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  1. i did a OEM gauges over can with anduino as middleman, and i add parameters to oem dash, maybe that is solution?
  2. oem, i mean factory dash, car original dash?
  3. paulr33 there is plus and minuses of having tablet, good tablet will give you good results, and plus is you can make your own layout. But, again... i agree with you, using tablet over dash displays as plex or similar is re-inventing the wheel. 2 funkyflynz Question, why do you want tablet instead oem dash?
  4. In theory any windows tablet, even cheap will work, but how good
  5. i checked 3 log files and it confirms bug with fuel cut limiter after injector dc % reaches 100%, fuel cut limiter is not working
  6. yes its fuel cut yes i have a log, and yes DC% was over 100% but it was less than 100% when limiter was suppose to activate. i can send you map and log can you check please?
  7. Hi guys, i have a strange problem, and i have to say this is first time in years i see this problem. Limiters on V88 are not activating on conditions, MAP limit on 420kpa and rev limiter on 8200. engine overshoot RPM and boost. rpm limiter advanced mode OFF for rpm and map. ECU FW 4.10.2 boot code 1.4 main board revision 1.2 serial 8216 can you guide me what to check ? thanks
  8. edit wanted V44 wire in any map version, 2.5bar, 5bar, 7bar. also wanted V88 wire in thanks
  9. V44 or V88 wire in wanted pm me if you have any thanks
  10. many thanks guys asked link ecu support they send me a code regards
  11. guys u bought used vi44 im cranking engine but no triggers alll day long. on v44 engine fires up on first crank. and what now after half day i saw that feature "ecu enabled" is not checked on. that sholud be my solutinon? so please guys who to ask for unlock code? thanks
  12. add a little bit more than you suggested, and engine fires up on first crank, thanks!
  13. huh, 500% wow, ok :) i dont use mutifuel or mixture. if i use E85 than is ONLY e85, or e100, than is pure 100, pure m100 etc. everything is wotking perfect, cars are running fine for years now, only problem is fire up, which cant be done vithout starting spray. thanks adamw btw i cant send you pm?
  14. i have difficulty starting cold engine running E85, E100 and M100 (methanol 100%) what is usual crank enrichment for particular fuels? im using regular petrol enrichment, and i add 50% - 100% and it want fire up. I didnt try to use bigger numbers, i didnt want to wet sparkplugs, instead we are using starter spray :) can you give me advice what to try ? thanks guys
  15. I dont know is it against the forum rules, but V44 wire in with 5bar or 7bar map wanted, please PM me if you have one for sale thanks
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