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  1. Does/can anyone in NZ supply a Stainless Steel 300psi pressure sensor/switch ?
  2. lostsoul

    Driven Wheel Speed

    Thanks ... found the problem, sources were set as the average of the left & right wheels but for some reason the "Driven Wheel Speed Correction" was set to 7% .
  3. lostsoul

    Driven Wheel Speed

    Why would the "Driven wheel Speed" be reading faster than the "LR" and "RR" wheel speeds eg: 100.6kph vs 95kph ?
  4. The Fail Safe sensor is a flow sensor which sends 12 volts when the flow drops below a set level ... how should I set up the "Pullup Resister", "Input Latch" and "On Level" ? have wired it to DI3.
  5. Does this Bug just effect the logging or does it also de-activate the knock control?
  6. Would a "dodgy" TP Sensor cause this? As you can the TP is way above the low lockout setting.
  7. This has been a issue for a little while, my last attempt to fix was to run new shielded cable from the knock sensors to the ECU .... no improvement. Any ideas as to what is going one?? Attached is my PCL and Log https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ofvk8_fz3JtWNs0tXhPLgzFxHx9FFcdZ/view?usp=sharing 1 TPS Fuel Table Load DEFAULT.pclr
  8. How would I do that ? ie: how would I setup the aux output and conditions.
  9. The Boost Solenoid is on aux8 set to "Boost Solenoid" ... could I change this to "GP Output" to give me some logic conditions?
  10. Will be using Modeled Multi Fuel so will be using 2 blended waste gate tables and open loop boost control.
  11. At the moment I have the Fail safe flow sensor connected to the ECU on DI3. The Run Time shows that this is active ... does this mean it is sending voltage to the ECU?
  12. I have WMI so I want the Waste Gate solenoid to be turned off if certain conditions are met eg: if either the WMI tank level is too low and/or the failsafe system is activated. How can I do this? .... Can I do this ? Basically the setup I want to run is .... Flex Fuel with WMI full time from Waste Gate boost and up, hence the need to be able to switch the Waste Gate off. Thanks in advance.
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