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  1. If you have non driven wheel speed you could work out how fast 1st gear will take you then set up a virtual AUX to turn on up to a certain MPH while TP is over certain amount.
  2. Guys, Whats the easiest way to get a speed sensor reading to a MINI LINK plugin. The speed sensor is the Borg Waner unit. I have read people were using a external piece to convert the Hz rate.
  3. I had a similar issue a while back and i think the USB drivers on the latest PC were not right. I loaded a older version and connected straight away.
  4. 1320MINI

    Connection Isses

    Hi Guys, A couple of guy's that have been to me are struggling to get their laptop's to connect. The laptop's wont update the drivers. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. With a 11% pulley you'll probably pick up 10-15hp easy, You talking about the "461" Catcam? Down low it will make the same as a "469". Throttle is a good idea to restrict the air flow.
  6. Hi Alan, what power you trying to achieve? to get the torque up but keep the power low you could fit a camshaft with more lift and duration,then run a restrictor, This way you'll get more power and torque down low and stop it making loads up top.
  7. 1320MINI

    Nos control

    Are you looking to run a delay or to step up the fuel with a dry kit. The dry kits change so much with bottle pressure so a input from the bottle to the AN input could be used as an axis to make sure its always perfect. You can use the conditions to activate if your using as a anti lag.
  8. 1320MINI

    Rotary switch

    Really like that idea, which rotary switch's are people using?
  9. It's very strange, i work with a load of these and this is the only one that show's this message. I've tried all the basics, re installing firmware, older and current. I don't get a chance to delete or see a log.
  10. ECU firmware is PC Link version is
  11. Hi Guys, Using a MINI Link G4+ on the latest firmware, When trying to download the data i get this message. Any one had it or know how to fix it? Thanks in advance
  12. I would use Link CAN Lambda or AEM.
  13. 1320MINI

    CLL fuel correction %

    Doesn't the Motec have a Q key which will add/subtract the amount needed.that would be a good feature to have.
  14. Hi Guy's, How hard would it be to add a basic nitrous control to the ecu. Basics like : Delay, build time and maybe a option to fire the fuel solenoid a coulple of milliseconds before the nitrous solenoid.
  15. Hi Guys, We have a analog channel measuring Clutch pressure. Is there any way to use the information to activate the ignition cut We are on a H pattern which is being difficult to go in at 9000+ RPM Thanks
  16. I could only get the CAN Lambda working on Lambda 2 . I had the same thing where it would pull maximum trim, i put it down to the closed loop looking at lamda 1 which was unused and sitting at 7.45:1 afr. I'm yet to load the latest but will try tomorrow.
  17. The green wire on the OBD will not read engine speed once the link is fitted. We normally tap into the coil wire to have a anolog RPM signal. Also disconnecting pressure sensor plug that plugged into the air con will make the fans run constant. We just unscrew the sensor and plug it back in and the fan's work as normal.
  18. Been having issues with the CAN Lambda on a G4+ MINI LINK. Hopefully this will fix it.
  19. 1320MINI

    G4+ Thunder

    Hi Guys, Ive been looking into installing 4 EGT's on our Engine, I spoke to a guy who can supply the sensors but said each EGT will need an AMP. The Thunder only has 2 EGT channels. Is there a way of running 4 at the same time? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi Guys, We are going to use our G4+T in our drag car, i was wondering if there could be a way where we enter the timing ticket in to the log that would tell us where about's we are on track (60ft,330ft,1/8th mile, etc) and what time we are into the run. We could activate the run with the G meter. I have seen one of the default logs as a drag run and wondered if we can set ours up the same? Thanks for the great work guys.
  21. Any joy with the extra tabs for the latest PC Link? Also how about adding the AEM map sensors and Wideband to the listed sensors?
  22. Hi Guys, Loving the new software however, now we can only see 3-4 tabs, so jumping from one to another which isn't in sight is a little annoying, i had around 10 or so to help with certain areas. Also could there be a way to lock certin tables, i don't believe in locking the whole map but i would like to lock the odd table for saftey. Many thanks and keep up the good work.
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