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  1. You say Your boost is to high after 4500 RPM. I am looking at Your boost control. And main wastegate dc% table is set to 0. Are You refering only on wastegate spring pressure? Couse now, ECU is not controling your boost. Tune Your boost map first. Anti lag. Not even suggestin this function for street car. So basically, tune the boost control first and then test the car. What RPM you are making full boost? If it is 4500 RPM. It more then enough for street car. If you boost you car sooner, it will start wobbling in every gear and driveability with that kind of a car is horrible.
  2. Hello, I have Vipec V44 ECU. There is no Knock Control. And Link G4 Knock Block is no more available which was adapter to monitor knock.. I've tuned the car on the dyno, it has no knock. Everything is fine. But when the car is on the track, I don't know if it's knocking or not. Yes, I've made iat, ect corrections, but still.. It it's very theoretical. My question is: Is it worth to buy Link Knock Light and put it into the car? That way I could see on the GoPro if it was trying to knock, or even driver will see the knock and will release the throttle to ensure no engine damage... I would like to know Your opinion is it worth to spend an extra bit of money or go all in with new ecu.. Best regards, Gytis
  3. Hello, I've reached Phormula salesman and now I am a bit confused.. This is what he told me: "The KS-4 provides a 0-5v output, in the same way as any external knock interface. If the ECU is capable of combining the 0-5v signal with the crank angle, then you may be able to do individual cylinder control. If the ECU can be configured to retard individual cylinders based on the knock value at any given moment then it should be possible to retard individual cylinders." So maybe KS4 and Vipec are friendly and configurable? Can vipec combine knock analog signal with crank angle? And how vipec makes the retard, on any value of knock?
  4. Well yes... It looks like it won't work properly with Vipec.. Adam, maybe You have some kind of devices which could work with Vipec? Or there is no more options, just to buy an i44 or i88? Maybe there is some vendors which have in stock.... hope so..
  5. Hello, I have a car which I take care of and it's a sports car, rallycross supercar. It has 2.0 cosworth engine and it can make 600 hp. Now I've tuned it for 500 hp. Because I don't have an electronic knock detection. I used a simple old school det cans, which is good, very good to listen knock, but i made a safe ignition tune, I didn't wanted to take a big risk. Now the team decided that we should take a max power from the engine and also to have a good logging option. So I'm looking for external knock amplifier for v44. Does anybody has a clue if this product could work with v44? (http://www.phormula.com/KnockMonitor-KS-4.aspx) Also, maybe someone has a wiring diagram how to wire external knock control? Would be really appreciated. PS. Adam, on the last my post You helped me with staged injection, Your knowledge helped me a lot. Thanks. Now engine is running much smoother.
  6. Hi Guys, I've managed to wire two injectors per drive in parallel, exactly the same as it was shown in the "help". Injectors are high impedance siemens deka 630cc. So, 2 Injectors on one Drive. Sequentially working. I've made everything I could. I changed setup, to Saturated. I've changed the dead times. I changed the Master fuel to suit the fuel table. But I can't start the car!! It seems like it want's to start, cranking is good, looks like it grabs the fuels but when I release a start button it stalls. Maybe someone has an answer, what did I forgot? p.s I changed injectors from low Z to High Z. Low Z was only 1 per drive. Now high Z 2 per drive.
  7. Well.. That's not a case, my intake manifold has direct injectors just before valves. And injectors are behind the throttle bodies. I need that injectors would fire for each cylinder. 1 Cylinder injectors would fire and other 3 Cylinders would be off. And etc. Because now I have sequential injection wired. If I'd like to run 8 injectors. I will just wire second injectors and make a pair on drive. That way it will fire both of them at the same time and same duty cycle. Its performance car, so poor idle doesn't bother me. Even tho, i use ALS which makes idle 2750 rpm. Thanks Simon for support
  8. Hey Simon, You say that one drive can manage two injectors each? If my firing order is 1-3-2-4. And into 1st drive i wire cylinder 1 and cylinder 2 injectors they will operate differently? Into drive 3 I wire Cylinder 3 and Cylinder 4 injectors? Same with secondary? Best would be to have a scheme...
  9. Hello, I have Vipec V44. My engine is 4 cylinders. I have 8 units of siemens deka 630cc. I would like to run staged injection on the vipec. 4 injectors would run all the time. 4 more will operate on higher load. And they will split 50/50. On higher loads injectors will operate at the same pulse. Is it possible to do that on V44? How should I wire those 8 injectors? Maybe someone has a scheme or something?
  10. Hi guys, So we manage to get 8 new injectors for the engine ( Siemens Deka 630cc ) and now we want to add second fuel pump for better flow. Here's the wiring diagram I've made, is this right or i've made a mistake? Pumps will run sequentially at the same time. Also, what current relays and fuses should I use? Thanks for support guys, Dual pump.bmp
  11. mldc

    Injector setup

    From You perspective is better to put 8 low impedance or 8 high impedance injoectors on V44P? Question is not more about injector itself, but the ecu. Will it handle a 2 low impedance injectors on drive? Now we run Siemens Deka 870 cc. And the peak is 2.2 Amps, hold is 0.55 amp. If I double it, peak is huge 4.4. It could burn the drive, or not? What the highest current it can hold.. Im little confused and just trying to understand the better way of improvement.
  12. mldc

