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  1. gojira

    Rb20DET Basemap

    stay on OEM ecu untill you're link can be mapped, no basemap is good enough to drive with, only to start the car and start tuning.
  2. i use 1 fan PWM controlled and 1 fan by relay ON/OFF I made a 3D table for the PWM fan RPMS vs ECT But on 0rpm and 500rpm i set 0%, that AUX is set as GP OUTPUT PWM, if i set a % value on the coloms 0Rpm and 500Rpm, then the fan is running while engine is not started. Like Adamw says : when selected Engine fan on a AUX, that fan will only be running when engine is started.
  3. maybe this helps from a R32 ? t's from my ECU and this
  4. i also made my own patch harnas for my R32 skyline with an Vipec i88 wire in ecu. The ECCS relay i didn't use it, just ignition power to turn on the ECU
  5. ask your previous mapper if he is good enough to give you the pasword
  6. Always in the Mood for helping out and testing. Mail Will be send out within 5min.
  7. I whant pre release also so i can set this good how i whant it and best is. As to tp delta is a Little sooner then the map delta in logging.
  8. Offline in pclink you van enter negative values, but when you whant to save the pcl, it says "negative values not allowed". When connected to ecu, i can't even enter negative values. Vipec i88 wire in
  9. any news about this? Working now with delta TP, but goes not really how i whant it, why doesn't let me do transition map delta negative values?
  10. i made also my own patch harnas on my R32 GTST + Vipec I88 wire-in ecu. Drive on it for 2years now. i give ECU just power from ignition switch on 12+v, the relays you don't need, just put a fuse on power supply to ECU and your good.
  11. when you set logging on for tps and map delta. they do go both negative when release trottle or when shifting. only the transient setting doesn't allow negative value as axis. i prefer map delta ignition retard over tps delta ignition retard.
  12. hi, i have Vipec I88 wire in ecu, about the same as G4+ Extreme. Whanted to set transition ignition control on Rpm VS map Delta based. But the ecu doesn't let me set - negative values only positive. With TPS delta negative values is no problem as Y axis. Is this bug or normal that i can't set negative values as axis with MAP Delta?
  13. posrt map and logging, without those nobody can help yoou
  14. for the ones that follow this topic, there's a new version 5.6.2 from 07/07/2016, i try it tomorrow
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