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  1. Hey Simon, One other quick question: On one of the comparison sheets I see the 'Plugin' versions show knock control as 'Optional'. Does this mean that when I order the NGTR+ I need to specify the knock control option, or is it built in/provided in that particular model? Cheers, Jeff
  2. Thanks Simon. Part of my confusion was due to the Link Web page for the NGTR+ ( http://www.linkecu.com/NGTRPlus). It states "GTR R34 & GTS R32 and R33", so it would lead one to conclude the R32 GTR is not part of that list. I'll call up my distributor and get one ordered! Thanks for the help. Cheers, Jeff
  3. In the past, I thought there was an R32 GTR compatible V-series plug in? In looking at the current web page, the only plug-ins available are the newer i-series, and it only lists the 350Z version. Are there plans to make an i-series R32 GTR plugin? I did take a glance at the Link page as well, and interestingly enough they have an R34 GTR plug-in, but lists it as also supporting the R32 GTS but not R32 GTR. Obviously I could just purchase a i88 and wire it up directly. I have a couple of V88s in my Subarus, which are working great. Cheers, Jeff Sponaugle
  4. I realized I posted my question in the G3 section instead of the G4 section. My apoligies. Does anyone have a startup map for G4 for the EZ30R that has the trigger config in it? I'm about to fire up my EZ30R but want to verify I have the config right. Current Config: Trigger Setup -> Trigger Mode = 'Subaru EZ30 AVCS' Trigger 1 -> Type = 'Reluctor' (hooked to factory EZ30R crank sensor) Trigger 1 -> Filtering = 'Level 2' Trigger 1 -> Arming Threshold = '.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5,3.5' Trigger 2 -> 'Optical/Hall' (hooked to LH Intake Cam sensor) Trigger 2 -> Filtering = 'Level 2' Trigger 2 -> Pullup = 'ON' Trigger 2 -> Edge = 'Rising' Trig2VVTI -> Cam Type = 'Inlet /LH' Trig2VVTI -> Offset = '130.0' ATDC DI 1 -> Function = 'Cam Position' DI 1 -> Cam Type = 'Inlet RH' DI 1 -> Pullup = OFF DI 1 -> Edge = 'Rising' DI 1 -> Offset = '0.0' ATDC Aux 1 VVT -> Function = 'V VT Solenoid' Aux 1 VVT -> Frequecy = '300' Hz Aux 1 VVT -> Cam Type = 'Inlet /LH' Aux 2 VVT -> Function = 'V VT Solenoid' Aux 2 VVT -> Frequecy = '300' Hz Aux 2 VVT -> Cam Type = 'Inlet RH' I suspect the 'Offsets' are not correct, not sure about the pullups (should be off for these sensors I would guess?), Edge Rising? 300Hz for the solenoids? Thanks! Jeff Sponaugle jeff@sponaugle.com Screenshots of the Trigger Config: http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup1.jpg http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup2.jpg http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup3.jpg http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup4.jpg http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup5.jpg http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup6.jpg http://www.sponaugle.com/post/EZ30RLinkSetup7.jpg
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