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  1. Awesome thank you for your help
  2. Thank you for the reply, The wire that has constant 5v is the tacho wire just making sure but that wire should be from a aux output and that should be set as tacho on the laptop? That mayb my problem as i double check everything and even with the keys out of the ignition there is stil power going to that wire.
  3. Hi there I seem to be having some issues with my ignitor I have a toyota corolla with a 4agte engine, link g4 storm ecu with link 2 channel ignitor. Its a brand new engine so ive been having trouble with the timing and geting it started. I got it firing and turning over then sudenly no spark what so ever ive checked the coils and leads they seem fine. But when checking the igniter i noticed something with the wiring I turned off all the aux out puts but there is still two wires with 12volt and one with 5volt going to the igniter.is that corect or have i wired it incorectly? Also any other i deas as to why id have no spark now? Posibly stuffed igniter? Many thanks for your time stefan
  4. hey there curently in my toyota corolla i have a 4agze block and head, after market intake manifold, t28 turbo with nitrous with link g4 storm and link ignitor i was wondering if you have made a base starter for this model on engine, i dont have a lot of experience with this engine management so my next option would be to take it to some one to get it started its a completly rebuilt engine so id just need a consertive tune till its run in, i'm in dunedin so can you sugest anyone in dunedin who has experience with link ecus? many thanks stefan
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