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  1. thanks Adamw and to get it where i want i should end cut leave at 100% and play with start cut, until rpm limiter stays in range of 200rpm? ign retard leave at 10deg and exit decay rate leave at 20 - 50% ?
  2. bumping old topic, we didnt drive much, only past month 3 races, i played little bit with rev limiter, and it seems no matter i change it sounds same and on log looks same. Is it possible to get it smooth as LC? lc seems smooth and soft and it is in 200rpm range max rpm is 8500 and drops to 7000, and limit ctrl range is set to 200rpm im 100% sure im doing something wrong since range is 1500rpm i tried with exit decay rate from 5 to 50% , ign trim 5 to 10 deg end cut 70-90% pls help check attach
  3. you should first check is everything wired up correctly, especially ign coils. check every wire twice. check is it wasted spark or direct spark read vi-pec manual it will help you alot
  4. ok set pc logging to activate when prm higher than 4000epm, nothing happens. manual logging start works. so last thing i tried, l lowered ecu logging activation from 4800 to 4000 to 3500 to 3200 and on 3200 everything works perfectly. i dnont know why but on 4800 dont want to log but on 3200 logs. on every other v44/v88 v44i/v88i i worked, it works as you set it. dont know what is the catch, but, if someone have a same problem this is solution... thnx guys
  5. josey

    RPM 65535

    its 2 o clock in the morning, i just return from testing the car. we didnt have oscilloscope but, some good news and some bad news. tried to raise dwell, no luck. unplug cam sensor, and engine works perfectly. plug it back on, and it have trigger error. unplug it and works perfectly. we did that several times to be sure its cam sensor. ok now bad news. i couldnt find what was the problem. check up wiring, its ok, change sensor, same thing. we will take cams out to see is there problem with teeth on cam, Adam what should i check before i get oscilloscope and check trigger problem? thanks few logs caly 04 cam sensor off.llg caly 05 cam sensor on.llg caly 06 cam sensor on.llg caly 07 cam sensor on.llg caly 03 cam sensor off.llg
  6. josey

    RPM 65535

    i wrote reply and i cant see it now, i will write again. we did change 3 sets of coils, COP coils directly on plugs with amplifier, same problem few sets of spark plugs gaped as usuall at 0.019" , same problem tested with new engine 2 days ago, same thing. we take it apart, no signs of any damage on anything, main or rod bearings, crank, pistons, anything. we also tried with another v88ecu, same problem. we change mechanical fuel pump, same thing honestly i dont know what to try and where to look. "You can see in the logs when RPM jumps, the dwell goes crazy and the error counter starts to increment quickly. " this is interesting, now question is, is this problem made by trigger error, or is trigger error made by crazy dwell time. if it is made by dwell, my dwell table looks same as past 10 years.
  7. josey

    RPM 65535

    yes i know that max is 65535 and if ecu could show more than that it would show. thing is that trigger sensor is hall, and we change few of them, and we test with vr sensor also. we test and second and third trigger wheel, we also tested with 36-1 instead 60-2 same thing. engine is running 100% methanol if that is important to say? as i wrote in first post, yes it have cam sensor and it is hall also. we have this ecu for almost 10years and it worked perfectly, engine fires up on 100% methanol no problem so i dont think its crank to cam sync, BUT i will try to unplug cam. if i isolate problem i will let you know guys. but if you have any other suggestions please feel free to write thanks
  8. josey

    RPM 65535

    Hi guys , i have strange problem on 2.0gm engine we are running v88 on that engine for 10 years now, with bigger turbo every year or two, bigger cams and so on. lately we have problem thar vipec reads 65535 rpm in LC. engine is GM 2.0 I4, trigger 60-2, hall on crank and hall on cam where we notice problem is on LC LC is set to IGN cut, and what i notice is that while engine is cold it works fine, after engine gets hot, problems start. I even try to change LC to FUEL cut instead IGN cut, and it seems better, it worked few times, but again at the end no luck, same problem. What we tried so far change 3x engine block -- 0.00mm offset 3x crankshaft -- 0.00mm offset change trigger wheel 6-7 times internal and external, tried with 60-2 and 36-1, 3x crank sensor (its hall sensor), brand new, and one from running car (same engine), also tried with VR 2 sets of coils, 2 sets of injectors flywheel is 0.01mm off scale - 1/100 mm mechanically everything seems perfectly fine. i think im missing something here, give some advice please here are few logs attached edit: only thing we have different than past years, are really crazy big cams. Log 10-09-19 6;59;20 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 6;59;52 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 7;02;01 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 7;02;25 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 7;24;35 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 7;24;49 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 7;25;43 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 7;42;53 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 8;35;34 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 8;54;36 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 8;56;49 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 9;10;35 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 9;13;42 pm.llg Log 10-09-19 9;16;57 pm.llg
  9. yes, im talking about ECU logging which is activated on some conditions, and i use only one condition RPM > 4800 yes i know that ECU loger can log only 10 logs, im talking about empty loger, 0 logs inside, it logs randomly. ok i will pc log, and i will ecu log, and attach both log files.
  10. this works as you wire it. yes it is back feed. and why dont you just put switch to off position and problem solved?
  11. yes, coils need ignitor. try with vw 1.4tfsi we have it on many cars without any problem for years now.
  12. Hi guys i have a strange problem v44 doesent log as it suppose to, it logs how it wants i will try to explain i set logging over virtual aux to condition is RPM > 4800rpm aond only 1 condition LC is on 6400rpm and it is suppose to log during LC, but no it starts to log randomly, sometimes in 1st gear, sometimes in 2nd sometimes in 3rd sometimes dont log at all here is attached how log looks, and how looks from different ecu same conditions can you help? thnx
  13. Hello guys i have setup and calibrate speed sensor on DI 1 ecu is showing car speed, but it does not calculating gear, so i can not setup boost by gear. i thought that im doing something wrong, but i tried it on v44 ecu, and it is working normally. while driving ecu shows correct car speed but under runtime values / misc / gear ratio calc is showing 655.35 all the time. can you guide me what to try to fix this? ecu firmware is 5.3.1 oh, yes one more thing, maybe is related, when i open log file cross hair is not working under fuel table, its not moving on y axis.
  14. i did a OEM gauges over can with anduino as middleman, and i add parameters to oem dash, maybe that is solution?
  15. oem, i mean factory dash, car original dash?
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