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  1. the program is asking for two triggers what setting do i use for the eight tooth one missing on the camshaft only
  2. i'm sorry it will be on the camshaft so 1/2 engine speed what settings do i use for this??
  3. what settings would i use for the eight tooth one missing on the crank for a 45 degree odd fire???
  4. so if i understand your reply i can use a single pickup sensor and trigger on the camshaft to fire an odd fire v twin 45 degree motor, if so will a eight tooth trigger wheel on the cam with no crank sensor work, if i can't do that what is the minimum amount of teeth on the crankshaft pickup with a single pick up on the cam??? do you have any recommendation if vr sensors with magnets or hall effect sensors would be better? and recommendation on sensor brands and model???we are going to be revving the motor to 8500 rpms and it's like a paint mixer for vibration, we have a very high concern for ignition misfires that is the reason for all the questions a misfire can cost me a motor
  5. can i use a double magnet rotor with dual offset pick ups to trigger a 45 degree odd fire motor???
  6. i am running four coils fron dyi auto tune they say 2.9 ms dwell time and run the spark output high what difference will it make if i run the output low??
  7. i just want to trigger a shift light by engine rpm only it will be the same rpm every gear so i don't need the gear selector is there a way to trigger a light without all the rest???
  8. I have an i44 vipec is there a way to make my temps read in Fahrenheit
  9. the pull up for crank trigger one and two with hall effect sensors
  10. can you tell me how many ohms the internal pull up is
  11. i just purchased an i44 according to the spec sheet it should have a place to set up amp draw for low impedance injectors, i can't find this
  12. now i have no spark on cylinder #1 and bike won't start still have trigger one errors when cranking-tried batch injection same thing-coils spark if turn on test in program
  13. tried group fire-runs and shuts off,if i clear power from the box and reset the trigger error counter it will start and reve until the counter reaches 255 then a message appears at the top off the tuning screen which says rev limit exceeded also not seeing and rpm reading on tuning screen with engine running
  14. i don't know how to post it but i sent it to the tech e mail address above
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