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  1. Car shut down

    What sort of cranking speed? Perhaps your arming thresholds are a little high at 1000rpm, particularly if its cranking faster when warm than cold (presumably its ok starting cold, and this is only an issue restarting hot). Also not clear if you are looking for advice on why it stalled on clutch in. You might benefit from using the idle ignition table.
  2. Rotary Position Switch- Interpolate Boost Tables

    You can have slip level varied by rotary switch, but my recollection is that it’s not possible (at least right now) to have position 1 as “traction off” as traction off needs to be a physical switch. I am pretty sure I have made a feature request for it to also be by a Virtual Aux which would mean you could do it using a voltage threshold on the rotary switch. i am going to use a double pole rotary switch and have position 1 on the second pole switch traction off, then use positions 2-6 for traction levels. This means you need to make your own.
  3. Help with wiring

    The help file says there is, for AN Volt 6 only? Either way - Barnsey - the pcl file does not appear to use the input. Perhaps you don't need to worry about it?
  4. Help with wiring

    If you save a copy of the file and upload it here, someone can look for you. Or click on the "ECU Settings" tab on the left in PCLink and look at the list of Analog Inputs for whatever is numbered AN Volt 5 or higher. You could take a screenshot.
  5. Help with wiring

    It looks like the ecu tuning cable is there - could you connect to the ecu and see what the AN volt input is set up as?
  6. Need some ecu confirm from admin

    Bosch 0 280 150 363 are very low impedance and ~650cc
  7. Setting up new tune

    I don't think having your charge temp table at 100% is helping. There is quite a detailed discussion in the help file on how to set it up. I think it is completely ignoring the IAT with it 100% (and therefore effectively assuming IAT is the same as ECT).
  8. Setting up new tune

    I think you need to have a look at your fuel density parameters (and also after that things that will effect - ie the fuel table). Also charge cooling coefficient and charge temp approx table don't look right. (edit - not to say there aren't other things, it just looks like fuel density is out by around a decimal point which would stuff things up. The fuel table is supposed to represent VE of the engine)
  9. short pulse with adder table

    For what its worth I have been working on my own spreadsheet and incorporated it into the one above (v2). I think its a better calculation working off the ability to nominate which portion of the data represents linear flow, and it interpolates for the short pulse table. For nislp - I wouldn't suggest you change anything if you are already tuned. The difference is minor and you'd have to retune. 0_280_158_123_Customer_sheet_v2.xlsx
  10. Can you try once per engine cycle? Should allow doubling the master fuel and you could work from there to see if there are other issues. Or re-wire to semi-sequential as per help file if you have a cam sync. (edit - have also noticed you have 30% trim on the master fuel - that should be 0% unless there is good reason to fine tune the master fuel from a whole number. As it is, I believe 4ms + 30% is the same as 5ms and 4% trim)
  11. 2.5 MAP spec

    Well that's good because it just occurred to me that my second response above is rubbish - there is no way to map MAP to get to speed to use the speedo output.
  12. 2.5 MAP spec

    Can't you just use a GP PWM table and populate accordingly? Actually I have just reminded myself that G4 and G4+ are different (G4 can't have a table of frequencies on GP PWM), so: - if you want a PW output, use GP PWM - if frequency, perhaps configure as a speedo output? [won't work - what was I thinking]
  13. short pulse with adder table

    If I have my maths right, the correct fuel pressure difference might reduce your VE numbers by 4-5% and the difference in injector flow by 10-11%.
  14. short pulse with adder table

    Is the fuel pressure logged and is the ecu using the pressure sensor in the fuel equation?
  15. MAP/BAP pressure ratio as fuel table load axis

    Thanks for the follow up. I am probably less worried about MAP vs baro and more interested to try it on a turbo car where it's MAP / Exhaust Mani Pressure as this could take into account backpressure change on a turbo charged car (i.e. Further flattening the fuel table). Of course if one isn't actually changing turbos this is arguably a fairly limited value add, but still ... it's got me curious.