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  1. many thanks for the advice i will pass this on, we had the car ticking over perfectly without the idle control valve connected but as soon as the ac was put on it stalled so thats when we started bringing the control vale back into the equation
  2. tried searching for some answers on this through google and it seems all the old forum posts a re gone now so hoping someone can help have an RB30 GTR running a link g4 and have everything running perfect except once the engine is warm the car stalls as soon as you load the power steering or put the ac on, i was perfect until the air temperature has now got lot warmer here. it has an idle control have which may well be the problem, we don't have any information on the hz settings for this one and have just had to go through from scratch and get it running by tryng it. the plan is to buy a new one and try it but before we do that is there an particular on link recommend so we have all the correct information for the setting etc. its to go on a RIPS RB30 converted GTR with single throttle body conversion and single turbo. als the only other issue we have is if the car is turned off after going on a run as soon as you re start even after a few second the car tries to stall for the first 20 second unless you keep you foot on the throttle a little then it passes and is fine, any help that you can give would be great as the guy thats making it is now pulling his hair out!
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