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  1. Alex182

    rb25 no spark

    Ground to 12v is 1,5kOhm, I meant ground to signal if I remember right. But we've found the Issue, It's been a second 10A fuse we didn't know to be relevant for the ignition... Sorry guys and many thanks!
  2. Alex182

    rb25 no spark

    Hi, we've already chenged coils with those of another rb25. The resistances you asked for: ~2,6 Ohm on all 6. Tonight we'll switch ECUs and plug in an OEM one with Nistune board in it. Let's see what it does. BR Alex
  3. Alex182

    rb25 no spark

    Hello Scott, thanks for your input. Enclosed you'll find the current map, pictures of the oscilloscope recording the coil signal and logs of the engine start itself. Thank you! BR Alex Daten Link R34GTT RB25DET Neo.zip
  4. Alex182

    rb25 no spark

    Hi Scott, attached you can find my dwell table. We're using the oem rb25 Neo coils. Have already tried another set, same issue. Have tested resistency on all of them. Only potential issue we've found are the 0,2volt at the signal wire for the coils. Don't know how much voltage it should provide coming from the ecu. Injectors are pulsing and we've tried old map revisions where it was definately working. Many thanks in advance! Alex
  5. Alex182

    rb25 no spark

    Hi, last night we've been continuing tuning our rb25. Car idled the engine with no issues. Once we've turned it off, it didn't start anymore. No spark on all cylinders. We've checked crank signal and got rpm in the link, checked the cas with oscilloscope, all fine with 0,5-4.2v signal. Then we've turned on the ignition test mode and the relais were clicking. All Coils got 12v and ground. But in the coil connector we can only read 0,15-0,2volt on the signal wire. Any ideas what could cause this? Already tried older revisions and even the standard base map to ensure it's not based on any ecu configs. Thanks! Alex
  6. Thanks for the input. Indeed, I doublechecked dead times and tried different setups, but they seem to be spot on but I didn't do anything on the short pw adder yet. I'll check that, thanks a lot!
  7. Traditional fuel equation
  8. Hi, we're currently tuning a RB25 Neo engine and got some trouble dialing in the fueling correctly. WOT Fueling is just fine but got trouble with consistent fueling on cruising (fluctuations) and tip in. The fueling map looks realy strange, but we've already double and triple checked the fuel pressure, deadtimes and even changed to new injectors and fuel pump. Anyone who'S got an idea what causes that kind of a curve in the fueling map? Many thanks in advance! BR Alex
  9. Hi, I'm currently searching for the deadtimes and lpw data for the original Nissan r35 GTR injectors. Anybody who can help me out? Thanks! Regards Alex
  10. Hi, thanks for that tipps. It helps me alot with the setup. But I'm still a bit confused about the LC settings. I've set the LR wheel speed also for the non driven wheel speed in the speed settings. Set the LC to 2D LC with DI6 switch and 8kph for disabling it at that speed. But we're still hitting the rev limiter while driving until switching DI6 again. Knock control works just fine now, since I've done the firmware upgrade - great thing! If I understood it right, I cannot use the DI5 port for a Switch on mass when knock control enabled, right (pullup resistor)? Is it okay to run that siwtch on DI5 via 12V though? By the way: Do you have any sources for Standard views for the different screens? Would like to have some examples set up nicely. My view looking messier each time im working on it :-) Regards Alex
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply! I already tried using the DI4 input to control the Launch control. The limiter did not went off. I now configured the map with your remarks. It would be nice if you could take a look on it and whether the basics are set up proberly. The Knock Sensor reads 0V. I've set the Error low value to 0V for this one., too. Unfortunately I can't which it to ON in the Knock setup ?! Here you'll find my current map. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18326195/20150706_v1.pclr Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everybody, we've started tuning a r34 Skyline with a Link G4+ plugin ECU and currently facing some issues/ questions. - Narrowband Lambda seems not to be connected at the Link (Error Code). When changing to closed loop fueling and selecting wideband (which we have connected and works in general) - fueling won't be corrected. - Don't you have any speed signals from ABS sensor or the trans within the original harness? How to set this up to be able to use traktion and launch control. Abs Sensor wires directly plugged to the ECU? - When installing GP Input Switches do I have to wire them to a 12V source and the DI 1-8 used as ground? - The original Knock Sensors cannot be used within the G4+, right? Sorry for those poor questions - It' our first time tuning a standalone ECU :smile: Many thanks in advance!
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