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  1. I just tried it, works great. There is no error state for the E-Throttle going outside of bounds.
  2. TechDave

    Erratic Speed Signal

    Looks like noise, only reaching 92 Hz, so you're not maxing out the input. I'd be surprised if this truly came from the ABS ring itself, my diagram is really old and hard to read, but it looks like the DI3 speed source is actually the cluster.
  3. TechDave

    Trig2 or DI1 or DI2

    Hello, not on G4+ you can't.
  4. Use the table import/export functions, this brings axis settings over too. Works on almost all tables but not AFR/Lambda target
  5. Wouldn't you just move your open and closed voltages in 2%?
  6. You can keep adding overlays too, you can click and drag the 2nd time stamp on the time plot to slide the overlay back and forth. If you click on the time stamp in the log file manager, that log can then be adjusted on the time plot too.
  7. Next release of PCLink is with testers at the moment, hoping to have it out within the next 24-48 hours subject to any showstoppers we find.
  8. Do you know, I was very close to banning Comic Sans and Papyrus from PCLink when working with the fonts last.
  9. Yeah, so this is really the most important functional change between G4+ and G4X, instead of pins assigning functions, now functions assign pins.
  10. TechDave

    R34 GTT Ecu

    All manuals here: http://www.linkecu.com/manuals/ GTT: http://linkecu.com/documentation/NGTT+.pdf
  11. As per my email to you: It's super easy. Select the Toyota 1JZ cam control mode, then under "cam angle test", select calibrate. Go to Inlet Bank 1, select a cam sensor input (trig 2) and a PWM output. Make sure the engine is above the ect lock out, run the engine up to 4000ish rpm All of the offsets, teeth etc are filled in automatically for you, you only need to set up your target table.
  12. TechDave

    Chris Todd

    If you can turn off the 120 ohm resistor in the dash (if it's an AiM you can) then it will work if you make the ecu each end of the bus.
  13. TechDave

    Chris Todd

    What's the application?
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