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  1. The LT had a VVT pulley if I remember correctly
  2. Inlet variable cam has 4 teeth as far as I'm aware
  3. jonnyt80

    Clio 172 f4r

    so it will run perfectly fine without the modified flywheel? im about to wire up my red Xtreme up to a 182 shortly thanks adam
  4. jonnyt80

    Clio 172 f4r

    I'm sure the flywheel needs modified as there were small issues as it's not a 60-2 trigger http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/9265-renault-trigger-signalpolarity-issue-now-resolved/?tab=comments#comment-61616
  5. Fraser is your Kangoo still running the link? im about to fit an Extreme to a 182 clio and was just looking at info for getting it to run before i go ahead
  6. very nice although that amount of lag and short powerband would drive me nuts
  7. jonnyt80

    Trgger mode

    You will need a cam signal for direct spark/sequential injection A 36-1 trigger wheel will be fine on the crank pulley You could possibly make a cam trigger using a bolt or other form of pickup on the cam pulley.
  8. Looking to see if anyone has successfully had one of these running with the manifold fitted. Most remove it to fit throttle bodies or carbs but i want to try see what gains can be had over the standard Blackoak management on a stock configuration Thanks in advance
  9. have you tried using a manual boost controller to rule out the ecu contolled boost
  10. stick up your map for reference. also a bit more info on the car would also help
  11. http://users.erols.com/srweiss/tableifc.htm Grant and John see my link both part numbers your looking for are on the list
  12. the pump was failing to provide enough fuel as to why i have not tested it yet. when boost started to climb it was like fuel cut / boost cut. on removal it looked like the original. replaced it with an uprated version and the problem went away. the car started fine and ran ok off boost just would accept higher rpm/boost
  13. have you tested the fuel pump? i had the very same issue on an impreza GC8 this week
  14. Pretty sure it's full VVT on the Intake can like the Evo IX
  15. I run a 4 channel audi/vw igniter on my ST220 duratec v6 with the dummy coil running wasted spark
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