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  1. Cheers Scott Will give that a whirl this weekend hopefully some results.
  2. Hi maybe im missing something as i read through the wiring diagrams as i have spent near 2 days quadruple checking my wiring but I cannot find the problem my ecu stays powered up. It is on the solenoid aux relay that is the problem I have one constant 12 v to relay pin 30 straight from the battery. does this need to be switched at the key? earth at pin 85 on relay ignition 12 v at pin 86 on relay which is switched on by the main ecu relay pin 87 on relay which 12v powers the solenoids I have checked with the ecu turned off that there is no voltage reading at pin 87 on the relay, and also with the wire that goes on pin 87 DETATTCHED from the relay that it has no voltage reading whatsoever this is the wire that goes to the solenoids to provide 12v normally. With the wire DETATTCHED like this the ecu powers down normally like it should. With the wire connected to the pin 87 on the solenoid relay and then powering up the ecu it reads 12v, once i turn the ignition switch off at the key and check the 12v ignition source switch which turns the main ecu relay on/off pin 86 on the main ecu relay reads 0v the ecu still stays powered on in this state I have taken a voltage reading off pin 87 on the solenoid relay and it reads 9v and also if i take the wire off the relay it also reads the same until i unplug the wire on pin 87 of the main ecu relay which powers the ecu. Can any one see if I have it wired up wrong or can give m any tips for finding the problem as I am out of ideas and am just going round in circles at the moment also the auxiliary wires that go to the solenoids are aux 1 vvti control solenoid left aux 2 vvti control solenoid right aux 3 acis control solenoid aux 4 tacho aux 7 Idle controll solenoid/evap solenoid Cheers for any help I wouldn't ask but I have looked through a forum search and gone through the help setting on the pclink but I seem to be missing something and am just not getting it. Also the engine is a 1uzfe vvti motor if this is any help I have loaded provided base map and have changed the specific aux outputs to suit. Mabe it has somthing to do with the base map?? Thanks from Pat
  3. Hi I am wanting to know if the vvt wiring for a 1uzfe vvti is the same as the 2uzfe wiring diagram in the spacific vvt applications diagram in the manual for a link xtreme pretty sure it would be but wanting to double check. Also as I am not running the drive by wire / stepper motor on the throttle body is it possible to use the evap solenoid as a isc solenoid? or do i need to get a spacific isc solenoid.
  4. sent through the file to the email address that you said not sure if i have done it properly but let me know thanks.
  5. Hi I had my rb30det dyno tuned in june and when i got my ute back it wont start easily. The computer is a link plus g2 I originally had a full tune and it started fine since then i added new 740cc injectors a new turbo, intercooler piping and a couple other things. When i done the up grade before taking it for a new tune the engine would start fine as it always did but since the new full dyno tune it does not. When i start it now it takes quite a while to kick over like about a minute or two of cranking some times i have to jump start it with another car.. originally i thought it was a stuffed battery so i got a new one with 600-700 cold cranking amps heaps of juice i also changed the starter motor but still the same problem. When it finally does start it always puffs out a big cloud of petrol fumes. I also had to change the sparkpulgs once as they had fowled up went from iridiums back to some cheap ones. When cranking it does feel like it wants to start, it fires every now and then but just wont burst into life. It will crank, almost start then the starter will grind and i have to repeat the process over and over until it finally starts. Some guidence would be good as the tuner that i normally take my ute to has left from where he works and the next closest place to take it is a hour away... Any help would be good I have a lap top and the link program installed just need some guidence on where to start changing things.
  6. done exactly that and it worked a treat thanks mate.
  7. changed my starter motor during the week on my rb30det and went to start it up and it cranks over but the ecu does not operate. no fuel pump noises so i put the lap top on it and it came up with ecu is in save mode install firmware so i done that and half way through installing the firmware it said cycle ecu power ignition off/on so i turned key on and off and it keeps saying cycle ecu power ignition off/on after a few tryes i closed the program and now the lap top will not connect to the ecu at all, it just flickers between searching and ecu not connected. and i have to close the link program through the task mannager as it doesnt respond. any help to get my beast running again please. Has link plus g2 and has already been tuned on dyno machine
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