    Injector setup

    Scott, Could You recommend me what type of injectors to buy and maybe brand of it? 8 injectors for 4 cylinders, Cosworth YB engine, running on RON102 elf racing fuel and be capable to reach 520hp+?
  13. mldc

    Injector setup

    Hmm.. Thats easy to do. And if I put Bosch EV14 (60lb, 12,5Ohms) 2x injectors per drive? Whats then? I am very thankful that You are supporting me..
  14. mldc

    Injector setup

    Hello, Well sport season ended, modifications starts. If I were using these Siemens injectors, 4x injectors for 4 cylinders. And If now, I'd like to put four more of them side by side. So it be, 2x injector per cylinder. Siemens 3105 is low impedance and its peak and hold type. Should I divide the currents of Peak and Hold by 2? What do You mean to adjust currents? Adjust by what? Maybe there is some formulas or something? Thank You, for response Injector.bmp
  15. Thx Simon, This should also works yes? http://www.kasensors.com/us/products/sensor-switch
  16. Hello guys, I have new gear cut sensor, now I need to know how to wire it and tune properly. Im thinking of Digital input and select Gear Cut or GP input for tune.. It will be installed on sequential car gearbox.
  17. Hello Tuners, I run 4 injectors on my 4 cylinder engine. I have intake manifold which can have 2 injectors per one cylinder. So my question is. Can I wire 2 injectors (for example 440cc x 2) in to one injector input?
  18. Hello guys, We have a probem on our racing car. We use Tibuc intake manifold which has 4 throttles and responsystem valves. Which is used for anti lag. But when i log on my pc and ecu. I dont see ISC sensor connected to Aux outputs. So my question is how to control idle speed, through respons valve ( the wireing is down bellow ) or through main throttler body? Only this problem left on car... The whole ECU wireing was made by other guys, so we cant figure it out is it in ecu or not...
  19. Hey Guys, We run GTX35 on Cosworth YB engine, finally we got inconel exhaust system. And now we need to install all sensors. Maybe You know, how far innovate sensor should stand after turbocharger? And also EGT sensor how far should it be? Thank You a lot, Gytis
  20. Understood. Tommorow I will contact dyno garage. I will post how it went there.
  21. Hey guys, So, last weekend I tuned a little bit of Fiesta. I managed to get good cold start, and now car starts pretty good, but I also got some issues too. 1. I tuned an Anti-Lag tables ( ignitionR, fuel, ignitionC ), and on the test run, on 5gear comes up limit 6000RPM and stays there.. But on my Limits table are 8000RPM the cross. So why when I turn on anti-lag rpm limit gets 6000? 2. How to get more boost on open loop? Can u take a look on wastegate trim? While anti lag is running MGP stays really low, but it should be more.. ( I think ) 3. Launch control, I didn't get the boost I wanted on start line, the boost I get is 0,4 bar of MGP. Target is 1,4 - 1,6 bar. 4. Can u set a primary wastegate trims for me to start with? Boost and anti-lag we want is only on low speed. Rallycross is a short track racing with lots of corners.. So when the car stops till the corner, we need boost to make instant speed when driver hits thorttle. Thats why anti-lag is setted up on from 0 to 30% of TPS and till the Rev Limit 8000. I attached the PCL and Log of last run.. If you can take a look.. Also I add fuel on anti lag and Turbo wasn't that red.It reduced the EGT. Sorry for bad english and mistakes.. You see it's not my main language but Im trying Regards and big Thanks, Gytis LognPCL.rar
  22. Hey Dave, Im looking for knock sensor to buy? And I found this one for really good price. It is good one, what do You think? Regards, Gytis
  23. hey Dave, Engine: Cosworth YB 2.0 litres, 16v Tibuc intake manifold 10.5 rate of cylinder compression Garrett GT3582R with 45mm restrictor. Cat cams (camshafts) SIEMENS DEKA 3105 (850cc * 4 units) Gearbox: 6 gears, sequential. Fuel: VP RALLY PLUS MON 87 RON 102 Oxygen YES Specific Gravity .745@ 15°C FIA Yes Type Unleaded CAR: Ford Fiesta MK7 AWD What we are looking for: BHP: 500-550. N/m: 700-800
  24. Hey Dave, Thanks for your help. I have one more question, if u can answer for me :geek: So, I am looking at ignition table and i dont like it. I want to set it up by myself. But I have question, How to set ignition table? I dont have a dyno but i can tune it on the air port landing road. This is the ignition table which i found in ecu. I managed the QuickTune for fuel table and I will do it, but first i need to know how to set ignition. By the way, ECT gets really fast to 80 C. There is an 18litres of cooling water, big radiator in the back and 2 big fans. We use external bosch water pump, which pumps 200 l/min. And I dont know why. So: 1) How to set up Ignition table, what devices I need to get....? 2) Why ECT reaches very fast 80 C.? I think this is the last of my questions and I will try to tune the car a bit :>
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