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  1. neil brown

    Link G1 Hand Controller (AFM Link) - wanted

    i have 2 link g1 hand controllers but couldnt be any further away as near glasgow, scotland
  2. neil brown

    What Lambda controller to use?

    been running a lc1 innovate for last 3 years with no issues at all, not that bad
  3. neil brown

    Link G4+ unlock code required

    you get the unlock code from the dealer you bought it from
  4. neil brown

    G4+ monsoon aux and DI

  5. neil brown

    G4+ monsoon aux and DI

    Moonsoon ecu stepper motor idle valve won’t work it Does include Subaru ver 4 idle valve adamw ?
  6. neil brown

    car wont start. v4 type r sti

    Are you performing a save to ecu every time you change the map sensor and selecting right type of sensor in the software then calibrating map sensor after save function when I done mines it read perfectly with gm 3 bar map
  7. neil brown

    car wont start. v4 type r sti

    Did you calibrate map sensor and TPS sensor ?
  8. neil brown

    car wont start. v4 type r sti

    Post up pictures of said map sensor I run ver 4 scooby and map sensor is on left hand inner wing above boost solenoid idle speed control valve is to right of centre coil pack
  9. neil brown

    Link G3 + Toucan

    I have a link display as pic shown in my car which was overhauled by link a few years ago if interested could swap Sam
  10. neil brown

    Coil on Plug Conversion

    Or goto www.jti.uk.com and order a cop loom for your year of car direct plug and play from factory coil pack plug
  11. neil brown

    EGT Conditioner

    Interested as was looking at same set up for a single egt to fit
  12. neil brown

    G4+ xtreme ECU for sale brand new

    Do you have the unlocking code as new ecus are locked until code is applied
  13. neil brown

    G4+ xtreme ECU for sale brand new

    Has the unlocking code been applied
  14. neil brown

    Injector swap low to high impedance

    Currently have low impedance 650cc with ballast resistors as per manual will I need to alter the map if I go to high impedance 650cc PE injectors or will I be ok got a turbo vhabge coming up soon any how
  15. neil brown

    ECU no longer firing 2 cylinders...

    I would use Subaru COP set up as if good enough for Andy Forrest at 1200+ bhp on his Impreza as videoed by HP acadamey think you you will still be having issues with it constantly