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  1. hopefully in the next one
  2. I have a wish/suggestion : If possible to add graph of compressor effeciency like in the AEM Data program ? Like there you can add a pic of your compressor flow chart, and calculated with flow, pressure and temp where you are in the effeciency chart.
  3. is this taken in the new update ? Think not, or i overlooked it in change log
  4. right, i forgot that one
  5. Trigger 2 only possible when ecu is connected.
  6. for the AEM disc installed in a RB CAS sensor, settings are : "multi tooth" Trigger prio ? Trigger 1 : optical multi tooth position : CAM ? Tooth count 24 Troigger 2 VVT : OFF ? Am i correct?
  7. Is there a possibility to get all the installation manuals and pin layout of the Thunder ECU ? Or where to download them from ?
  8. hi, after long time use of Link and Vi-Pec products i would like to suggest something to change : When a ECU is password locked, and you whant it stay locked but you need to change regular, drive, connect laptop, pull out logging etc... And you whant to unlock the ecu with password, you need everytime the highlight the little square box for temporary unlock, Could it be changed when you unlock, it's for starters always temporary, but if you whant pasword remove, you need to check the little square box. As having laptops with numeral keyboard, giving pas is fast and "enter", but always with the mousepad to go to that little square to highlight "temporary unlock" Is this a possibility to change it in a update? would make my live much eassier and maybe also for others
  9. Same problem here, there should be a solution possible as link can be admin to remove password without loosing mapping for a retune or add sensors etc... You pay for the ECU, the car is client property, you pay for the mapping, so its a service provided and payed for, so you should have access to it also when needed.
  10. i have the same problem since the 5.4.1 upgrade, on previous firmware/pclink didn't had that problem, and off engine everything is the same
  11. i am running the 5.4.1 firmware and software, is only link. the reason why i whant Vi-Pec branded software and sensors, as i find there need to be a seperation between the mainstream and premium ECU's between link and Vi-Pec. as vipec has everything unlocked and more options then the link versions. I pay for vi-pec i88 ecu, so i whant also everything vi-pec branded, as 99% here runs link ecu's.
  12. so no updates on the iVTS software then ? Is it not an option, that the software sees wht ECU is live and the logo will show Vi-Pec or Link on the model of ECU is on it ? Or just rebrand the Link software ? the main thing is : i whant vi-pec software branded as the ecu is. Don't whant link. i even let custom vi-pec logo stickers made for on the map sensor and flex fuel sensor.
  13. when does come some updates on the iVTS pc software?
  14. was thinking to make more resolution in Axis :mrgreen: with Rpm range to 9000, like all the other tables
  15. i was going over the resolutions of my tables today. and noticed the "Charge temp approximate" table in modelled, is not adjustable
  16. Is it a problem if putted this firmware 5.4 on i88? When does the vipec get a update?
  17. you can do that to in the vipec software :mrgreen:
  18. lol, if i whanted to use PClink, i had bought i Link. But because i have Vi-Pec Premiun ECU i88, i also whant Vi-Pec pc software. There needs to be a seperation between the 2 brands :mrgreen: When does the Vi-Pec 5.4 software/firmware comes out ? did the firmware update by PCLink, and yes it works in my Vi-Pec, but now i am abligated to use PCLink :cry: Please update iVTS, i prefer Vi-pec branded software, as i even ordered stickers made on size to put on the Link map sensor and GM Flex fuel sensor
  19. I also did an update to, and I looked last weekend for firmware update and there was none 5.4 firmware. and sorry about my PCL file, I didn't post my last current one. I look every week on the website for updates :mrgreen:
  20. Injection timing has no table. Just a setting. Wil post screen later. The help box doesn't work for example when looking at overrun fuel cut, the rest where it doesn't work don't know anymore, need to write it down when working in it
  21. is it also possible for the "injection timing angle" to make in a Rpm based table on only a X axle? instead of 1 setting for all Rpm range ? Fixed things in new update putted in green with new update the help box doesn't work anymore completly on certain things (cannot display website) :cry:
  22. hi guys, maybe interesting to make a topic for the developers to know where to look what bugs people found ? I have already a few, as i needed it, or still need it, so hopefully a new firmware comes out quickly. fixedcalibrating tables from 7 to 10 doesn't work, only get 1 box when live with ECU, instead of complete rows to adjust. When offline in software it works 2--The Short adder table X-axis is fixed and is not adjustable other than the preset values. 3--The Dead time table is working, but you will need to set it to a 3D table first through the main fuel configuration, and disable Y axis (not really a problem). 4--when changing sometimes something in live map, need to store it in ECU, but software doesn't update it's screen, we need to close the software and restart it to see some changes. 5--help function gives error on certain topics, or search certain things, when he finds it, and you whant to read the help data it gives error, example see screenshot. 7-- when uses modelled multi fuel, can tables 1 and 2 like for fuel, ignition or other maybe given also a LABEL NAME as you can do with the sensors? did some roadmapping on modelled multi fuel, and we whanted to adjust fuel map 98ron, we where in table 2 and didn't respond to it :roll: . didn't see we where in table 2 working , because E85 sensor was not connected and error gives automatic 100% oops. 8-- as using modelled multi fuel, say when we don't whant fuel table 2 and ignition table 2 active for now as we start working ONLY on tables 1 main fuel. Possible to set an option to disable/enable all tables nr2 if needed ? and when these tables becomes inactive? as i see in my mapping i have ignition table 2 inactive as fuel table nr2 is active? to disable it for now we setted "fuel blend" all to "0", as flex fuel sensor is yet not installed (will give not installed error value 100% continues). 9-- is it possible to get the PCLink software fast button just under menu's, also in the Vi-Pec software for pc ? As they are very handy, see screenshot below with green arrow to it. now working this ECU Vi-Pec i88 on a nissan skyline R32 RB20DET compleet stock block exept some modificaties to flywheel etc.... turbo, injectors etc are OEM and will be swapped next month. ASNU 950cc injectors, hks gtrs turbo, rips racing intake, external wastegate, so big changes, and we whant the ECU completly untill smallest point nice setted :mrgreen: PCL is added ,as this a very good basemap for a complete stock RB20DET engine mapped untill 0,95 bar on OEM turbo. you may use it or ad it when installing Vi-Pec software as a basemap for i88. Chiller.pclr
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