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  1. Hi! does anyone have a basemap for v88 2jz gte (non vvti) 1300cc injectors, vag coils, BMW DBW cheers erik
  2. nkm-erik

    Can setup dash2

    Having some problems with My dash2. I have a g4+ storm in My Evo 8 connected to a dash2 (not PRO) using a RT can adaptor. Rpm and all works fine but not boost and speed. Loaded generic dash2pro settings in can setup with can id 1000. What could be the problem?
  3. nkm-erik

    dash2 setup

    just got an dash 2 that i connected with can interphase. i dont seem to get the boost pressure or oil pressure to work.. what equation do you use for the oil press signal from the ecu?
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