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    Breakout box

    I'm thinking about building a breakout box for the harness. IIRC the connectors are standard items, can you please give some details of the connector type on the harness and box of the G4 storm? (It would keep me from having to tear down the box)
  2. When using a crank trigger wheel with missing teeth and a cam sync, is the trigger offset calculated from the crank trigger (trigger1)? If so, is it enough to have the cam sync trigger on the last crank revolution before the start of the 720 deg cycle?
  3. Crispin

    Rename channels

    I'd like to have the possibility to change name of input channels. E.g. I want to have 4 EGT channels, would be great to rename the channels to EGT1, EGT2 etc.
  4. This surprises me as I understand Vi-Pec will be launching a full blown traction control with their next firmware. I assumed the Link brand would do this as well.
  5. Yes, but what I said was that it seems that the data stream FROM the ECU is limited. If that's wrong then sure it's the Dash manufacturer that need to add support. But if the ECU doesn't stream enough information the ECU manufacturer need to increase the data stream.
  6. Turbo outlet temps follow the ideal gas law. Example: 16 psi turbo pressure @ 70% compressor efficiency with 30 deg C inlet temperature = 132 deg C outlet temp.
  7. I'm looking at a AIM MXL or Race Techonolgy Dash2 setup. But it seems the data stream from Link is limited. It would be best if all channel outputs were configurable through PC Link. I want to have all my sensors wired into Link and then from Link to the dash. Now I have to wire in certain sensors to both Link and the dash which is really unnecessary, plus some sensors output aren't even possible to split.
  8. Latest firmware works fine, but overrun fuel cut still doesn't work.
  9. I had the same problem with the firmware upgrade. Try removing the use of FIFO-settings on the port. That solved it for me.
  10. Hi, yes I have 4.5.1 firm ware see attached screen shot....
  11. Hi, that's weird. I have the latest version installed and as you can see in the attached screen dump I don't have ANVOLT 10 or 11 available. TPS is spanned correctly and if you look at the log file I sent you TPS goes down to 0.2% during decel.
  12. Overrun fuelcut doesn't work after upgrading to G4 (from G3+). And yes all settings are checked I'm happy to send map and log file for you to analyze so you can fix this. The decel fire is no joke!
  13. As title. Is this functionality removed from the latest software? As you could do with the prev. software by pressing F8 and show AFR, differance etc. in each map cell.
  14. Also, the quick trim seems to only work when first connecting to the ECU.
  15. Hi, yes the old playback function with box/crosshair in the actual map was very handy for fast mapping. I hope the function returns. Is it possible to show any runtime/logged info in the tables in the new software? Such as AFR? Gustaf
  16. Pre 4.5.x I always used the log file playback to tune the fuel map directly step by step. But it doesn't seem possible with the new software to playback the log file in tuning mode? Hopefully I'm missing something, because this would mean I would have to log the fuel map and them jump between log/tuning mode and find the corresponding fuel map cell and edit. Plus the quick trim doesn't work because the AFR target table is limited to 14x10 rows which is too small for the way I set my fuel/ignition maps up.
  17. I would find a generic boost compensation map very useful. That way you could span it against any input and use boost compensation in %. That way you could setup boost table 1 to span against rpm and throttle position and a compensation map to span against wheel slip. That way you don't have to setup specific duty cycles on all places and you could create a truly multi dimensional boost map.
  18. It seems that boost table 3 is designed to be a compensation table. But to do so I would like to input values as a % of the main boost table. For instance, I would like to use both a 0-5 volt boost adjust knob AND boost adjusted by TPS. Ideally I would set this up by using table 1 as boost duty cycle vs voltage (assuming WOT/100%TPS). Then to reduce boost at lower throttle I would use table 3 with 0-100% throttle on the y-axis. Start with -100% boost DC at 0% throttle and gradually change this to 0 at 100% throttle. Any good ideas how to set this up with the current tables?
  19. Hi Jurgen, thanks for the reply but I tried every possible combination of settings and the setting that worked best was with arming threshold at a minumum, 0.2 volt, and level 1 filtering. That setting generated the results in my first post. Any higher threshold or filtering than that gave worse results.
  20. No what I was asking is that my actual lambda values does not show up in the fuel table via the "display addon = lambda" option (F8 key)
  21. After trying everything it was finally solved by using an Autronic reluctor adapter that converts the VR signal to HALL type.
  22. Link G3Plus, latest firmware, PCLink 3.4 I can never get the lambda values to show with the "display addon = lambda". The lambda is connected to analog channel 1 as "WB #1" and I get lambda values in the log file, but never as overlay on the fuel map. Why?
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