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  1. Yeah it's drivers, make sure to get the official chipset drivers and not windows OpenGL drivers (Windows hates opengl because it competes with direct3d)
  2. Yeah this was my first thought, French and German Windows language settings might be getting in the way of PCLink opening the path. Also notice that it says it cannot open "C:/....blah blah/filename.pclx" instead of just "filename.pclx" Can you please go to this dir and copy-paste the directory here?
  3. What car is it in? I believe they're working on it.
  4. Correct, those who invested in G1 wont get them either sorry.
  5. Another release! This one contains a long requested feature, so called "long term fuel trims", added to the CLL system. It just keeps getting better! My hot takes: Added OBD2 Functionality Added Knock Control and Analog Trigger Scope to V3 and newer Atom and Monsoon ECUs. Increased Memo Size significantly to 56k of Unicode. The memo text can be found using by pressing ctrl + M and is stored as part of the basemap. Increased list of possible Table Axes to include all runtime values and statuses. Added 16 CAN Auxiliaries which can be used for both switched and PWM
  6. Your graphics card drivers are having trouble with the OpenGL commands for drawing the axis titles. I think you need to go here and download this: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/cy/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-g-series-laptops/lenovo-g570-notebook/downloads/ds011506
  7. You need to update your graphics drivers, this is where the opengl drivers are stored. Make sure you get them directly from intel, the windows built in drivers have poor support for OpenGL, because it competes with directX
  8. So you want us to assume for example that the a 10% richer lambda is a result of the 10% more fuel for a given load site?
  9. Yep, OpenGL graphics drivers.
  10. Update your firmware too.
  11. TechDave

    Pclink not open

    Windows XP is no longer officially supported.
  12. Can you attach your basemap and a log file too?
  13. First thing to do is update your firmware.
  14. TechDave

    Audi TTX

    This should work according to our data.
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