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  1. It's weird as the gear indication/ detection has been fantastic up to now. I'll download a log when I get 2 mins and post it up.
  2. Cheers. I may look to downgrade the firmware unless it's likely an new revision will be released- although it may be a fair assumption that the G4+ will be left and the Link focus will shift to the G4X platform?
  3. Is there an issue with the latest firmware as my gear detection (displayed on a Plex uSDM 100) has now got a huge delay and seems erratic after the update. Previously this was working brilliantly (for the last 2+ years and every firmware in-between). I haven't tried to reload the firmware or relearn gear detection as it does seem to display the right gear, eventually. As a complete side note, are there any benefits of upgrading from my G4+ to G4x platform? Specifically more digital I/O would be a great benefit for my application.
  4. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for coming back to me. Can you outline the benefits of going to VE from traditional? I don't currently plan on running flex fuel, which is what I gather the main advantage would be? I had a fiddle and the fuel map seems to keep the profile from the traditional map, is this typically correct or will the VE map profile likely be quite different- I appreciate thats a subjective question, but generally speaking does it following the same sort of shape? Is there anything else to consider when deciding whether to use traditional or VE?
  5. Thinking about changing from my traditional map to a VE based, how critical is the cc field? I don't know the exact displacement of my engine, only that its stroked to 2..2 from 2.0. Anything else to consider when changing from traditional to VE?
  6. Just to add that I've had a re-pinning session and moved the tacho to Aux 5. All working as it should, thank you again. Need to tweak the duty cycle and a few other odd un-related bits, but it's there.
  7. Awesome, thank you.
  8. Missed this reply, big thank you for coming back as I wired it up last night and was scratching my head about the IC spray light coming on with the revs! Didn't have time last night to look into it but had a feeling that maybe there was an internal connection in the ECU- which kinda makes sense, as those 2 outputs and 1 input are all to do with the IC spray button, pump and light. I currently use DI 2 to latch up and switch maps and want to keep that feature. I'll use one of the idle control outputs as I've not got the stepper and I'm very unlikely to ever fit an OE one in the future. Will I need to install a pull up resistor anyway? The tacho was working on Inj 7 I guess there is an indirect pull up from DI 7 which obviously won't be the case on one of the other aux's but do I really need it as it's switching to 0v?
  9. Nice one, how did you operate the tacho? I assume you did what I'm proposing above, which is taking the Green White from pin 45 (if you had a 3 plug ECU to start with?) and put it on a a high PWM output? Really annoying I can't see the tacho wire in the diagrams I have. Scratch that, just checked another set of drawings and found it. No other circuits shown on that wire, so I'll be putting that into the place of the IC spray output!
  10. Holy thread resurrection time..... I have literally just installed an 18-1 trigger wheel (cam belt was due, at least that's my excuse!) and removed the small tooth from the Cam trigger, set base timing to 130 and she runs. Only issue I now face is that the tacho is reading literally off the clock. Having looked through the workshop manuals, I can't see the tacho wire (green white ECU pin 45) in the drawings at the ECU or anywhere else to ENSURE it doesn't go anywhere else/ do anything else before I move it. I suspect that the crank signal is internally looped within the ECU from 43 (Crank) back out on 45 (Tacho)???? The fix is easy enough, in my mind, which is to move pin 45 to pin 56 (Injection 7, was IC Spray motor which is long gone) and job's a good 'un. BEFORE I do that, can anyone confirm the above- as I would hate to move it and find out it feeds something else and cause a world of pain...... Plus side, I'll be able to have a taco sweep at key on now Edited to add- I've removed pin 45 (Green White) from the ECU and run the car, no issues which supports my cunning theory about being internally linked....
  11. It is well worth using the runtimes window (press R when connected) to check the Mivec position is tracking the target from the VVT table as you may find you need to fettle the input settings if it doesn't track/ change. There were a few other minor anomalies with the base map and my UK Evo 9. Nothing too crazy, but spending some time using the "test" feature on the outputs and runtimes window to verify inputs will be time well spent. I also used MGP to scale the axis with RPM as MGP accounts for barometric pressure, but moreover I prefer the scale it offers.
  12. As others have already said, can't you achieve your aim primarily through boost control? If you have DBW throttle then again you can control/ limit power with that. So far as I understand it, and I am far from an authority, reducing power by altering fuel and ignition maps isn't the way to go as for one reason, retarding ignition will generally increase EGT. To answer your question on hardware, the PNP ECU is the same as the Extreme. It may have some additional I/O and probably an on-board MAP sensor over the loose Extreme ECU. Hope that helps?!
  13. Did you get it sorted in the end?
  14. I'm down in Pulborough, far from a pro, but have been playing with Link for a while on my Evo. Happy to give you hand if you're just wanting to get the car running- and would be helpful as I keep trying to get my mate to let me rip out his P8 ECU and fit a Link. Drop me a PM if you want, no hassle if not :-)
  15. Adturb

    Where to buy cable.

    Depending on the location you're intending to use the cable, PLC Hookup wire (0.22mm2) may also be worth considering, especially for the expansion port plugs and short runs inside the cabin.
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