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  1. TechDave

    Recover lost log files?

    No sorry, they are stored in memory until saved.
  2. TechDave

    Slow reacting

    UnicornGarage, Please save your dxdiag information and copy-paste or attach it here or email tech@linkecu.com
  3. TechDave

    Laggy PCLink software

    Interesting that a driver rollback works. I identified an issue in Nvidia graphics card drivers back in October 2017. @rocklizzard91 can you post here or send me a link to the drivers that you used?
  4. TechDave

    How to assign AUX14 to DI9 input?

    Sorry I missed the bit about throttle. So Aux 14 can only consider 2 conditions, I've used a virtual aux to wrap up your RPM and TPS requirement (change that 50% to whatever you need). If the RPM and TPS condition is met, and the DI 9 switch is in the on position, then the function will work, if you switch the DI 9 switch to off, it will turn off the function, or stop it from occurring.
  5. TechDave

    How to assign AUX14 to DI9 input?

    So we've used GP Output on AUX 14 and said if RPM is > 1500 AND DI 9 is in the ON state, then become "ON",
  6. TechDave

    How to configure "arm switch" function

    Moved into G4+ for you.
  7. TechDave

    Laggy PCLink software

    We don't show the contents of a view while dragging by the way, so you should only expect the outline but it should be the same size and position as the view. If your outline isn't the same size and position as the view you're clicking and dragging then you need to set your windows display resolution scaling to 100%. If the font sizes are too small after this you can scale them up in PCLink in options > preferences.
  8. TechDave

    PCLink Crashes While Logging

  9. TechDave

    PCLink Crashes While Logging

    No, but windows does. Applications user address space is physically limited to 2GB for 32bit applications - you can't change this. I'll +1 the solution to this issue for you. In the mean time, go to the PC logging setup window, remove all, and only add what you really want to see:
  10. TechDave

    Windows tablet power from USB?

  11. TechDave

    PCLink Crashes While Logging

    There is no temp file. Does the machine go to sleep in that 90 minute period? When it crashes, how much memory is the PCLink process using?
  12. TechDave

    Logging fuel map .

    @Ken Dunkley you can scroll along the time plot and the pink "logged cross hair" will traverse tables with the associated axis run times. If they don't show up, you may need to right mouse click the table and turn on "Logged Value Cross Hairs".
  13. TechDave

    Digital on/off switch on tablet layout

    I think what @Quad4444 wants is a button on his tablet he can press to switch Anti-Lag tables. This and a few other bits are on my "Things that would make PCLink much nicer to use as a tablet dash"
  14. TechDave

    ''Laggy'' software

    Hey guys, Just an update to this one. The surface view issue seems to be on Nvidia drivers with the new OpenGL 4.6 standard. For me these drivers were released back on the 9th of October version 387.92, so rolling back to 385.69 (Sept 21st) fixes the surface view, your mobile graphics might be different versions. Obviously working to fix this properly. As for "lag" no body has followed up with sufficient information for me to investigate further.
  15. TechDave

    Store Failed

    Standard stuff, can you double check your connection speed for me? 625k? more than 55Hz? This is the first time you've had it? and it's only on this one ECU?