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  1. neil brown


    Location might help you might be a link tuner nearby
  2. The cam wheel should have 2 markers 90 degrees apart when using the multi tooth wheel
  3. Which crank sprocket did you fit if running newage avcs heads need matching newage crank sprocket and set the cam and crank in ecu to match
  4. neil brown

    Injector test results

    I ran low impedance injectors with ballast packs which you are intending to do i would advise against it and move to big impedance injectors as I have car runs much better and I have better control of fuelling and idle is much better and have even managed 33mpg on a run compared to a dismal 24 mpg
  5. If I don’t put throttle to floor I gain my lost boost so I need up the wastegate duty at 100% settings
  6. Since I noticed with increase in hot temp I have lost approx 0.2bar of boost level in closed boost mode on both settings hi and low boost Using stage 2 set up with stage 1 to get it up to spool and stage 2 kicks in at 40kpa before target value any tips guys
  7. Got another pic looks like the plug is missing
  8. The owner wants £700 and wiring loom done by peak performance it’s for sale in Ireland is it worth the money as new is £900
  9. Looking at this ecu for sale and have noticed an extra blue wire going thro the case not the multi pin plug onto the loom why would this be and is and is it worth buying it
  10. If it’s a g4 should already be unlocked unlocking code is when it is brand new to prevent it going missing in post or taken by someone prior it being received by original owner
  11. neil brown

    DI2 speed set up

    Simon or adamw hete is a ver 4 U.K. Impreza wiring for speedo circuit and see it’s a wire sensor which has a spinning magnet inside of it is it possible to picky back it to ecu so I use di4 and sensor ground ?
  12. neil brown

    DI2 speed set up

    Connect directly to ecu using di4 and do I use sensor ground for other wire as 2 wire speed sensor will the cam and crank signals not be affected if I tie in to sensor ground
  13. neil brown

    DI2 speed set up

    Speedo works fine no issues with that will try to wire it direct and see what happens
  14. neil brown

    DI2 speed set up

    Simon or adamw can you advise on above if it’s possible
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