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  1. Hi, I have a issue where I am running a large cam (289 degree) and require around 7% TP to get the car to idle. As the max lockout for Closed loop is 5%. Is it possible to increase this lockout somehow? Or do i have to resort to drilling a hole in my throttle plate? Engine is a Ej22,ID2000, big turbo etc
  2. dmacnz

    Quick trim

    Pretty sure u can make a condition so that not active when tpe below x%. Haven’t used it for a while though.
  3. dmacnz


    Thanks, no i havent seen them yet, Must update PClink maybe!! Cheers!
  4. dmacnz


    Hi, I am wanting to input 12 AN channels from a IR temp sensor module (CAN). I see the in the PC link can setup there is only 8 AN inputs. IS there a way to use 12? Or am i going to have to split some into the ECU AN inputs and some over CAN? I am using a G4+ Extreme. Thanks Dan
  5. dmacnz

    Can protocol sample

    Sorry One more question on the CAN output for Generic dash. The help file says raw. But can i assume for say the oil temp in frame 9. It is calculated (data 3*256 )- data 2). Is purely transmitted in the data 2, with data 3 being "00". (Disregaring the 50 degree offset). Thanks
  6. dmacnz

    Can protocol sample

    Thanks for the reply. Very helpful. I will go fwoars with 11bit 500k with a can id of 1000 for the simulator using the help files “generic dash” data and hope for the best. Thanks dan
  7. dmacnz

    Can protocol sample

    Thanks for the reply. The hardware simulator is being built. But I want to make sure I am going to replicate exactly what my dash will receive from my G4+. Only way I can test and debug my project being 9000km away from my race cars!! Looking at the help file for the Generic dash for .data 2-3 is 0x000-- 0xfff for 0-15000rpm?? , I cant quite make heads or tails of the help file. Any more info on the CAN protocol specifically when using generic dash as aout would be great. Thanks
  8. dmacnz

    Can protocol sample

    Is there anyway of getting a sample of the can stream output when set to motec adl dash? I am currently the other side of the world from my ecu and trying to build a can based project. Any more details available other than what’s in the help file?! i am building a can simulator and would like it to output the same as what I can expect from my g4+ when set to motec or generic dash. Thanks Dan
  9. Attached is the log. Started on test mode, and then switching to on... e throttle stops working.. back to setup and all works again. ethrot test.llg E throttle relay is Ign driver 8 WAGON SORTED FUEL.pclr
  10. Ok, Will get a log on monday. It seems that when ever it is changed from "setup" to "on" it shuts down the e throttle relay for some reason
  11. Still unable to make the e-throttle work in "on" mode. Its works perfect in setup mode with no error messages. As soon as I change the setting to "on" it kills power (e-throttle relay 1). And then the Aux9/10 feed error comes up. Any ideas? Using Aux 9.10 for e throttle outs. and a Fuel aux out for the E-trottle relay.. Everything works perfect in Setup mode!
  12. I wired the cam sensor backwards! The give away was that it went negative first!
  13. Hi, G4+ Extreme, Wired into a GC8 race car. Freshly rewired. The car is not starting and is showing trigger errors while cranking. However the the trigger scope looks normal too me. Using the normal Subaru settings for trigger wheels and arming volatges. Any ideas?! Thanks Dan
  14. Hi, I have installed a subaru OEM based E-throttle on my project car. I have a AUX controller the feed relay for the AUX9/10. On a G4+ Extreme Is it normal to have a Au9/10 power feed error when the e-throttle relay is no latched?! I would of thought the software would know it turned the relay off and not trigger a error?! Not sure if i have buggered up the wiring or its normal. Throttle works perfect in "setup" mode. Engine hasnt been fired up yet.
  15. dmacnz

    WRX Maps

    My Ignition map of a Ej22 with V3 heads. Fuel map wont be of any use to you. But ign map may be of interest. Dans Race car.pcl
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