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  1. so the injector deadtime 2D table and short adder is not adjustable? 3D deadtime don't need
  2. Hi, i have a Vi-Pec i88 new model. As i noticed it's not possible to adjust in some tables the AXIS setting while i whant it. i am talking about the following tables : injector deadtime vs bat volt short pulse width adder and CAL 7 to 10 is just showing 1 square, not even a 2D table. Are these maybe adjustable when live with ECU ? because that's not a real problem as i can do that.
  3. in custom cal table you can change your Axis values. press "X" and you can give values from 1 to 5, so no need for To "16" empthy. if you know what the voltages are for each setting. You should be able to confire whatever you whant to show :mrgreen:
  4. can my account be changed from guest to user as i added vi-pec i88 serialnumber on my profile? Waiting some time now, so i can post, add, and start topic about the i88 i have. I have contacted 3 persons of forum, still no change
  5. same problem here with ASNU 950cc injectors.
  6. what about the pin 109 ? Â it's connected to OEM ecu, and it's called injector 12V+ constant. if i don't connect it, when ignition switch on, they work, but when i put ECU off, they start clicking all together
  7. can this also be done with use of the 'ECU hold power' setting ? Â igntion switch to a DI, an aux to pin 16, and software settings isc stepper reset on key off?
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