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  1. Hey guys, Having an issue with fueling that I can't seem to figure out. I'm probably just spacing out on something since it's been a while since I updated all of the input settings needed for injectors. Anyway, I'm running a Vi-PEC i88 ECU with the latest firmware and using the latest version of the Link G4+ software. The car is an Audi B5 A4 4 cylinder engine. Trigger settings are perfect. The ECU is setup using the modeled fuel equation. I had it tuned for high-z 1000cc injectors. Recently though, I installed high-z 2000cc injectors. I input the information I believe is necessary to get the car running on the 2000cc injectors. I input the exact flow specs provided by the data sheet for the injectors (2279cc/min according to the data sheet) and I input the fuel pressure that the flow for these injectors was rated at (43.5 psi, 3 bar). I mechanically adjusted the fuel pressure to meet the rated pressure (was set at 72.5 psi, or 5 bar; now is at 43.5 psi, or 3 bar). I also updated the Injector Dead Time table with the values given on the data sheet for the 2000cc injectors. Beyond that, I changed no other parameters (fuel table, etc.) just so that I could get the car running. I know the fuel table will need adjusting, but it shouldn't be too far off. It started up pretty rough (rich) at cold start temperature (currently 80-90 degree Fahrenheit, or 27-32 degrees Celsius) and ran very rich during warm up enrichment (I understand it will need some calibrating/adjusting of the enrichment setting). At operating temperature, it was still very rich, but I adjusted the fuel table a little, and it now idles fine at 1 lambda. But, when driving it starts to run very lean at points in the fuel table that it was running rich on the 1000cc injector tune. For example, in the range of 5-10 psi MGP (BAP reads 14.7 psi, sea level, so MAP would be 29.7-34.7 psil) under partial throttle, on the 1000cc injectors, lambda was reading at about 0.7-0.8, depending on the requested lambda; but on the 2000cc injectors, it is reading at about 0.9-1.0, which is far off from the requested lambda. No changes were made to the fuel table and increasing the fuel table numbers puts them at almost max and lambda is still reading leaner that I would like. Fuel run for both injectors is about E50. I have a fuel pressure sensor installed and fuel pressure is normal. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any logs of the car running/driving with the 2000cc injectors installed. I have attached the current rough tune file for the 2000cc injectors as well as the last tune with 1000cc injectors for comparison, in case maybe I missed a parameter that could be causing the current lean issues with 2000cc injectors. I also attached a log file from when the car was running the 1000cc injector tune to show how the car was running before upgrading the 2000cc injectors. No other settings and tables have been changed. So, boost settings, ignition settings, etc. are all the same. I'm just looking for some insights about what I could be missing, or some ideas of things to check. I did test the injectors with the basic output test and all 4 injectors tested fine. I also double-checked the impedance of the injectors after driving with them to make sure nothing happened to them. As far as I can tell, they are okay and the impedance measured matched the impedance listed on the data sheet. Audi A4 Race Car E50 2000cc Injectors 8-16-2019.pclr Audi A4 Race Car Ethanol Gas 7-29-2019.pclr 1000cc Injector Log.llg
  2. Just wanted to bump this up as I am having a similar problem. When cranking the motor, Trigger Scope function is not picking anything up. My ECU is the Vi-PEC i88 running the latest firmware and using PCLink G4+ software. Internal 3.3v is reading 3.29v. (Would cranking the motor cause this to go higher? Didn't think to check it while cranking.) Is the Trigger Scope only meant to work when the motor is running?
  3. Any specific parameters you want me to log?
  4. Alright, some updates. Went ahead and did the timing light procedure and got that all sorted out. Disabled Accel Enrichment and Overrun Fuel Cut. Car starts and idles poorly. The car is not holding the idle I would like it to (850 RPMs) when the car is warm (Car is rough idling on cold start too, but not as bad as warm idle). It stays around 1100-1200 RPMs. At this point, the motor starts running really rich and when you give it gas it starts backfiring a lot. This gets the turbo/downpipe/manifold glowing red hot in no time! While idling/trying to drive from a stop, the motor runs horribly. Once that clears up (if it clears up) and the car is driving at a normal speeds, it hold the correct AFR and drives like a champ; like, smooth as butter when cruising/part-throttle driving, accelerating, and shifting gears. Also re-enabled Accel Enrichment and Overrun Fuel Cut and got that sorted out. But, either way, it is just at idling the whole thing starts to fall a part. I have attached my file for review. Currently, at idle, I have the throttle body set to open to 5% at 0% gas pedal. Any lower and the car stalls out. But, this kills almost all vacuum (throttle body is 80mm). And so, on Fuel Table 1 at 0 MGP between 750 and 1000 RPMs, that is where the ECU reads fueling. Currently, 0 MGP at 750 RPM is set at 100, which makes the car run rich. But if I start to lower it at all the car stalls out almost immediately. B5 A4 1-14-17.pclr
  5. http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/380626-Just-Another-Plain-Jane-Build-Thread That is my build thread.
  6. Well, I got it figured out. Trigger calibration was correct. Didn't have to play with any of that (And I'm still using the AEB 1-window trigger wheel for the cam position sensor). The issue was the base TT tune is not good enough to get my setup to start (1000cc injectors). I took the fuel table settings and fuel crank settings from the G4+ Atom sample tune (setup for 1000cc injectors). She fired right up! Idling is a little sporadic still (needs more fine tuning), but I was able to drive the car around the block and piss off my neighbors. Lol.
