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  1. As title... Does the G4 extreme support all the trigger setups supported by the G3Plus?
  2. Regarding the polarity - the signal shows correct on the scope so it should be OK. I need to understand the logic behind the dwell time showed in PCLink. It would be great if someone at Link actually read these forums........ What could cause the dwell to be inconsistent like this? A spikey rpm signal? The question is... if the rpm signal goes way up for a fraction of a second (too short to show up in the log file) the coil would fire directly before the correct dwell has been reached? But in that case, why doesn't the trigger error show up in the counter?
  3. The engine is running a 60-2 trigger at the flywheel with an inductive sensor Picked up a lot of interference with the stock Porsche 944 sensors at the flywheel. The 60-2 trigger at the front reduced that a lot but still problems above 6000 rpm. I'm confident it's not a problem in the PCL file but I'll mail it to you later on. Also tried to add a suplementary ground to the engine ground point (to which the EMS is grounded) but not change. Disconected the alternator, no change.. changed the ems, harness, sensors, ignition, coil pack, ign. wires etc. no change.. No voltage drop either. But next thing is to change all the battery cables. Perhaps there's a problem there. Thanks, Gustaf
  4. Link G3 Plus, firmware 1.9, software running PCLink 3.40
  5. I have trouble with what I believe is some sort of electrical interference. The engine won't rev above 6000 rpm but I doesn't get any trigger errors in the Link. Just feels like a soft rpm cut. Checking the logs from a WOT run in 2nd and 3rd reveiled some strange and inconsistant dwell. What could cause this behaviour? First, this is the dwell settings in the map: http://www.revline.se/cars/RRXXX/2008/link_dwellsettings.jpg I took the interesting values of from the log file: http://www.revline.se/cars/RRXXX/2008/link_inconsistent_dwell.jpg First, notice that the dwell is well below the specified dwell in the map. Second, notice that on some occasions the dwell drops significally! Third, notice that on 3 occasions the rpm falls, even though the TP is 100%. Throughtout the logfile this happens a lot. The dwell is down to 0,36 v at some points. But also up to 5+v at some places even though the battery voltage is steady as shown in the log file.
  6. Hmm missed that Quicktime need firmware1.9 and not 1.8. But the AFR trail is still not working with firmware 1.9!
  7. Another thing I've noted is that the AFR trail function in the fuel table doesn't work anymore since the firmware upgrade!
  8. Upgraded firmware to 1.8 and set up the AFR target table. But QuickTune doesn't register the target AFR. It always displays "0". The log files show the same thing. Here's a screenshot from it running on idle. As you can see it displays the AFR target table correctly, but Quicktune doesn't register it. http://www.revline.se/images/Quicktune.gif
  9. 2 reluctor sensors gapped at around 0.75-0.80 mm I need lower threshold values at higher rpms than at lower rpms to get correct readings. At 1000-2000 rpm it works fine with 2-2.5v threshold and filter at level 3. But in order to stable readings without misfires or trigger errors at 6000 rpm I need to lower filter to 1 and reduce threshold values to minimum, 0.2v! I tried different sensors (these ones are new), different cables everything… still the same. It seems kind of backwards? It seems I get lower voltage values at higher rpm’s… how can that be. Could switched + and – cables to the sensor make a reverse reading like that?  Any ideas? It's hard to scope the signal with the car running.
  10. As title, does the KnockBlock voltage output change if 2 sensors are used compared to 1 sensor? Need to know if it becomes more sensitive so you need to update the threshold in the ECU.
  11. Took a closer look and compared the working ws non-working log files. Turned out the non working log files were saved with comma signs vs dot's! Replaced the , with . and now it works. Only thing strange is how it saved it with the commas in first place.
  12. On 99% of the log files, the playback only displays the first row of the log. I've confirmed the log files through a text editor, but somehow PCLink stops at the first row. Playback directly after the recording works, but not when saving/loading the file to watch later. Ideas? This makes the datalogging useless..
  13. I've recently finished my wiring harness based on a Link unterminated 2 m loom. I got input on trigger 1 on the software while cranking but not in trigger 2. After a lot of testing it turned out that the knock 2 and trigger 2 input wires on the connector were switched. Could you please confirm that this pinout diagram is correct? http://www.linkecu.com/support/dlandswupdates/TechInfo/WiringAndInstallation/G06
  14. As title says... Does the new PCLink works with G3 or should I continue to use the version 3.35?
  15. What's the best way to integrate G3 plus and knockblock? One sensor directly to the G3 and the other sensor to the knockblock? Or should I use both sensors with the KnockBlock and the 0-5v output to the G3? But I doesn't seem possible to configure the knock sensor inputs to take a 0-5 v signal.
  16. As title suggests. A table for fuel and ignition compensation, percentage or actual numbers, based on any analogue or digital input. First function that comes to mind is to use that to add extra fuel depending on EGT connected to an analogue channel. After that, a dedicated EGT/Pyro setup would be nice to change boost, fuel or ignition etc.
  17. Hi, I cannot find any documentation about the closed loop boost control? One would assume that choosing the closed loop boost control would update the table to accept MAP/MGP input values in kPa? Thanks, Gustaf
  18. With the Porsche 944 setting I understand that it reads the 132 tooth and reference pin sensors. My questions is, how do you also wire in a cam sensor to get full sequential? Replace the reference pin sensor input with a cam sensor or use a DI cam position input? Thanks
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