth" are upside down compared to normal subaru. Can you try changing trigger 2 edge to "rising".
  9. EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    Ok thanks, now I understand. You have massive trigger errors in all logs. The next step is to do a triggerscope so we can see what is wrong with the signal (just at idle will be fine). Here is a short video how to do the trigger scope: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY Please "save as log" and attach the file here.
  10. EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    Your screenshot shows more than 8000RPM? If you can you attach the actual log file rather than just the picture it would be much easier to help.
  11. Gti-R Base Map G4+

    I had a very brief look and it mostly looks like everything is working. A master of 6ms sounds a bit stingy for 1000cc inj. Can you try about 10ms, see if it feels any more promising.
  12. Tables on virtual auxiliary outputs

    Yeah, there is something similar to this quite high up the request list already and I have been pushing for it personally too as it could be an easy way to add extra dimensions to any table - whether that be traction control or boost etc. The problem at the moment is there is no way to use that output PWM DC% value even if you use a real aux instead of a virtual.
  13. External map sensor

    Set like this:
  14. Setting triggers up..

    That sounds like a bit more error than I would typically expect on a stock engine that has a flywheel trigger but it is not likely a problem. Just set the trigger offset and make sure the timing is steady over a range of rpm and provided it is then you are good to go.
  15. Landrover 3.9 V8 with Atom

    Is this what your distributor looks like?: If so it will be a bit of a trick. You really need to get at the raw signal from the pickup before it goes into that ignition amp. I dont know what they look like inside so you may be able to intercept/splice into it inside? I see you can get "ignition amp relocation kits" for these so that might be another option. Or you could get rid of that amp altogether and get the ecu to drive the coil (will still need another amp).
  16. Link identification !!

    Yes. Have a read of Simons first post again, he already answered that.
  17. External map sensor

    What sensor do you have or what is the calibration values?. I will give you a screenshot once we have that info
  18. Can bus messages

    Yes those are all possible. Boost table and logging enable use the generic "CAN DIG" inputs, Traction disable is available as a CAN receive parameter. Below is the list of presently available CAN inputs.
  19. Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    Most connectors will have the pin numbers moulded into them, clean them up and take a closer look.
  20. Ok, the problem during cold start is the idle valve is already fully open, so it cant open any further to bring the RPM up to the target idle. You base table suggests it also needs to be 50% open even for normal warm idle so it seems when it was set up originally the throttle blade stop was too far closed. You are going to have to wind the throttle stop in some more and then retune the idle control settings. I can help you do it on here but it is going to take a few logs and backwards and forwards tweaks to get it working reasonable. It might be easier if you can get wifi access near your car then I can log in via teamviewer and set it up live. Email me at if you want to arrange a time to do that.
  21. Fury to Racepak with 230-VM efivipec Vnet adapter

    I only removed stuff that I thought you wouldnt use or that racepak dont read. For instance I dont think you will ever use MAF so I removed MAF channel. Racepak V-net only reads one wheel speed so I removed the other 3. Racepak doesnt read Knock trims so I removed 8 channels of knock. You dont have VVT so I remove 4 camshaft position channels. Etc... You cant add any new data channels that are not normally included in the "generic Dash stream" as the racepak module is fixed and cant be customised by the end user. No, the CAN set up is now just stored as part of your "tune" file. It will not be affected by firmware updates. Whatever the problem is, it seems to be unique to you only. My best guess is your Vnet module is faulty but its difficult to confirm without a more in-depth look with a CAN sniffer etc. All I can say is there are many hundreds of these dashes and Vnet modules same as yours out there all working fine with Link ECU's. I have personally set up a couple and they worked right out of the box with no special tricks needed.
  22. Can I adjust speedo?

    Yeah the offset will be used say if your speedo is out 10kmh at all speeds, the multiplier will be used if say the error is linear - for instance the error at 100khm is double the error at 50kmh
  23. AEM EPM trigger G4+ PNP Coil on plug

    Your wiring is incorrect. Cam signal should go to pin B12. Crank signal should go to B16.
  24. Can I adjust speedo?

    Yes, provided your speedo is electronic and you connect it to the ecu, then you can adjust it. You need to connect the speedo to aux 1-8, assign the aux to "speedo out". You will then get these settings:
  25. Fury to Racepak with 230-VM efivipec Vnet adapter

    Ok, it seems your Vnet adapter doesnt like it when we put too much load on the bus. RPM and MAP are the first two bytes of data in the message so for some reason it is too slow to keep up and starts skipping these bytes. So in the file attached to this post I have removed all the redundant channels that you were not using, hopefully that might reduce the load enough to make it happy. RPM and MAP are now real values so the engine will need to be running. Give this one a go and let us know what happens. Racepak-dash Test4.pclr