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  1. Helping get a friend out with his subaru, looking for a manual with it? Just a couple things I want to confirm. Changing to wastedspark, and fitting map sensor and boost control. Was brought 2nd hand but I removed the cover today to find this...so will see if it can be repaired first(can't upload photo, burnt capacitor I think of the board)
  2. Yes ign feed to one side of the solenoid and ecu is switching earth..I did consider that as a option. Might be easier if I do that
  3. Morning chaps! I have a great extreme running a 1uz in my 4x4. The hydraulic fan is PWM controlled for variable speed.(100% duty is no fan speed) can I add a external earth to my fan on amomentary switch to stop my fan for water crossings to prevent damage? I mean to clarify I won't hurt the pwm driver in the ecu (switching lowside) if I do? Cheers
  4. Alistair

    g4 tablet dash

    Sweet that's what I was thinking..I have a normal guage set up for most things, just a couple of things to fine tune
  5. Alistair

    g4 tablet dash

    Thanks I was having a play then discovered the new page piece...will fire up the old laptop as your right.hard on tablet. Cheers
  6. Alistair

    g4 tablet dash

    Possibly a silly question, have brought a nextbook tablet to connect while I fine tune a couple issues..have downloaded pc link and that's all sorted I can't work out how to display the inputs as I'd like? As like in photo from nz wiring
  7. Found instructions and read.... positive from auxiliary 5-9. But 300hz max. I've prewired for aux4 already so will fit a pull up resistor.
  8. Hi probably a silly question but do the auxiliary outputs g4 extreme have a option of internal pull up resistor? Only want it to drive a aftermarket tacho,otherwise I'll fit a extra resistor.any specs on size if required? Thanks Alistair
  9. Alistair

    shift light

    Looking at getting a older style display link.(my budget doesn't stretch to the new ones ) but obviously will do rpm and speed easy,can a odometer be set up on it?
  10. Alistair

    shift light

    Looking at getting a older style display link.(my budget doesn't stretch to the new ones ) but obviously will do rpm and speed easy,can a odometer be set up on it?
  11. Alistair

    shift light

    Have run out of room to Install a tacho on my 4wd without rebuilding dash (had attempted to run a digital tacho /speedo combination )but want to set up if possible a multiple stage shift light to give a basic indication of rpm.but the trick is I only have one output left.or am I dreaming?
  12. Alistair

    variable pwm?

    My understanding of it is 12v to one side of the solenoid and variable  pm to the other.this is how mine is hooked up and is working  ok atm. Approx 2 hours run time only
  13. Alistair

    variable pwm?

    hi trying to set up my fan on my 1uz, Am running the factory hydraulic fan. Have tried unsuccsedfully to find a option to allow a variable pwm based on ETC. have been able to run it as on/off but would like to use  the fan a bit more seamlessly. Also if possible to run another watertemp sensor in my water to air intrecooler  too allow control of fan if getting hot? have fan set up on aux2. running g4 extreme. cheersÂ
  14. Alistair

    which cam 1uzfe

    Hi will be wiring up my 1uzfe over the next couple of days but have a question about which cam sensor I should use. the engine is pre vvt. will be using sequential injection and ignition with 8 ls2 coils. It looks to me that i should be connecting onto the right hand bank camsensor(if looking from the drivers seat) Would that be correct? Â thanksÂ
  15. Alistair

    waterproof case

    thanks for poiting that out. will look into that a bit further. cheers
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