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  1. Yeah I use similar values.
  2. TechDave

    No Peak/Hold?

    No Peak and Hold.
  3. It does that a well. This is a safety requirement we strongly recommend you do not compromise on.
  4. TechDave

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    The release is named after PCLink, which is 6.17.22, the firmware in release 6.17.22 is 6.17.8
  5. TechDave

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    It was on the 2.5L engine only, the cam wouldn't swing it's full length.
  6. Yes - although I don't think this feature is quite finished yet - I don't get any tables. For now you can use a spare unused aux pin, but yeah, going forward looking forward to using CAN Aux.
  7. TechDave

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    Has been released! Some key functions I'm dead keen on: Traction Control and Torque Management. More GP Tables Boost Control pressure source selection MAP Sync Fixed the file path directory thing so it's like G4+ again Faster connection speed and faster navigation inside PCLink GP Output On Delay (I'll make a post soon on why this is cool) Download Here Release Notes
  8. You're looking at the pin parameter instead of the temperature parameter. In this screenshot, "Analog Temperature 2 - IAT" is expressed in volts, whereas "IAT" is expressed as temperature, and the units shown are set in "Options > Units > Options" This is the same for ECT, oil, fuel, temps, pressures, wheel speeds, etc
  9. Our GP Output style of control for the GP PWM functions combined with a non interpolated table with only on/off state would do this. Weirdly Adam and I were discussing this type of function last week, I added it to our issue tracker probably the same day as your OP.
  10. Yeah I added this to the list a few months ago.
  11. Have you confirmed that they are operating?
  12. Can you do ignition and injection tests? I suspect the coils have been swapped out for dumb coils that the Autronic was driving directly. edit: yeah something up with Ignition, you have this basemap set to direct, but the plugin is setup for wasted spark, can you confirm these modifications have been made and are working?
  13. log of an attempted start too please
  14. Hi George As per my email yesterday, your basemap is working fine on the bench.
  15. I came up with a setup that; if I hold brake and clutch for 3 seconds after key on, my cruise switches become motorsport style buttons. Here's the setup for "Track Mode", Virtual Aux 1 is Clutch and Brake Switch Start Timer 1 with Ignition Switch Start Timer 2 with Virtual Aux 1 (reset it to 0 if virtual aux 1 turns off) Virtual Aux 2 says: If, after 3 seconds, Timer 1 and Timer 2 are equal, then Virtual Aux 2 is on, when you release the pedals, the virtual aux stays on because of condition 3 (that it is on) Virtual Aux 2 is now "Race Mode" you can use this to perhaps richen up a mixture, or as a switch for high boost mode. I also reprogrammed in Track Mode, so that Cruise Resume increased my traction Slip % (Though you could use this for launch RPM or boost level) Cruise Set reduced this. Cruise cancel activated launch control. Cruise On/Off activated pit lane limiter.
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