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  1. For what car there is base maps in the g4+ software for a range of cars
  2. Since having the 6 speed box fitted on gears 1-4 boost is solid as per target once in gears 5 and 6 it seems to overshoot and pulsey before settiling down on 2 stage closed boost control with stage 2 being active at 30kpa of target same in high and low boost any ideas before I take a trip to the mapper
  3. Have you tried engine tuner in Plymouth
  4. Where about a in U.K. maybe a dealer could help you
  5. What air filter you running and are you running maffless set up panel or cone type just in case of restriction
  6. Can answer point 3 unlock code is only applied once when it’s new as shipped locked the tuner who did map and put a pin code in to stop people accessing map, if that is the case you won’t be able to modify map but can save map to laptop you can get ecu serial number when you connect to ecu and look under info
  7. So what’s connected to the triggers cam and crank sensors
  8. Have you read this thread about the 2.5 camshaft sensors to the Do you have avcs heads on the engine
  9. Same map as used on the 2.0 ltr and same set up be fire swap have you increased the master fuel setting due to bigger capacity
  10. Running 565cc on Impreza and see approx 1.3% duty at idle of 900rpm
  11. Depends on what year ver3-4 3 wire Iscv ver 5-6 6 wire iscv presume it has ver 5/6 inlet he would have went to newage set up with coil on plugs setup with later throttle bony with combined iscv
  12. Probably need to remove 1 lug from dizzy maybe signals are back to front as waveform is negative value Just make sure crank is on trigger 1 and cam/dizzy is on trigger 2 sure admin will confirm settings soon
  13. What car and what triggers are you using
  14. Is the polarity correct check with sync scope
  15. Reduce fuel pressure to 45psi as injectors will be rated at that pressure and enter the dead the times in ecu
  16. Ok Adam how easy is it to change ? or am I better upgrading the ecu
  17. Looked up part number and it’s ranges from 20kpa to 400kpa us it true 4 bar sensor
  18. Turns out the fuel pressure sensor for the spa gauge is acting up as stated I had minus 0.5 bar of fuel pressure and afr ratio is fine
  19. Is it possible to add in extra amplifier inputs to a g4 storm ecu on board map is only 2.5bar absolute and pushing over 1.6 bar of boost left with 1 anologue input spare at present and was either going to use it for fuel pressure or egt am I stuck with what I have got
  20. I have a link storm ecu on my Subaru and have no issues with my immobiliser car runs runs and still have the chip in the key
  21. Is it a new ecu if so did you enter the unlock code as they are shipped locked
  22. Is it a new link ecu ? has the unlock code bern entered
  23. Found my issue fuel reg failing replaced all good now
  24. Fuel is 3 bar with engine running ? i am 3.1 bar fuel with out engine running and approx 2.4 bar at ilde
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