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  1. OK, it was also giving a power supply error message 73 and 99 and a .25volt system volts .... checked all connections, fuses and the pins going into ECU plugs. Also checked the PC Link software settings against a previous version (modification wise)... all base settings were the same .... still getting errors and not shutting down. So, loaded the previous version that I checked against ... no problems at all !!!!!! ..... is it possible that for what ever reason the problem version had got corrupted some how ? Anyway it's all working as it should now.
  2. Connected the Speedo input wire to aux2.
  3. Ok, since mucking around getting my speedo to work correctly the engine won't shut down. Obviously I have done something, where should I start looking? Cheers
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    I am trying to upload a screen shot to this forum but get a message that I only upload 0MB .... the file is 85KB
  5. All working now, had to use 2.89 multiplier thou ?
  6. Ok, progress of sorts, I think .... found the wire which goes from the gear box speed sensor to the speedo. Disconnected from the gearbox sensor and connected it to aux 2. Set aux 2 to "test PWM", the speedo needle moves from zero to 70kph with the aux 2 frequency at 200hz. If I reduce the frequency to 35hz the needle will come back zero. Does this have any berrying on the "offset" and/or "max" frequencies in "Speedo Out" ?
  7. Just tried the test PWM thing .... all I get is a "knocking" sound from the front of the car, somewhere ? No changes to any frequencies or the multiplier get any response form the speedo.
  8. Na, speedo still not adjusting.
  9. 4 x Wheel Speed sensors connected to DI 11,12,13,14 ... the gearbox speed sensor is currently connected to DI 4 and the Speedo is currently connected to aux 2 but most likely not with the correct wire as it turns out?
  10. Ok, I understand the yellow/green connection from the speedo to a aux out put, aux 2 in my case. With the DI, are you saying I should take a wire off say the wire connected to eg; DI 12 ( RF wheel sensor ) and connect it to DI 4 ( in my case ) and use DI 4 as the source for the speedo output ?
  11. OK ... there are 2 wires going from the gearbox speed sensor to the speedo, 1 = yellow with black strip and a blue one. I am assuming I tap into the Blue one and go from the gearbox to a DI and the other end the comes from the speedo going to a aux output ? . Pretty sure the yellow/black goes to ground. There is a yellow/green wire goes from the speedo to the factory ecu ... assuming I ignore this one ?
  12. Will have look tomorrow ... almost positive ( without checking ) that the wiring is as per "example 1" in the help file.
  13. Ok, got it set to "test PWM" , which frequency do I try changing ? the option now showing in aux 2 or the one in "speedo out" along with the multiplier? @ 200hz in the aux 2 test pwm box I get ticking/knocking noise from the Transmission Speed Sensor. Above this the noise stops and below the 200hz the noise frequency speeds up. At no time does the Speedo Needle move.
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