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  1. Fair enough My car did have air con but used space for other stuff both my fans come on at same time to cool engine seems to be work fine always been like that even when I was on a G1 link ecu
  2. I just run 1 output for my both my fans will post set up later
  3. Is the can mod easy to ? Or do I need to send it in
  4. That’s the data cable from the storm ecu which goes to female socket of link display when that is unplugged no data on screen
  5. Socket is the data plug of the link display
  6. Also the plug in ecu has serial number under 10000 is there a can mod to allow pc and link display to be connected at same time like the g4 storm wire in ecu (silver case)
  7. Need to connect a link display to g4 wrx4 plug inn from can/rs232 to plug for display link is it a can pcb lead
  8. Is it crucial for this to be done when engine is running as stated in manual I just set mines to Subaru v1-6 5 years ago and been tuned 3 times
  9. https://www.vi-pec.com/software use the latest version for old pcb version
  10. Is it possible with out plugging into car
  11. Should this not be in the g4+ section not the g4
  12. How do I power up a Link g4 plugin on the bench to test it
  13. Adam what connector do I require for the display link cable Also if i change from storm wire in to plug in unit and calibrate TPS and map once map is transferred over is that all I need to do
  14. Looking thro the pins outs on where they are on the header have noticed the following not listed aux output 5 aux output 7 are these available be used also can the original link display be used with this ecu on the rs232 output on the board
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