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  1. So the % of zone means, how close it needs to be to the center of a cell to count the value example - if half way between one cell at the next, ignored.
  2. If you do that, arent you liable to get e-throttle errors if it over runs past what it thinks is the maximum/minimum allowable voltages? As realistically it's going to overshoot at some times.
  3. One thing that's unique about E-throttle compared to a cable setup, is that its possible to smash the throttle into the end stops and damage the internals of it. (I've got a pile of busted e-throttle gears here somewhere...) So generally the solution is to limit the targeted travel to say 2% and 98% of the actual measured sweep of the throttle. But, its kinda weird looking through the logs when you see it's at 98% when really its 100% as far open as it should be. Or when it's at 2% that's really its closed position. So I know it sounds nitpicky but it would be cool if it could span from say -5% throught to 105% Or maybe on the TPS calibration you tell it to stay XYZ amount off the end stops. Then it stores that trimmed value as 0-100 but has tolerance for going say 2% or 5% over that, without triggering errors.
  4. You can already do that too. You just open the log file manager tab on the side, and then click in the box for the one you'd like to overlay. Then it shows two lots of graph times down the bottom, you can move one back and forth if you want to try make them line up.
  5. Imagine you had your bare engine block, and you hit it with a big hammer. And it went doooooonnnnggggggggggggggggggg like a bell. That's basically what knock does, and it's what you're listening for. The size and shape of your engine block changes the noise that it will make. (Primarily bore size) So it's not a case of setting it up based on what sensor you're using - it's about matching the sensor to your engine. As a knock sensor is basically just a type of microphone. There's a good article on knock sensing here: https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/webinar-questions/show/083-understanding-knock-1
  6. Hi, just putting together some math channel stuff where the numbers might get quite big. I am guessing that the largest number you can go to would be a signed 32 bit integer? 2,147,483,647 maximum? Or are they a 16 bit signed int? Or a float? something else. Also, what happens when you overflow this number? Will it stay at the max value, or bounce back to zero or a negative value? Thanks
  7. Davidv

    Water Pump PWM

    Ahhh thanks, excited about this now! Will put this back higher up the priority list haha. Does the signal ground wire need to go to the signal ground wire on ECU? Or both to same place? EDIT: Ahhhh no I get it now, feed it 12v constant then PWM on the earth pin back to ECU.
  8. Davidv

    Water Pump PWM

    Hi Richard, Do you mean it's as simple as connect 12v pin, earth pin, and then 3rd wire to to an aux output set to high side direct to ECU? Sounds too good to be true! I was anticipating needing to make a pump controller or using SSR to trigger that 12v signal pin. What do you do with the 4th pin on the pump, I was under impression this is essentially a pump speed tacho signal. So you can wire it to a DI. Is this correct?
  9. Davidv

    Modelled fuel

    Definitely put in the tested value. If you want really good accuracy though then it's good to have a fuel pressure sensor so it can work out the fuel pressure differential accurately. As mechanical FPR can fluctuate a little. Your deadtimes being accurate will be a big make or break for accuracy of your fuel consumption though.
  10. Hey Jenova, I've run a redtop 3SGE for a long time with a G4+. Great engine! You can use the Altezza 3SGE basemap, and then just turn off the exhaust side VVTI options. I can give you some decent maps for cam timing / ignition / etc but will need to know what sort of load axis you are using. (MAP sensor?) If you PM me your email address, I'll send you a redtop specific map that you can start from. But keep in mind there are a lot of variables that you'll still need to fine tune yourself for your particular engine. I would reccomend that you switch to a set of Altezza injectors, if you can source them cheap locally where you are. Because I've got good accurate injector data for those, which helps a heap.
  11. Hi, Just had a thought for an idea while thinking about a situation with an NA rally car. Being a very dirty environment in rally it's prone to clogging air filters and reducing performance. I had an idea that a set of virtual AUX could trigger a light as a "filters clogged" message. Like so: So it would trigger a light to say the filter needs changing. However - the ECU doesnt have any outputs left for a light. So I thought it might be cool if you could trigger a check engine light with virtual aux instead. You could use the label on the virtual aux as the message for why CEL has been triggered. Or, maybe as per OEM ECUs CEL you could have a list of 10 error lights. Then they will flash say 5 flashes in a row then long pause. For error 5. Maybe you could have a drop down "warning status" with the options off, trigger CEL, turn off CEL. So you could have a set of conditions contrary to above, on a second virtual aux which turns the CEL back off if conditions are met.
  12. Davidv

    G4x xtreme

    Ahhh thats a lot earlier than I was expecting! Awesome, cant wait.
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