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  1. lostsoul

    Trigger Scope

    Was wondering because on a restart after a stall ( without powering the cup down ) there are Trigger Errors.
  2. lostsoul

    Trigger Scope

    Is there anything wrong with this Trigger Scope?
  3. lostsoul

    R8 Coil wiring

    Can someone confirm the Audi R8 Coil connector wiring ?
  4. lostsoul

    Gear Calibration

    After calibrating each gear as per the help section, do you the turn "Gear Calibration" OFF again?
  5. Had a play with things as per your suggestions and a few other thoughts I had. Not looking to bad now ? Using a screen shot of the 1st 30 -40 sec as the log file was a fraction too big.
  6. Can someone take a look at my Cold Start ... The engine speed osculates up and down for the first 40 sec or so on a cold start. Thanks in advance. TPS Fuel Table Load DEFAULT Cold start un altered.pclr Cold start.llg
  7. I am not using a kit as such ... I am using a Snow Performance Pump and Safe Injection unit. Everything is run by the ecu, so I guess I have made my own kit.
  8. I have water/meth setup controlled by the ecu ( g4+) ... the ecu drives the pump via a SSR and I have it setup so that if the water/meth flow drops, tank gets below a set level or I just have it turned off, the ecu switches to a "safe" Fuel/Ignition and Boost table. When the tune is finished I can let you know how well it works or dosn't ;-)
  9. Had thought about the IAT correction but thought that should off if using Modeled Fuel Equation ?
  10. When restarting after the engine has reached operating temp it is very lean ( 1.3ish lambda ) for 30 - 60 sec. I have increase the post start enrichment and the post start decay time .... has improved but still about 1.1ish lambda. Is there anything else I could/should be looking at?
  11. lostsoul

    Gear Detection

    ???? when I check the gear status via a log I get "0" I will try re-calibrating and let you how I get on. Cheers
  12. lostsoul

    Gear Detection

    I have gone through the Gear Calibration procedure and got the "Finished" message for each gear. However when the car is out on the road the "gear status" remains at "0". Can someone check my pclr. file to see if I have missed something? Thanks TPS Tune.pclr
  13. lostsoul


    Thanks, What is the Fuel Density Temperature Coefficient for E10 ?
  14. lostsoul


    If I was to use E10 (Gull 98) as the primary fuel should I use a stoich ratio of 14.08 in the fuel setup? ... or just avoid using it?
  15. Hey Adam, I have been going over the adjustments you made for me and have some questions. Do I have to retain DI 7 toggle switch (currently activating Slip Table 2 ) ? If not is OK to have just 1 slip Table activated by the DI 5 Traction on/off switch?
  16. Perfect ... I would never have figured this out, your a legend.
  17. Attached.... TPS-Tune.pclr
  18. Thanks Adam, that is all pretty much chinese to me. Could you post screenshots of how this would be set up in PC Link ? Please.
  19. I currently have the Traction Control setup with a switch to go from "wet" or "Dry" conditions. What I would really like is a Rotary Switch adjustment instead ... would this do the Job ? https://www.aemelectronics.com/?q=products/sensors-connectors-accessories/12-position-trim-pot
  20. lostsoul

    Current Draw

    What I am looking to do is run 2 x Boost solenoids, one for each waste gate. Each solenoid draws 0.6A ... so this would be Ok ?
  21. lostsoul

    Current Draw

    What is the maximum current draw allowed from Aux 8 ?
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