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  1. Is this the engine fitted to a Nissan JUKE or Rouge?
  2. When you say old VQ35 what model or do you have a VQ35 HR motor?
  3. as the other guys have said there is something wrong wiring wise. Regards the crank signal is the car using a stock OEM flywheel or an after market as some after market the diameter of the crank trigger is in correct as the signal suffers.
  4. maybe better to post up a data log and the map file for us to look at. I presume you guys have made a new wiring loom?
  5. @Richard Hill the VVTI position sensor is that also the phase sensor for the motor? Does the car start faster sometimes than other times?
  6. AbbeyMS

    Rotary switch

    we been using this set up for launch control for a while.
  7. I seen this on a few cars , using Syvecs and Motec , does have a tighter boost control in closed loop but a big boost levels.
  8. Send me CAL file I can configure it for you.
  9. Just configure lean trip in Engine protection , motor cal file needs to be spot on regards Target AFR and measure AFR for this to work correctly.
  10. Guys, swapped a Nissan Almera SR2O (dizzy with built in coil and plugs leads to plugs) onto a Link G4+ standalone; thinking the car will also require a single channel ignition amplifier , can anyone confirm this please? Thanks
  11. So the capacitor "quietens" the 12V signal down @Richard Hill W ehave seen CanLambda stop working when more electrical items are turned on , pulling the 12volt supply from the battery sorts these issue normally but cant be a long term fix
  12. Monsoon doesnt run knock control thou?
  13. There are some wires that are require to be swapped over in the ECU header for the 300ZX ECU to run in a GTST have you dont this?
  14. AbbeyMS

    350z dual wideband

    Just use 2 x Link can lambda's set up send everything down Can 2.
  15. Looking through your CAL I dont see any inputs for a Lambda sensor input or a CAN Lambda set up? So do you have a Lambda sensor/gauge fitted but not fed back into the ECU?
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