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  1. Hi, Just had a thought for an idea while thinking about a situation with an NA rally car. Being a very dirty environment in rally it's prone to clogging air filters and reducing performance. I had an idea that a set of virtual AUX could trigger a light as a "filters clogged" message. Like so: So it would trigger a light to say the filter needs changing. However - the ECU doesnt have any outputs left for a light. So I thought it might be cool if you could trigger a check engine light with virtual aux instead. You could use the label on the virtual aux as the message for why CEL has been triggered. Or, maybe as per OEM ECUs CEL you could have a list of 10 error lights. Then they will flash say 5 flashes in a row then long pause. For error 5. Maybe you could have a drop down "warning status" with the options off, trigger CEL, turn off CEL. So you could have a set of conditions contrary to above, on a second virtual aux which turns the CEL back off if conditions are met.
  2. Davidv

    G4x xtreme

    Ahhh thats a lot earlier than I was expecting! Awesome, cant wait.
  3. Hi, Would be nice to have some extra options for starter control Clutch lockout So can only start if clutch is depressed. Speed lockout Cranking will be cancelled if the vehicle speed increases while the motor is cranking (Could happen because the car is in gear without realizing it) With a "normal" key, once or twice I've bumped the car forward by having it in gear without realizing... First reaction in this situation is to stop turning the key. So would be nice if ECU could do the same as a precaution.
  4. Hi, Thought it might be a cool idea to, instead of adding correction factors to fuel seperately and ignition seperately. To be able to intercept/adjust the load axis value before it reaches the table to look up the fuel/ignition values. For example, lets say you are cruising along the highway and your car is running at bang on its target AFR. At a given TPS/MAP/RPM that is steady. But then, your intake manifold slowly heat soaks. This is happening after your IAT sensor so it cant be seen by ECU. So the actual mass of air entering the engine has decreased, but ECU has no visibility of this apart from seeing that the lambda value is incorrect. If you use closed loop lambda to trim the fuel, you are correcting the fuel amount but then you end up doubly far away from the ideal ign timing for that airmass. (timing stays the same but less airmass wants more timing, and then running it leaner back to goal AFR at less airmass wants more timing) However instead of this. If you use closed loop lambda to trim the load axis instead. So its like its pushing the MAP value up or down the table for both ign and fuel. Then it corrects both your fuel and ignition closer to whats ideal for the reduced airmass. So, you have a MAP value of 60kpa but then it looks at the table as though its at 55kpa.
  5. Davidv

    G4x Base map

    That would be pretty cool! Like have a preset number of functions in there.
  6. My ideas: Pump safety Fit a speed sensor onto a dry sump pump. Pump speed / engine speed If the number goes out of bounds you pump has jammed or belt has broken. So you can see a fault before oil pressure needs to drop. Coolant capacity % Will experiment with this but essentially ( ECT - IAT) / (rad temp) x100 So will fiddle with this a bit and try get a number that represents your remaining cooling capacity even when ECT is stable. So you dont need to see ECT climb to know youre nearing saturation point. Could be handy for EWP logic. L/100km & km/l Self explanatory. Need modelled fuel BSFC Need a dyno that outputs a hp figure connected with canbus. Also modelled fuel. But can tune an engine for best bang for buck. Which is otherwise difficult to see. But good for endurance cars etc. Ignition time to 14 adtc (Ign adv + 14) / rpm Shows time period to reach where peak combustion pressure should happen. So could use as an axis on a table that trims your ign timing with afr variations, leaner mix needs more timing and vice versa. But it would be nice if there was just an option to show timing as miliseconds anyway as this makes simple trim tables way more useful across a large rpm range
  7. A % trim has been added in the X software Thats a very cool idea!
  8. Davidv

    G4x Base map

    Just a note If you go to add calibration data to a sensor, use Cal table 1, if you space them apart at say 0.5v, 1v, 1.5v etc It ends up reverting to full numbers and then does weird stuff if you look at it in the map view by pressing K So the cal tables need some bug fixing to be usable (unless it's a quirk of this empty basemap)
  9. Davidv

    G4x Base map

    1000hz! Wow thats awesome +1 to the above, lots of awesome changes looking forward to having a play around when some of the bigger brother models become available. The math block functionality is just crazy. So many possibilities!
  10. Davidv

    G4x Base map

    Thanks, was just about to ask. Haha Logging speed on the ECU screen only shows max of 1hz, 0.5hz, 0hz... Is the max logging speed any different to G4+? 100hz still ?
  11. Have found that setting the injector timing to around the 220-240 deg mark (so spraying injector when valves are open) helps on cold starts to reduce how much enrichment you need. Tested this only with petrol, but had a friend test with E85 and said it made a dramatic difference. As in, cold engine now drivable where previously he had to let it warm up before trying to move it.
  12. Or an X-Tau option would be super cool too.
  13. Currently the gear detection, rather than being a calculation of engine RPM / wheel RPM It's calculating engine RPM / KPH. Which works fine unless you are changing rolling radius. So for example if I change from road tyres to track tyres which are a different size. If I adjust my speedo signal calibration to the known correct value. Then I have to redo my gear detection because the RPM/KPH has changed. Even though the Engine RPM / Wheel RPM is exactly the same of course. So would be nice if it could be separated out so adjusting the speedo calibration doesn't affect gear detection.
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