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  1. You want the g4 software not the g4+
  2. Simon the sample maps on the software for Subaru newage cars V7 onwards Is the ign dwell settings for the wrx or sti coil on plug setup ta Neil
  3. Could he have the probes round the wrong way ? If he is measuring from the loom
  4. What about waste gage duty table currrently TPS vs rpm
  5. neil brown

    boost table set up

    is it possible to set up the boost table like the G1 ecu set up g1 has the rpm line and target boost underneath it and how do i do it on the g4 platform
  6. is the ecu staying active when its cranking or is he loosing the supply to the coil packs when cranking could it be a worn ign switch or relay
  7. Cheers have done that and seems to be running better since moving away from the low impedance and ballast packs juat awaits its return in 11 days
  8. Planning in moving from 650cc low impedance too feel injectors and ballast packs from my car and fit sensible 565cc high impedance injectors as only running around 68% injector capacity at present on 1.65 bar of boost do I increase the master fuel from 10ms to about 12ms till I get a retune and be able to drive it to the rolling road ps is it worth fitting an egt gauge in the headers before the turbo or after it
  9. If they sent to U.K. i will post onto you you if you want
  10. neil brown

    Stolen ecus

    As posted on facebook stolen from cars in storage in the U.K. if any one has been offered cheap ecus with the following numbers please contact using the email in the link STOLEN LINK ECUS !!! Please share and get these back These are unlocked and have been in show cars and are not new Serial numbers LInk Monsoon 42242 45694 45710 LINK Atom Serial numbers 39669 39678 38669 If anyone is offering these or any ecus cheap or looking random ones mapped please get in touch directly Mark@linkecu.com
  11. Basically my engine was on the later wheel and fitted v5-6 classic cam and crank wheeels to make it run originally on a link g1 sure ita its just changing the setting on the file and load up will wait till Simon answrs
  12. Currently running v1-6 set up crank and cam would I have any benefits running the later set up with the multi tooth crank spocket and cam wheel from newage wrx if so would I I still be able to run the v4 coil pack as well
  13. USe the base map in software no issues allows you drive gently to tuner
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