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  1. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Using a 3 bar ext map sensor at moment as the onboard item is a 2.5 bar item can I upgrade the onboard sensor to either 3 or 4 bar or use it for something else as it’s labelled an anolog no.5
  2. G4 storm onboard map sensor

  3. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    How much ?
  4. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Do I need to send it in or is it do able myself
  5. coil on plug conversion

    Will have look when home
  6. coil on plug conversion

    hi guys looking to convert my subaru ver 4 to coil on plug away from centre coil for better spark and more boost my g4 storm ecu (wire in) on ver3-4 config has ign dwell against battery voltage, when looking to use ver7 onwards coil on plugs using jti loom coversion and looked at ver5 onwards the dwell times have battery voltage against rpm what the best dwell settings to use on wrx coil on plugs as only have 1 dwell colum on the ver 3-4 configuration as cant go indivial from ecu as using other ign outputs for cooling fan and intercooler water spray activation thanks neil
  7. coil on plug conversion

    Anyone help
  8. Issue with oscillating/bouncing idle when at operating temps

    My map sensor is connected directly to intake and is in stock location but it’s a gm 3 bar unit and have not issues with it have you done a smoke test on the inlet manifold will tell you if manifold to head gaskets are leaking or leak on the inlet itself
  9. Issue with oscillating/bouncing idle when at operating temps

    Take this is a Subaru on mines it idles at 900 rpm with -70 vacuum on the gauge with a Garrett gt2860rs turbo running a g4 storm wire in unit are the cams set up correctly tpo much over lap or map sensor tubing wrong hole on inlet or is it shared like off a t- piece on another vac line
  10. Issue with oscillating/bouncing idle when at operating temps

    did you calibrate the map sensor using the drop down menu
  11. IAT installation Subaru V5-V6

    Mounted the ait sensor to left of inter cooler outlet as per your red dot before throttle body new sensor had a calibration file to be entered for it to read properly apart from that no issues
  12. Wiring Link 3-4 in Version 2 Gravel express

    Version 3-4 has a centre coil pack which only requires to ign outputs as fired in pairs version 2 has 4 individual coils on plugs and looks like there are firing 2 coils at the same time
  13. IAT installation Subaru V5-V6

    Have mounted my ait sensor on the inlet now seeing on my mrt intercooler at 1.6bar boost a temp around 24'C flat out to previously over 55'C on old set up which was a Chinese copy of an autobahn intercooler
  14. IAT sensor

    Thanks Adam
  15. IAT sensor

    my current top mount intercooler has the sensor between core and throttle body got new intercooler to fit along with new ait sensor do i fit the new ait sensor between core and throttle body again as have seen the ait sensor fitted on the induction hose to the turbo ta neil
  16. g4 storm can enable

    Got it thanks
  17. g4 storm can enable

    i have a g4 storm with seriel number under 10000 which is not can enabled do i have to send it back to enable the can or something i can do myself or does it require parts as have seen a toucan display which is can only
  18. g4 storm can enable

    AdamW wgere does it have to go what's needs done
  19. g4 storm can enable

    Stay near Glasgow, Scotland
  20. Dash 2

    Might not be enabled is your serial number less than 10000
  21. 106 injection rate

    should that not be injectors 1 and 4 to inj drive 1 and injectors 2 and 3 to injector drive 4 not Iv wired no 1 and 2 = inj drive 1 and 2 and 3 = inj drive 2.
  22. for sale link ecu subaru ver 3-4

    no longer required as now running g4 storm direct plug in for either jap car or uk car as has configurable dip switches to suit either comes complete with hand controller and laptop interface as well, can supply 2 maps but will need tuned to suit your car item located near glasgow, scotland will posted if required locally or internationally price is £300 pounds
  23. Wanting To Buy/Rent - Hand Controller Link G1 v3

    I have 2 complete g1 ecus for subaru ver 3-4 with hand controllers but near Glasgow in Scotland
  24. Changing from coil pack and plug leads to coil on plugs - subaru My00

    https://jti.uk.com/product/subaru-coilpack-conversion-loom/ plug and play with newage coil packs which have to be bought separately
  25. link display

    currently have a link display on my g4 storm if i were able to upgrade to a g4+ would my link display still work ?