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  1. So you just want to switch this solenoid on at a certain RPM? Will it need any other conditions to prevent it from shifting during a burnout or anything? What happens when you lift off at the end of the track and RPM drops - is it ok for the solenoid to turn off then?
  2. I think its pretty self explanatory. Use the activation mode setting to trigger it how you like. It could be for instance a switch connected to a DI that you switch on manually, or you can assign it to a virtual aux so it only logs when say RPM is above 4000 or TP is above 50% or whatever you like.
  3. Assuming a 4AGE 20V, your engine doesnt have VVT, you just have an on/off VTC or VTEC style system (function for aux 5 is CAM-Switched). So it is fine as it is.
  4. Hi John, I dont personally agree with this strategy but it was added on request of one of our engineers. The scenario it was designed for was something like the common American V8, 4 barrel throttle body injection kits. These look just like a 4 barrel carburettor but have 4 injectors inside feeding 8 different length port runners. The manifold designs that they use are often terrible for fuel/air distribution and charge robbing etc. The idea with this strategy was to fire all injectors together every TDC to try to get better distribution. The bit I dont agree with is this means you are firing the injectors 8 times every 720deg, that means the pulse width is 1/8 of normal and there are 8 x deadtimes every cycle. I can really only see it working on a low power engine with small injectors and you will need very accurate injector deadtimes. This effect wouldnt be so bad on a 2 cylinder however.
  5. John, As per bsh's comment there in most cases there is nothing to gain from a MAP sensor for an NA ITB application, with two main exceptions: If you have an idle control valve that bleeds air past the throttle blades then a MAP sensor will help account for this and keep AFR more consistent at idle. If you have an air box that is restrictive or sees significant aerodynamic pressurisation then I like to have a MAP sensor connected to the air box to account for that (probably more correctly called an airbox absolute pressure sensor in this case but it its set up as a MAP in the software). Many other brand ECU's dont have a built in baro sensor you will see many people will recommend fitting a MAP (even if not connected to manifold) with ITB's to account for baro changes. Since all Link ECU's have a baro sensor built-in, this is already taken care of - you just need to set the fuel equation load source to BAP.
  6. Try these 884953830_k20Fury2.35strokerefr91801.6barboostVVTtest with eth.pclr 2125151649_wimlinkecu with Eth.aemcd7
  7. Yes, it requires the use of an external E-throttle module: http://dealers.linkecu.com/G4RET Be aware however that for electronic throttle you need 4 analog inputs (2 x TPS sensors, 2 x pedal sensors), The RX ecu only has a total of 5 analog inputs so this is going to be pretty restrictive.
  8. Adamw

    Wheelspeed sensors

    1 wire to the DI, one wire to sensor ground. How many teeth do the target wheels have - if more than about 25 it is not going to work.
  9. Hmm, thats an odd one. If you open up the map that is giving you trouble and go to "ecu information" does it show the same serial number as the ecu that you are loading it in? Can you try locking it with a password then unlocking it again?
  10. The Multifuel warmup enrichment table needs the multifuel blend ratio table to work as far as I know. You could achieve the same effect though just using a 4D or 5D fuel table I think? Or put a more suitable axis such as eth % on your single warmup table?
  11. If you check the resistance in ice water and again in boiling water and post those here I will tell you if it matches any of the built-in calibrations.
  12. Adamw

    Injector Timing

    What's your duty cycle at 140Kpa? As per DavidV's comments above once you are over about 25% inj DC, injector timing will have very little influence. At 50% DC you injector is open for one whole crankshaft revolution... In most cases Y axis is not needed, ideal injector timing will be related to transport time (RPM) and intake resonance (again RPM related). If you have VVT then cam position would be a good Y axis. If you have staged injection with vastly different primary/sec locations then choose something that reflects the % secondary.
  13. I have a vague recollection that the pinout posted above by Scott may be wrong. Please check this one:
  14. That coil does not look like it has a built-in ignitor, do you have an ignitor connected?
  15. Adamw

    Wheelspeed sensors

    My suggestion would be about 12 teeth for a good balance between resolution and max speed. Hall or reluctor is fine, but hall is often easier to mount and can work down to lower speeds. Have a look at a ZF GS1005, a simple M12 threaded body.
  16. Im not sure if you are asking a question or making a statement? Of course the fuel table and ignition tables (and all other tables) will need to be tuned to your specific engine before it will run well. It sounds like you dont even have a good grasp of the basic fundamentals yet so Im reluctant to advise you touch it yet. I would not attempt to tune a turbo car with this level of understanding. I would suggest you start by doing something like the low cost EFI tuning fundamentals course here to get a better understanding of the theory behind it: https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/efi-tuning/ If you try to tune without a good understanding of the basic theories then it will just end in disappointment.
  17. Adamw

    Connection Isses

    What ECU do you have? Is it an i series Vipec? There is a problem with our latest USB driver on windows 7 & 8 so you can try the attached one (uninstall the existing one first). ViPEC USB Drivers.zip
  18. Also, if you are using our plug-in ECU then the speed sensor should already be set up on DI1 and working by default.
  19. Ign 3 is ok, but Ign 4 is interconnected with another circuit that could make it behave erratically. DI3 is also linked to the relay control circuit on Ign 4. So for instance if you put 12V into DI3 or turn on its pull-up resistor you will find ign 4 wont work.
  20. Adamw

    Wheel Speed

    As well as the arming threshold issue that Simon mentions, judging from your large calibration number on the front I would say your frequency (tooth count) is too high also and you are going to "top out" the frequency before you reach max speed of the car. One of these connected to each front wheel should take care of both issues: https://www.vems.com/vr-to-hall.html These have an adaptive arming threshold so work right down to about 0.25V and they have a 1/8 frequency divider built in to effectively reduce the tooth count.
  21. Adamw

    Auto lambda

    Can you do a quick log and attach that and your tune file. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A
  22. Adamw

    S14a automatic

    It doesnt sorry. Effects unknown, but my guess is it will probably still work but any shifts under power will be pretty sloppy.
  23. Hang on, the Evo 3 is wasted spark - it should only use Ign 1 & 2 by default. You cant use Ign 4 on the Evo 3 plug-in as it has extra hardware connected to it to control the main relay circuit.
  24. Download the 2 stream files I have attached. Make sure the AEM device is set up for "mode 1". Set up like this: mode: user defined, bit rate: 500k. channel 1 = receive user stream 1, ID 31, format extended. Channel 2 = receive user stream 2, ID 431, extended. Now go to the streams tab, click on stream 1 in the left panel so it is highlighted, then click "load stream", load in the stream 1 LCs file. Do the same for stream 2 except choose the stream 2 LCs file. The AEM widebands will come into pc link as Lambda2-5. AEM 4ch stream1 ID31.lcs AEM 4ch stream2 ID431.lcs
  25. Not really but if that scope capture was just cranking or idling then you will probably find they will even out at higher rpm. You may have to lower the arming threshold a bit in the low rpm cells if it is causing trigger errors.
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