  7. I'll try using a 4-window trigger wheel for the cam sensor and see what happens.
  8. AEB head on 06A block. Everything else is 06A: both trigger sensors, IAT sensor, ECT sensor; cam gear is 06A (aftermarket); camshafts and valvetrain are 06A (aftermarket). MAP sensor is an AEM 7.5 bar. All sensors are brand new. The trigger wheel on the intake camshaft is the 1-window from an AEB head. I am using a non-VVT tensioner. I am aware of the timing marks on the crank gear and camshaft gear. Neither of the camshafts have actual timing marks to align to the cam caps at the back of the head. We had to manually measure the lift of the intake camshaft to find the proper timing. Exhaust camshaft was timed via the camshaft gear marking and crank was timed via measuring TDC with a piston stop and degree wheel. The motor builds great compression for a freshly assembled engine. I am using the trigger settings from the base TT tune. Like I said, the car has started up and idle fine before. The motor even got up to operating temperature while idling.
  9. I have not tried much yet other than attempt to start the car. I wanted to get a log first and see what you guys think. Unfortunately, timing of the motor might not be as simple as checking it with a timing light. I have aftermarket camshafts that did not have any timing marks and required to be manually timed. I am hoping to eliminate any potential issues with the tune before I dive back into the motor and check all the timing again. The car has started and idled normal before (2 out of the 3 times I started it up back in June). Perhaps the MAP sensor was toasted when I had battery issues? I did perform a MAP calibration before logging and it was reading 0.1 PSI higher than the BAP with the car off. I have a spare MAP sensor that I can install and see if that helps. Also, the ECU is storing no fault codes except AN Volt 1 being too low. But, this code is temporary as AN Volt 1 is my O2 sensor and it is connected to a 12v load reduction source ( so it is off when the car is cranking).
  10. Okay. Had a bit of a hiatus because I needed a new battery. Also I fixed an issue with the Ethrottle so it is operating correctly with no faults. I have not really changed much in terms of the tune though, but the car is not cold starting now. Sometimes it will catch and idle rough for about 30 seconds but eventually, it stalls out. Leaving the fuel table at the base TT tune numbers is when it has the best chance of starting; if I try to pull fuel, it won't catch at all. I have attached the tune I am using for my setup and a log file of attempting to start the car a few times and it idling a couple times before stalling out. EDIT: Tapping the throttle just makes the car stall out as well. Log 2016-08-4 1;57;01 pm.llg B5 A4.pclr
  11. Scott, slightly opening the throttle body did not help the previous times when warm starting. I have adjusted some settings on the ECU now, but, unfortunately, can't start the car because sleeping neighbors. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow and get you a log file. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the reply Scott. Yes, it is an ethrottle body. I have done TP and AP calibration. I am using the trigger timing based on what was provided in the base TT file. No trigger errors. I'll try to get some logs tomorrow. So, for the warm starting, I just need to adjust the Fuel Table 1 values at the low RPMS (approximately 0-1000) when MGP is at 0?
  13. Hey guys. The car is a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T (same as Audi TT 1.8T motor). I am using the Vi-PEC i88 ECU. I am relatively nnew to the stand-alone engine management world and am learning as I go. I started with the Audi TT base file and modified it for the sensors/injectors/etc. that I am using on my motor. It starts up on cold starts and warms up just fine. However, trying to give it throttle, the engine stalls out (even light taps). I am using a larger throttle body (80mm versus stock 60mm). I imagine I need to change some settings to compensate for this. Or, perhaps it is something else? Can anyone point me in the right direction of where I might start? I would like to have the car tuned professionally at some point, but I need to get the car rolling first. The other minor issue I am having is that the car does not seem to want to start again once the engine is warm. What are some of the settings I can adjust to help with warm starting? I have attached my *.pclr file so you can go over the current settings. Thanks! B5 A4.pclr
  14. Okay. I'll set it up like that later this evening. Thanks for the help!
  15. So, the car is a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T (same motor as Audi TT 1.8T). I am running the Vi-PEC i88 ECU. I have 3 fuel pumps installed on the car (1 in the fuel tank, and 2 mounted in a surge tank). I have the 1 pump in the fuel tank powered by its own relay and the 2 pumps in the surge tank powered by a second relay (1 relay for the 2 pumps). I wired the Aux Output for the pump in the fuel tank to Aux 1 and the Aux Output for the pumps in the surge tank to Aux 2. In PCLink, I set Aux 1 and Aux 2 to Fuel Pump Relay, however, only Aux 2 is priming and running when I try to crank the motor. I have tested Aux 1 by setting it to Test and everything works fine then. Is the issue that I am not supposed to have more than 1 Aux Output set to Fuel Pump Relay? If so, then what can I set Aux 1 (or 2) to so that the pumps will prime and then run once the car reaches a certain RPM? I would prefer to not have to do any re-wiring if possible. I have attached my *.pcl file for review. I am not on the newest firmware version that came out on May 16th. Not sure if that will make a difference or not though. B5 A4.pclr
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