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  1. AbbeyMS

    Yb Cosworth base map for fury

    Abbey are in Surrey and Mark the owners lives in Sussex, give us a PM sure we can sort something
  2. AbbeyMS

    Link CAN lambda and methanol

    My 2 pence worth , 0.65 on Meths is super rich but the difference between 0.8 and 0.65 lambda is safety the power difference will be very small from what I have found. We we was running a methanol drag car we was running NTK sensors but was only using the lambda's as a reference we looked upon the EGT's to get an better idea on how the car was running. Running CLL on full throttle on the Link is something that I would like to do but we dont have the ability to change the closed loop control from low load to high load like Syvecs. I.e have a much smaller adjustment parameter when on high load parameters and it would be good to have the ability to change the CLL % to a different figure from +(add) to -(minus) again like Syvecs.
  3. AbbeyMS

    350Z G4+Plugin Closed Loop Lambda

    The Link ECU wont read the stock O2 sensors.
  4. AbbeyMS

    R35 MAF

    I have this data if it helps
  5. AbbeyMS

    AEM RTD configuration

    Adam, great thanks appreciated buddy
  6. AbbeyMS

    AEM RTD configuration

    Hi, maybe a dumb questions, has anyone configured a Link G4+ Fury ECU to read a AEM RTD EGT sensor. Under engine temps there is EGT RTD listed just cant get it to work , maybe over thinking but it is getting late now. data sheet attached
  7. AbbeyMS

    swapping tune from G4 to new G4+

    up date the firmware after loading the old Map into the New G4+ ECU as well
  8. AbbeyMS

    Hi new member... First question.. Fault codes...

    okay the Link PnP will work fine without any extra work.
  9. AbbeyMS

    Hi new member... First question.. Fault codes...

    what model 350Z @Smifee do you have the Link ECU fitted to? There a few differences between different 350Z models cars that you need to be aware off. We have tuned a few VQ's with the Link fitted so can help.
  10. AbbeyMS

    Best mapper in south for 2.5 Subaru

    Hi , think you been talking to me, I said i will be in touch shortly, from what we have spoken about before I thought you already had brought the Link G4+ ECU and supporting items?
  11. AbbeyMS

    Ghibli Setup

    okay thanks
  12. AbbeyMS

    Ghibli Setup

    Adam, where is this situated in the Link G4+ software please
  13. AbbeyMS

    CAN Keypad

    The Toucan just uses CAN Di inputs from the Link to switch items. But i dont know if it works the other way from a PDM to the Link G4+ device.
  14. AbbeyMS

    Using 4D fuel table?

    Adam is correct , span your open loop AFR table correctly for the AFR's/Lambda you require , then tune the main map at base boost when raising the boost the AFR/Lambda will be automatically tuned. Works real well. Motec works the same as well. Also allows quick changing in fuelling to see if a car likes a leaner/richer mixture , no need to change the whole fuel map just tweak the AFR/Lambda table and run a pull on the dyno
  15. AbbeyMS

    s15 VCT set up

    Tune will require work if you now have VTC working.