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  1. edit wanted V44 wire in any map version, 2.5bar, 5bar, 7bar. also wanted V88 wire in thanks
  2. V44 or V88 wire in wanted pm me if you have any thanks
  3. many thanks guys asked link ecu support they send me a code regards
  4. guys u bought used vi44 im cranking engine but no triggers alll day long. on v44 engine fires up on first crank. and what now after half day i saw that feature "ecu enabled" is not checked on. that sholud be my solutinon? so please guys who to ask for unlock code? thanks
  5. add a little bit more than you suggested, and engine fires up on first crank, thanks!
  6. huh, 500% wow, ok :) i dont use mutifuel or mixture. if i use E85 than is ONLY e85, or e100, than is pure 100, pure m100 etc. everything is wotking perfect, cars are running fine for years now, only problem is fire up, which cant be done vithout starting spray. thanks adamw btw i cant send you pm?
  7. i have difficulty starting cold engine running E85, E100 and M100 (methanol 100%) what is usual crank enrichment for particular fuels? im using regular petrol enrichment, and i add 50% - 100% and it want fire up. I didnt try to use bigger numbers, i didnt want to wet sparkplugs, instead we are using starter spray :) can you give me advice what to try ? thanks guys
  8. I dont know is it against the forum rules, but V44 wire in with 5bar or 7bar map wanted, please PM me if you have one for sale thanks
  9. ok i see. did you try with vw / audi cop? problem solved? regarding other ecus, i saw (i dont want to name it) ecu, where advance is set to 30deg and its only about 10 on the other side, on vipec, 10 is 10 deg but 18 deg should be fine on 8psi its not much for vr6 on 9:1 regards
  10. try with cop coils from vag, used in skoda, audi, wV, porsche... i had similar issues but i had trigger errors, after using this cop, never had single issue (on any car, and i tune them few ) and it is strange that you have damaged 1 rod bearing and no trigger errors. or you have to much spark advance, but on 93 octane fuel i think your engine would knock first, and you have no damage on pistons? im not sure anymore try with COP first edit, what is spark advance on 8psi now?
  11. 7" seems small. can you double check, because in 8" there is tonn of options, and in 7" none
  12. problem is in controller inside tablet it is supposed to give power to external device or, to receive power for battery, and it is not designed to do both at same time. so what you need is OTG and charging at same time "cable" and that will not work on all tablets. best thing is to find tablet that have separate charge port and usb port. or two usb ports.
  13. there is cable on ebay that enables you to charge device and use usb port at same time, because opening device and connecting it directly to 5v on battery leads is not good idea i think. Batteries are 3v or so (3.6v if i recall)
  14. its not windows option, its BIOS option. its "program" tthat runs when computer / tablet boot during black screen just at the moment you turn on device (computer or tablet or ...) after that device reads boot sector and starts boot from it, and depending on the installed OS you boot to win xp, win 7, win 10 ... (or linux, android...) here, this is in my car
  15. i had tablet in my car, it was pain in the ... Get your power supply for tablet to car Ign if you need 12 to 5v charger, just get it from ebay for few $ getting it i off is not problem, just set windows to go to hibernate after 1 minute without external power (dont get it to sleep if you dont drive your car for long periods, it will drain your car battery ) turn it on when external power gets back can be tricky, that is BIOS job, so if you dont have option "power on after power failure" or "power on on AC" or similar, forget it. And usually cheap windows models dont have that option in bios. that is my experience, yours can be different regards
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