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  1. Turned out my Link CAN cable was not working properly, a new cable solved the issues and CAN now works.
  2. That's how I also manage the different versions - in separate folders named using the version, I removed all PC Link installs, deleted the folders, restarted and re-installed the G4+ version but still only 1-9 AUX channels shown in the Runtime dialog. Using the default layout and tried both my own map and the supplied xtreme sample map.
  3. Is resistors needed on the CAN-bus wiring as shown in this document under "CAN bus basics"? Or should it work by just using the CAN-DASH cable between the ECU and the AIM dash? http://www.linkecu.com/products/InstallationAccessories/can/can-bus-information/view
  4. I reloaded the layout and verified the latest version. No change, still looks like the screen dump in my first post. Maybe my older PCLink versions that are still installed (in other directories though) messes this up? But I still need to keep them as I'm tuning different boxes with this computer.
  5. Thanks. That is how I set it up but I don't get it to work with the AIM dash. Can I expect a waveform on the oscilloscope on any of the CAN signal leads from the ECU if something is wrong with the dash? E.g can I disconnect the CAN cable and only connect the scope to the cable and still see a clear waveform? Â
  6. The CAN-bus configuration is changed from the non Plus boxes. Some parameteres are removed such as Data Direcion and Transit Format. I'm trying to setup this up with my AIM MXL dash and I'm following the AIM instructions for the G4 box with CAN but for some reason it doesn't work. Need to make sure the settings in the G4+ is identical to the G4 setup. Format is now either Standard or Extended. In the old verision it was "Transit Format" with options: Sequential, Compound or CRC32. How do these options relate? The Channel Data is removed now so I cannot check the channels in the selected config? Is the old "Generic Dash.lcc" identical to the new mode "Transmit Generic Dash"?
  7. That's odd. Yes I have the latest version. I will try to reload the layout and see if it changes.
  8. I have a G4+ Xtreme with all 11 analog inputs wired in but the runtime dialog only shows the first 9. Also the 10th DI input is missing. Seems the layout of the runtime need an update.
  9. On the B connector, does the 2 ground cables need to be grounded or is it enough with the 2 cables on the A connector?
  10. That phenonomen can happen with some injectors. Especially the old, large, injectors can have uneven flow at some pulse width's.Â
  11. Is there a development plan for better on board diagnostics? Such as logging and detecting cylinder misfiring etc? E.g if the TPS is not connected there will be a default value but using logic the ECU could determine that something is wrong as the TPS should give a signal if the rpm rises. Another example, if an injector does not fire (faultly injector or loose connector) there will be no flow on the ground pin for that injector and the ECU could warn that injector X not working properly. These type of functions would raise the overall experience to the next level and would save time in trouble shooting.
  12. Hi, The interface still didn't work when I tested with another Link G4. I will try to send the dash to AIM for testing during the winter. Cheers, Gustaf
  13. Will this be true CAN so that PC Link can be used online at the same time as the dash?
  14. Crispin

    On-board scope

    Have you thought about adding an on-board scope for the trigger sensors? This is available in many other ECU systems and a great feature for troubleshooting.
  15. Good morning, thanks for the reply. I have tried with the USB cable disconnected too. I remove the dash and connect to another car with a G4 in it and see how it goes. That should enable me to pinpout if it's the dash or the box that seems faulty and then I can send you the box if it seems to be the issue. Regards, Gustaf
  16. Ok so I double checked the wiring and the pin-out's of the Link cable and connector as desribed here: http://www.aim-sportline.com/download/ecu/racing/aim_LinkG4_NoAdapter_100_eng.pdf I also hooked up the ground cable of the Link serial cable to see if it made any differance, but no. Then I also tried to switch the RX/TX cables just to make sure it was not a labeling issue of the AIM wiring, but not success there either. So it would seem I have issues with my Link box. I have a race coming in about 2 weeks so I really need your help here! 1. Can you please confirm the pinout of the serial connector on the G3 box is in line with the description in the AIM PDF file? 2. Can you please confirm that a G3 Plus box upgraded to G4 still retains the serial output and have an identical stream to the G4.
  17. Configure a virtual aux with switching condition TPS > 95% and RPM < 400 and have that switch to zeroed out fuel map.
  18. Unfortunately the AIM serial connection still doesn't work. Will double check the wiring later. Running Windows 7. Cheers,
  19. Problem solved. I did a stepped FM update for all the versions between the one I had running and the latest one. I still got “out of system resources†when I loaded PCLink with the latest version, but this time it was solved by a reload of the default layout.
  20. Yes I reloaded the default layout but it did not fix things. I will try a stepped FM update with all the available FM's from to Cheers
  21. Hi, the firmware update window is succesful, but I get errors in PCLink after the upgrade. I cannot open any settings and basically just have the menu items in the left menu. If I try to open any setting I get different error messages in windows message boxes from PCLink saying “out of system resources†and “cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.†etc. I also opened and stored a basemap from the latest firmware to make sure it was not a mapping issue.
  22. As far as I understand the only addition to the PCLink to support AIM without adapter was 19200 baud communication. And that setting is available since several firmware updates back. (And I can basically all firmware's in my G3 except for the very last). Serial communication and the serial stream, is that unchanged between G3 and G4? Or is it part of the firmware?
  23. I'm using these instrucations, and have also seen info from LInk staff in the past saying that after PCLink 4.xxxx no adapter is needed. http://www.mychron4.com/download/ecu/racing/aim_LinkG4_NoAdapter_100_eng.pdf
  24. The connection to my AIM MXL Pista dash does not work. The Link software is set to communicate with 19200 baud and requested short. I’ve connected the Link TX to AIM RX and Link RX to AIM TX - no other cables used. I’ve made sure to not have PCLink active while switching on the dash. I’ve tried all possible power on sequences, first dash then ECU and vice versa, removed the ECU USB cable etc. This is very critical as I have a race in 4 weeks and the AIM is the only instrument I have in the car. Running FM on a G3 Plus upgraded to G4.
  25. The latest firmware does not work with my G3 Plus (upgraded to G4). I downgraded/upgraded the firmware a few times to make sure it was not a one time error. I also stored a base map from the latest PC Link after the firmware upgrade to make sure it wasn’t something with my map but it still doesn’t work. I get error messages saying “out of system resources†and “cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.†The firmware and PCLink works fine.
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