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  1. For anyone else looking to run similar setups with Racepak dashes and a link ecu. Don't purchase the Racepak display dash or logger dash that has the standard 5pin v-net connector and 8pin Deutsche connected on the back. If you purchase the Racepak STREET dash it has a can module already built into the dash that can be programmed to most new ecus and I have tested and confirmed it on my link G4+ extreme.
  2. Cheers for trying this out blaine. Last time I did a setup with the iq3 on a haltech I had to use the racepak datalink program and do the read vnet config and setup with that before I got any display on the dash this was with a out of the box haltech dash on a ps2000 so could be worth ago. I think the cable was just a Mini USB connecton like most small digital cameras if you might have one lying around. I may be abe to test this out myself in the next couple of days if I can borrow my mates iq3 for abit.
  3. Haltec have replied here is the spreadsheet CAN Protocol V2 - Platinum Series.pdf
  4. Yep I can get access to the pin out for the Haltech Racepak dash to know which pins are the CAN Comms. I will find it on my lunch break and post. Im waiting to see if Haltech reply to my email regarding the protocol they use.
  5. From my hours of googling to find information I have found that haltech use the same CAN data stream as AIM do and aim have the can data on their dash setup for link so I guess I could use this. http://forums.haltech.com/viewtopic.php?t=4916 http://aimsportsystems.com.au/download/ecu/racing/LinkG4_CANBase_100_eng.pd i would like to do it this way as if I can do it it will mean I can display more parameter that the Universal adapter won't allow.
  6. I am looking to run a Racepak dash and have done a lot of research looking for information with running these dashes with the link ecu but I'm unable to find anything with a definite answer to what I'm looking at. Option 1- buy the standard IQ3 Display dash from racepak and purchase the racepak Universal EFI CAN communition cable which comes with the ridiculous price tag of $375 for the cable and the normal $1000 for the display dash.. Id rather not have to purchase the CAN adapter with the stupid price tag so ive got a question for the engineers. Haltech have their version of the racepak which runs directly off their CAN network with just a connection cable not needing the racepak CAN adapter. So is there anyway that I can output the data on the can bus at the same rate as Haltech do so I can run a Haltech IQ3 dash and not need to purchase the expensive cable? Thanks
  7. Thanks Scott I'll talk to a couple of the guys on the xr6 turbo forums that have done the FG throttle on BF conversion and ask them what kind of voltages they typically see with the FG throttle.
  8. Yeh usually inj 7 is set to fuel pump I swapped it to GP output to check the output ran the pump which it did. I'll check it again tonight but with it set to fuel pump it didn't prime. I may have done something silly like not storing to ecu so I will check it again to be sure. yes using the automated TP calibration process.
  9. Thanks Scott I did see the same thing with the trigger dropout. I have checked the trigger scope when I first started it and it was picking up good signal. Does the ecu output for the fuel pump should prime the pump when I turn the key on shouldnt it? The throttle body is off an FG falcon. I had another look at it last night and did another TP calibration straight after calibrating the TP main read 7% and the sun read almost 13%. I would of thought the calibration would pick this up?
  10. Hey guys few questions if anyone can answer them for me. Basic rundown on the setup Stock motor, mild cam, turbo, running sequential inj and ign with individual Ls1 coils, bosch 2200cc inj, FG falcon throttle body, BA falcon throttle pedal, currently has unleaded in the tank base pressure is set around 45psi. Edited for issues ive solved. 3rd is the fuel pump its wired on the output of inj7 low side but when powering on the ecu it does not prime and also doesn't run when cranking the car. Testing the output with a GP Output and appropriate setting has it operating? It also has a single error on the ethrottle for TP tracking. Throttle calibrate straight away on setup mode swap back to ON mode and code straight away for TP tracking would it pick up a tracking issue with the sensors during calibration? I would usually just sort out the issue myself with some more time to look at it and recheck everything but ive only had about 3 hours to try rectify anything and I am currently away at work 1600k away from the car so hopefully some of you guys can see something I have missed that may be causing this that I can rectify when I get home. I got on teamveiwer tonight to get some logs whilst cranking but have ecu comms dropout issues as soon as I hit the starter from what I assume is low voltage. Does the ecu have a low voltage shutdown? might explain why in a couple of the ecu logs when I was cranking that it doesn't pickup any cam or crank signals. This was all I could get tonight as the battery was going flat will have another look tomorrow night but hopefully someone see something in the tune I have missed. Thanks, Brayden ECU Log 2016-09-20 9;20;30 pm.llg test start 3.llg test start2 (1).llg test start.llg brayden base tune.pclr
  11. Hi guys Looking at buying a G4+ Extreme to run my Turbo SOHC Ford 4l in my el xr6 got a few questions if anyone is able to answer them. Will be looking at putting in a Racepak dash into the car and am wondering if the ecu will communicate only basic channels or if i will be able to display everything. will have individual egt on each cylinder so id like to be able to see them all, will have fuel,oil,coolant pressure id like to see and also fuel,oil,coolant,air temp and be able to configure speed,rpm and gear position from the calculated in the ecu. Also want to run individual egt on each cylinder, do link have an egt box like i found was in progress in another thread i read? ive found the one on diyautotune is said to have a CAN protocol mapped for it so could i use that? Being that both these devices are likely to have different CAN protocol i guess i wont be able to use an obd2 port so will i require a laptop to reset any enigine fault codes? if i set rpm limits based on fuel or oil pressure when they trigger will they need to be reset before the enigine will run or will the just trigger a CEL? Also being that the motor is turbo and fuel pressure changing with boost is there a way to set a 3d map to be able to set up a proper engine protection for varying loads? Also for any link staff in the know do link plan to produce a range of CAN devices to run on the same can data stream like haltech do with EGT, extra I/O box, Wideband controller to enable the use of the other can channel to run either a dash or OBD2? thanks if anyone can help with these.
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