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  1. Adamw

    Mitsubishi RVR - EvoLink G4+ Trigger Issue?

    Yes, and the Evo 7 mode.
  2. Adamw

    Clear Fault Code over CAN or ECU Input

    This trick is not documented well so just in case you didnt know of it I will paste it here:
  3. Adamw

    Mitsubishi RVR - EvoLink G4+ Trigger Issue?

    Something definitely is not normal with that triggerscope. The phasing between the cam and crank looks quite different to what we expect. Maybe cam timing is out or the other thing I have seen happen is the crank disc put on back to front. Im not sure if either of these ideas will work or not but try changing trig 2 edge to rising. If that doesnt work you could try the Evo 7-9 trigger mode. You will need to re-do the base timing after either of these changes.
  4. Adamw

    Wide band lambda

    Correct, if you want to tune yourself then you will need some sort of wideband controller. If it is going to a tuner then you dont need one as they will use their own. There is no onboard wideband controller on the plug-in ECU's. Our CAN lambda is nice and gives extra functionality that 3rd parties dont but you are not limited in any way to just the Link CAN lambda, you can use pretty much any 3rd party lambda controller whether CAN based or analog output type.
  5. Adamw

    Traction Control Switch

    Ok, attached your map modified to suit a 12pos switch connected to AN Volt 6. You will notice I have set up the knob as a GP Input and assigned a Cal table. This is so you see "knop position 0-11" on your Slip table axis rather than just 0-5Volts so it is a little easier to know where you are working when making changes. Slip table two is now the main table that will do most of the work. Slip table 1 is just used to get the highspeed/low gear limiter you had configured. I dont really know how much adjustment you wanted so I took a stab. In this example, position 0 will give you the same slip as your old dry table. Position 7 or 8 is most similar to your original wet table and turning the knob to 11 gives the most aggressive TC. TC Knob setup.pclr
  6. Adamw

    Setup PC Link on Windows Tablet

    The ECU is supplied with a USB tuning cable. If you use a windows tablet then you can use PC Link or Realdash for the display, if you go for Android then Realdash would be the easiest. Some reading for you here: http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/8164-windows-tablet-power-from-usb http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/6447-link-g4-tablet-view http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/8637-introducing-realdash-a-dashboard-app-for-android-windows/
  7. Adamw

    Traction Control Switch

    What is on your slip tables now - are they 2D or 3D? Maybe attach your map if you dont mind
  8. Adamw

    G4+ Fault Codes In Impreza 99

    All WRX's (well at least up to 2007), have both a MAP and a MAF from the factory. As far as I know all of the GC chassis had it seperate from the engine with a hose connecting it to the manifold just like my photo shows. The "new gen" cars GD/GG chassis changed to a sensor that bolted direct to the manifold. That means there is a sensor connected to the ecu so we know it has one, but the problem is it's pressure reading is wrong and doesnt change when you start the engine. So either the sensor is faulty or the hose is off. Nothing, you dont even have a lambda connected by the looks.
  9. Adamw

    Traction Control Switch

    Yes you can use that. You can put the AN Volt channel that the knob is wired to either on one axis of the main slip table, or if you need more variables you can set the second slip table to be always on then have the AN Volt on one of the axes in that table.
  10. Adamw

    G4+ supra 3bar MAP calibration

    Maybe you have the pinout wrong then. Got a photo? If you suck/blow on the hose does the voltage/map change?
  11. Adamw

    G4+ Fault Codes In Impreza 99

    If its turbo then it will need a MAP sensor connected and working. MAFless is normal but MAP is needed if it is boosted. I dont know these cars well, but google images suggest you will find it around the strut tower somewhere, it should have a hose that connects to the intake manifold.
  12. Adamw

    G4+ supra 3bar MAP calibration

    The voltage you are seeing there matches the stock Supra MAP sensor. Set MAP sensor type to "ST185" and the calibration will work. What made you think you have a 3Bar link sensor? Or maybe it has been wired to a different input, and you still have the stock one in place at the same time?
  13. Adamw

    G4+ Fault Codes In Impreza 99

    Is it naturally aspirated/non-turbo?
  14. Adamw

    Nissan Silvia S15 Boost control

    Probably the best way to do this is with a CAN bus gauge. CAN bus gauges can display multiple parameters from the ECU as well as some have really good configurable alarm/warning systems etc. Unfortunately they are a little expensive if all you want to do is display lambda but that is probably the nicest way to do it. You could also use the realdash app on an android phone/tablet or an ODB2 app or OBD2 gauge. Here's some of the CAN gauges I know of: https://perfecttuning.net/en/gauge/68-universal-gauge-linkg4.html http://www.btigauges.com/link--vipec.html https://gaugeart.com/product/gaugeart-can-gauge/ I think we could make this work too: https://www.aemelectronics.com/?q=products/gauges/digital-gauges/x-series/aemnet OBD2 gauges like this should work also: https://shop.bankspower.com/series-2-idash-1-8-super-gauge.html
  15. Adamw

