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  1. I've used up my AN temp inputs on my Thunder ECU but still have a few AN volt inputs free.

    Anyone setup standard ECT sensors through an AN volt input with a resistor between 5v and input pin?

    Would be nice if someone had something already mapped out with voltage vs temp using a certain resistor :)

  2. I realize it's Saturday but I urgently need an unlock code for my G4+ Thunder ECU!

    I am sponsored by Link so the ECU comes directly from the head office through the marketing department and I forgot to ask for the unlock code earlier.

    Now we're just days away from a test day and need to get the new engine started up asap.

    If anyone can help me with this matter during the weekend it would be highly appreciated!

    Please contact me through the forum or through ....

    This is the car:



  3. I just finished hooking up the new Thunder ECU in place of the old G4+ Xtreme.

    Everything seems to be working correctly and I can connect to it with the laptop but ONLY when I have the CAN cable to the AIM dash disconnected from the ECU.

    If the CAN cable is connected PCLink cannot find or connect to the ECU. It doesn't matter if the dash is powered on or off.

    The dash is displaying ECU data over CAN so the CAN connection is working.

    I had this similar problem in the past when switching between 2 different G4+ Xtreme ECU's.

    Very critical to get this fixed.


  4. Now with 100 channels available it takes a long time to download the log file, even after a short 10 min sprint which can be valuable time when in the middle of a race session if you need to investigate something.

    What can be done in this area? Upgrade USB interface to a higher standard? Look into downloading data through LAN or WLAN?

  5. I want to change to a drive by wire throttle body but can't until the ECU can accept a throttle blip input for when I'm downshifting with my seq. gearbox.

    I'm using an external Gearbox Control Unit for the paddle shift. Today I'm using a pneumatic blipper on the throttle wire activated from the GCU. If the ECU would accept a signal to blip the DBW the GCU could instead initiate this signal to the ECU.

    Ideally in the software is should be a target TP% or target rpm spanned per gear.


  6. Hmm some more thoughts... the issue with reducing the fuelling outside the flat shifting function is that for the events that are NOT cut it will run super lean. E.g. if I set to 80% ignition cut, the 20% events that will be ignited will be very very lean if I reduce a lot of the fuel.

    So I'm not sure how healthy this solution would be.. The best solution would be to retard the ignition a bit and set a table with fuel cut e..g cut 80% of the injector events.

  7. Yes exactly, the Gearbox control unit outputs a signal wired into a digital input.

    I could either add a 5d fuel table with rpm vs digital input and reduce up to 60% fuel during the shift. 60% seems to be the maximum value in the compensation tables.

    But switching to another fuel table should give greater control. The shifts are very quick though and I hope there won't be any lag in the switching events. 

  8. Thanks for clarifying that. Please look at prioritizing the fuel cut shift option. With the current setup I will have to lift the throttle to avoid the effect of anti lag during shifting.  Maybe I can setup a compensating fuel map to reduce fuel during shifting. I don't have PCLink right here but hopefully there is some status I can span the table against (such as gear shift active, clutch input or gear shift ignition trim/cut etc).


  9. Have you tried using the Gear Shift Control in the software?  If your running that kind of hardware it would be worth spending some time setting up this properly rather than a dummed down flat shift as you call it

    It's different things. In the end the ECU need to reduce torque in some way and currently it's only possible through ignition retard.

    Being able to choose a fuel cut instead of an ignition cut for the Gear Shift Control is something we have on the engineering teams wishlist currently.  I'll let them know that you're also in support of this.


    Good news. I think this is the way to go for high hp turbo cars.

    Is there any way to cut the ignition 100%?

  10. I run a seq gear box with a Geartronics paddleshift setup in my race car with an Xtreme+ ECU. 700+ hp 4 cyl turbo engine.

    The Geartronics GCU runs in closed loop with a gearbox position sensor to monitor the barrell movement in the gearbox and send a cut signal for the exat right moment.

    This cut signal I've wired up as a clutch switch input and run a "dummed down" flat shift config in the ECU that cuts ignition for the time that the signal is present.

    It works fine but but the mega retarded ignition during shifting results in combustion in the headers which creates cracks in 321 piping and damages high quaility inconel flex bellows (non woven). At high loads and rpms the Bosch 2200 cc injectors run upwards 80% DC so it's just too much fuel that burns in the exhaust during shifting. Also evident by the boost spikes during shifting.

    Now I see 3 different options to solve this:

    1. Simplify the setup even further by letting the GCU cut the signal to the ignition coils. This will at least do a 100% cut to prevent the charge from being ignited in the headers. This is not an approach I'd like to take it as I want to control this more sophisticated by the ECU.

    2. Add fuel CUT trim in the flat shift function so that I can reduce the total pulsewidth or duty cycle with up to 100%

    3. Add fuel CUT option as an alternative to ignition CUT for the flat shift setup.


    The current values in the map is -50 deg ignition trim and 90% cut. Maybe as an interim solution I can reduce the extreme combustion in the headers by setting say -25 deg and 100%? Current timing at wot and full bost is around 25-28 deg.

  11. For racing ECU's it's common to use a strat switch that changes multiple settings at once.

    The Link ECUs are now becoming so good with so many different settings and maps available that being able to group different settings seems like the natural next step.

    I'm thinking a list of different settings and a dropdown to select which of the available maps to use for this specific Strategy setup.

    You could e.g. have 3 different settings for Dry race, Qualification and Wet race.

    Each strat option could then affect:

    Fuel map, igniton map, rpm limit, boost map, traction map, throttle map (in case of DBW) etc.

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