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  1. We have a really nice colour display: http://dealers.linkecu.com/MXS_street Completely customisable, you can display any parameter inside the ecu over CAN Bus.
  2. RS232 is present on the CAN 1 port, this is the same RS232 that the micro chats with the USB. As a quick test, unplug CAN 1 or switch to CAN2 (no RS232)
  3. TechDave

    2005 STI Cruise Control

    You'll want to put your clutch switch into that brake DI too so pressing the clutch deactivates the cruise system too (otherwise it flips out). Or if you want to geek out you could wire your clutch switch to a different DI, that gives you a method of doing launch and antilag and flatshifting etc
  4. Yes the Storm has 20 GP tables. Click here to review them: Bigger ECUs have up to 30: https://www.linkecu.com/products/ecu-comparison-chart/
  5. Ray forwarded me an email from Banks, this is the case, Generic Dash, ID 1000, 20 Hz, 1 Mbit/s
  6. What do you mean locked out? What error or message is stopping you?
  7. Link CAN Lambda is the best way to get Lambda into that ECU http://dealers.linkecu.com/can-lambda
  8. We cannot run the VANOS on this engine, it has two solenoids per cam, 4 cams, therefore you'll need 8 aux drivers set up for this and only 4 of our aux drives can be used for vvt.
  9. There is no Linux version of PCLink
  10. Trigger Pattern is the Holden Alloytec III Offset -213 I can't remember which cam we synced off, I think intake, exhaust wouldn't sync, something to do with pull up voltages. There are a few flavours of ecoboost cam lobe profile, 3 and 4 lobe, ours was 3 lobe, cam centerline offset was 140. I know from destructive measurements that the pump displacement is 0.254cc/lobe Peak and hold driver 9 and 5. Didn't get too far into deadtime or pump calibration. There's a bug in the pump calibration table, you MUST use all 16 columns. You must power cycle between changes to Pump Cam Centerline. We had it idling away on an engine frame, tracking fuel pressure nicely.
  11. This isn't just a mock up? This is functional?
  12. Does anyone have this sort of wave saved as a log file?
  13. Grab us a PC Log file too chief.
  14. TechDave

    CAN Lambda

    terminating resistor on the CAN Bus?
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