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  1. Hi Peter, From previous testing on the bench the following setup was found to work well with our ECU's:  To get the software to see the correct I/O options it needs to read the configuration from the Racepak CAN module. - Install the Datalink software and during setup select the IQ3 configuration files - Open “Datalink Program†from the Windows start menu - Go to file → Open car configuration → Select IQ3_config - Go to Settings → Scan COM ports to detect the Dash - Click 'READ' on the toolbar on the right hand side to retrieve VNET module configuration - This will import all the 'EFI' settings which are setup to match the data output from Link/Vi-PEC ECU's. Channels controlled from within the dash (such as GPS speed, accel G's etc) are also automatically available. - Right click on “IQ Logger†to bring up the dash display configuration - Set up each channel with the desired I/O's from the ECU (EFI channels are set to suit the Link/Vi-PEC ECU's) - Any individual setting can have the scaling etc changed if required by right clicking on it on the configuration screen Things to look out for: make sure the parameters you are setting up are on the channels from the VNet module, not the generic ones that show in the list. The one IQ3 we had here for testing did need some tweaking done to the scaling to get some of the parameters to span correctly (for example: MAP: Raw data A = 0, will become = 0, Raw data B = 1, will become = 1. AFR: Raw data A = 0, will become = 0, Raw data B = 1, will become = 0.001) One other thing I found when testing was the data transmit speed on the Link seems to have trouble if it is low-ish. I found a couple of the readings would not show or drop out if it was not high enough. 100Hz seemed to work well. If some data is getting through then it looks like everything is set up and talking correctly. This indicates it is just scaling issues or perhaps the generic parameters selected (rather than the ones from the VNet module). Unfortunately we do not have an IQ3 here to try your configuration with, but we are in the process of getting one. If you continue to have issues the next step may be to try a copy of your setup in one here once we have received one. Regards, Sam
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