    G4+ Fault Codes In Impreza 99

    The MAP sensor is not working, it is showing 99Kpa all the time. Either the hose has come off of the sensor has failed etc.
  16. Hi All, The developers of RealDash have been working with us to make their app compatible with Link ECU's. It is now compatible. For those that havent seen it you can learn more here: http://www.realdash.net/ In my short play it seems to work well and has lots of cool features. Lap timing, navigation, configurable alarms, live graphs, live streaming of data, music player, etc. The app and a selection of basic "skins" are totally free, then there are some more fuller featured paid for "premium skins" that do more stuff such as data logging and may look cooler these are still relatively cheap ranging about $3-$10. One example below. Right now it wont work on the Atom or Monsoon as the serial stream is not enabled in those ECU's but we hope to enable that setting in the next couple of months. Right now it will work in the Storm, Xtreme, Fury, Thunder, all Plug-ins, Force & Kurofune. It will also work on old G4/Vipec V series ECU's. Connection to your tablet/smartphone is direct using your normal Link USB tuning cable, for phones/tablets that only have a micro USB port you will need a "Micro USB OTG adapter". Instructions for setup and connection attached to bottom of this post. RealDash.pdf
  17. Adamw

    Pin install - quick sense check

    This pic is not the right tool but it was the clearest pic I could find online to illustrate (Similar to the T10 but the round cavity is too big on this tool). Ideally, you will have both a round cavity about 1.8-2.0mm and a couple of B cavity size options. And here is the Hozan P706:
  18. Adamw

    switch type TPS + single cam sensor

    Yes, that will be a problem. The ECU cant directly drive a coil. It will pass enough current to give a very weak spark but not enough to spark under cylinder pressure.
  19. Adamw

    switch type TPS + single cam sensor

    The way you have done it will work, but it means when you are cranking (ECU doesnt control timing below 400RPM with the 1/TDC mode) you will be sparking at 0BTDC. It may be a little slow to start like that but I expect it would still fire up fine. It only needs a small cough to get the RPM above 400 where the ecu will start controlling igntion to whatever is in the ign table. Since you know original base timing was 10deg, It would be better to put a new mark at 10BTDC on the pulley, then in the set base timing screen, set the "lock timing to" 10deg. Then when cranking adjust the dizzy until your 10deg mark lines up. You need more than just wet plugs. The idea is to eliminate to possibility that the injectors either arent working or arent injecting enough. If you dont have a can of easy start or something then pinch some gas out of the lawnmower and squirt in it to the manifold with a squeezy bottle of some sort. A teaspoon or two full would be ballpark.
  20. Adamw

    switch type TPS + single cam sensor

    Did you try an alternative fuel such as "easy start" at any time?
  21. Adamw

    Help required 1uz-FE on Link atom

    Have a look at the 5V out runtime in the ECU status tab, if it is not very close to 5V you have a short in your 5V line somewhere. This would probably give the symptoms you see here.
  22. Adamw

    Analog pressure sensor

    Also, have a watch of Paul Yaw's seminar on this subject. It can be caused by a range of factors, such as "non-rubber" fuel lines etc, but quite often it is just resonance based. If it is particularly bad at certain RPM's you can often tune that out by changing the length of hose to the FRP reference port. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QF5BmQtXZA&t=409s
  23. Adamw

    Pin install - quick sense check

    That one is not really suitable - that would be a closed barrel crimper. Even though CAN is probably not a highly critical connection, on these particular connectors the crimp needs to be done fairly nicely otherwise the pin doesnt actually fit into the housing after crimping. About the lowest cost crimper I have seen that will do a reasonable job of these superseal 1.0 pins is the T10 micro-crimper. You need an "F" or "B" crimp type cavity for the conductor crimp and a round cavity for the insulation crimp. https://www.racetronix.biz/product.asp?ic=199-t-10 Hozan P706 is another low-cost tool that can do them well.
  24. Adamw

    RB25 Crank trigger G4 P&P

    I know you specifically said "crank trigger" but thought I would mention also the NZ Wiring Cam trigger kit is very good if you havent come across it before. Obviously, a proper crank trigger is the ultimate but the NZW kit fixes a lot of the problems of the original RB CAS and the difference in timing stability is night and day. The beauty is it bolts straight on, plugs into the existing wiring, job done in 10minutes... https://www.nzwiring.com/index.php/services/custom-components/rb-cam-trigger-kits/
  25. Adamw

    Mixture map defined by log window

    Yes, I think this is needed too and I have put it on the wish list.