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  1. That's pretty cool, but I need to see it done on the stock USDM GT-S one.
  2. Adam, I will watch the youtube tutorial and send in a report. Thank you for your help. Vance
  3. Hello, I've had my V44 for quite some time now, but I'd be damned if I can get the stock tachometer to work with it and the cold starts are just TERRIBLE! (I just never bothered with it for years, now I'm getting sick of it not working. And yes, the stock tach was working just fine prior to me switching over from stock cap/rotor/wires to Toyota OEM coil packs). I have done multiple searches, but did not find anything specific for the tachometer issue, as well as getting the engine to fire up easier when cold. (When first starting, engine cranks and cranks until it fires, then you can't touch the throttle until it warms up a bit or it'll lean out and die). The engine I have is a 4AG 16V with ITBs on it. It has Toyota coil packs and is using the stock distributor for signal (no cap, no rotor). I'm not sure what other information is needed for any help on here, so if somebody can chime in and guide me, much appreciated! Thanks, Vance
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