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  1. All info needed is in the pics uploaded above, nothing more you need. If you don't know what to do, maybe let somebody else do it so you don't break your engine
  2. gojira

    Rb20DET Basemap

    stay on OEM ecu untill you're link can be mapped, no basemap is good enough to drive with, only to start the car and start tuning.
  3. i also made my own patch harnas for my R32 skyline with an Vipec i88 wire in ecu. The ECCS relay i didn't use it, just ignition power to turn on the ECU
  4. i made also my own patch harnas on my R32 GTST + Vipec I88 wire-in ecu. Drive on it for 2years now. i give ECU just power from ignition switch on 12+v, the relays you don't need, just put a fuse on power supply to ECU and your good.
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