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  1. jonnyt80

    Mitsubishi colt ralliart 4g15t mivec trigger pattern

    Pretty sure it's full VVT on the Intake can like the Evo IX
  2. jonnyt80


    I run a 4 channel audi/vw igniter on my ST220 duratec v6 with the dummy coil running wasted spark
  3. jonnyt80

    G4+ subaru wrx V7-10 plugin is a dud

    Maybe you should might loosen you up abit Fitting an engine from one vehicle to another doesnt make you a tuner nor does qualifying as a diesel mech in 2002. If your looking for help and advice your going the wrong way about getting it coming on and abusing those who are likely to give it. Courtesy goes along way and fortunatly attitudes dont. Good luck getting to the bottom of it i think you will need it
  4. jonnyt80

    Idle Mapping

    You should be able to getting to run 14.7 or close to it. The MOT as you say should be 3.5 max in a Lambda test it will be between 0.97+1.03 Cant you get a wideband setup through the ecu and use quicktune to stabilise your idle fuelling?
  5. jonnyt80

    1UZFE VVTi Cam position offset

    Looking at those logs you definatly have a fuelling issue. If your adding more fuel in the table and the AFR is staying constant on the WB then you need to check base line pressure under load. If it drops off theres either a restriction or the pump isnt up to the job.
  6. jonnyt80

    12 tooth trigger disc

    It all depends what you want to achieve. As iv said the stock trigger system has seen good hp but alot happens in between timing marks. Yes the ecu will receive more information back from the disc than it would from the stock disc. If you plan on a big hp build then add your trigger disc in now and tune to suit. If you plan on only keeping it around stage 1 up to around 400hp i wouldnt bother adding the trigger disc and run the OEM trigger pattern
  7. jonnyt80

    12 tooth trigger disc

    If you want to go down the aftermarket trigger disc route you would be better off going 36-1 minimum or 60-2 12 tooth wheel will work fine and give better info back to the ecu than stock but i believe you would be better going 36-1. On another note what is the spec of the car and what is it used for? The stock trigger has been proven to work well on high power applications even on the stock ecu.
  8. jonnyt80

    Unstable idle after hot start

    I have a similar issue on mine and the timing is very stable at idle. It will rise and fall for about 10 secs or so then settle out and idle fine. Just wonder of its some sort of post start fuel/ign decay
  9. jonnyt80

    OEM CAN dash setup

    Thanks scott. I have tried setting up as you have suggested but no luck as of yet. I will play around with it when i have time next week. Is there anyway other than a sniffer to test the CAN output from the ecu?
  10. jonnyt80

    OEM CAN dash setup

    Im trying to see if i can get the CAN operated dash to work via the G4+ Xtreme. Now im using CAN2 and wired as per diagrams i have been able to get hold of. I do have some CAN data i found online so how do i go about setting this up? I have used user defined drop down but unsure how to proceed and test I have added a screenshot of the data i have found. Its on a ford mondeo ST220
  11. jonnyt80

    Injectors not firing

    I mean have you confirmed your trigger 1 and 2 are correct. If your crank and cam signals are not synced the ecu wont know when to fire the injectors
  12. jonnyt80

    Ignition Timing

    Check your wiring is good to crank and cam sensors. Might be worthwhile swapping the wires over on the crank sensor as the polarity could be wrong
  13. jonnyt80

    Injectors not firing

    Have you setup your triggers correctly?
  14. jonnyt80

    BMW M50 Wont Start

    ok scrap my last reply
  15. jonnyt80

    BMW M50 Wont Start

    try -284 as per e36 base