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  1. We added Semi-Sequential as a mode to keep the unused pins free for other aux uses.
  2. Hi, what directory have you installed PCLink to?
  3. TechDave

    350z traction control

    The 350Z in New Zealand never had Traction Control. I'm working on updating our streams to include this and a few more features too.
  4. TechDave

    Honda CAN protocol

    So it keeps the cluster happy, what about the rest of the modules?
  5. Autotune is on the wishlist, although it is not yet a feature.
  6. Added "Custom CEL functions" a few weeks back, no ETA but it's in there.
  7. TechDave

    Pnp Ecu

    March to June I'm told.
  8. Abnormal Program Close thing is usually caused by installing PCLink to a write protected folder (program files) But yeah, doesn't usually matter with the drivers, we haven't changed them for ages too.
  9. TechDave

    R33 GTST IAT wiring

    It's entirely ease. Chopping up the knock sensor loom isn't a recommended installation process, XS connectors make installation easy and reliable. No dip switches.
  10. TechDave

    G4x xtreme

    March is what the boss man said.
  11. TechDave

    Low sample rate

    I've been thinking about this. The ECU doesn't know you're PC Logging, it doesn't do anything differently when you press F8, therefore the issue must be in PCLink, memory access or the drawing.
  12. Accel fuel has been changed to a simplified X-Tau model
  13. Hi, yeah I'm technically on leave for a few more days. I haven't had any replies to my email, the only missed call I have is from while I've been on leave. You said in your email that you tested it on a 1998 gen 5, that won't work, the ST205 only supports the gen 2 and gen 3 from '93 to '95. If the pinout is wrong I suspect the car is not a gen 3. As I said in my email, I'm happy to help fault find etc, but if it requires repair or replacement then your customer's friend in the USA will be able to handle that. Give me a bell in the new year and we can get it sorted.
  14. TechDave

    Low sample rate

    ...possibly? I never touched the firmware. I'll have a go at bench testing that in the new year, unless you already have a sim and some spare time? @Ducie54 if you go to device manager, right click on the Link drivers, then go to settings or properties or something, there's some stuff in there about the buffer size? Sorry it's a bit vague, I'm not in the office at the moment, otherwise I'd fire in a screenshot.
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