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  1. mapper

    Center Diff Control. DCCD (ACD? ATTESA?)

    I would really like to use gp tables. We have more than enough spare aux on an Evo I'm developping, but unfortunately there are juat too less MAP Slots available. I know 30 table slots sound like many, but we already run out off slots on the 4 cyl. Ind. Cyl trim, knock control, cl boost with, DBW, Launch, all need tables. Is there no possibility to increase the table number in the firmware, so we can use Aux tables for ACD control?
  2. mapper

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    I contacted Aim direct in Italy yesdarday and they infomed me that Link support is already testing revised firmware. Good job guys! Hopefully Aim does release it soon.
  3. mapper

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    Hi Adam I just expierienced the same problem this week, after firmware update fuel press, oil press etc. Is no shown correct. I loaded the generic dash stream into the User Transmit Stream 1 and adjusted the multiplier. For IAT and Oil press it worked, but fuel press is something messed up on the AIM. Parametet is unsigned, but aim shows negativ values... Consequently i tried to set up a customs stream, where ai try to duplicate the genetic dash stream on the AIM as receiver. The First 3 parameters do function, but the second line wont. I know it's not a link product, but could you please elaborate what the the row counter is for? And how must the receive mask been set if i want receive meddage in the AIM only for ID 1000 for example. Thank you in advance.
  4. mapper

    Mixture drifting to rich in idle problem

    are the IAT, Warm up table and charge temp table correctly set? Have you checked PWInjectorActual or just InjbasePW? stays the battery voltage, MAP, RPM constant?
  5. mapper

    Limiting Torque

    if you tune in VE mode and have everything correct set, the VE curve represents more or less the torque curve, so you can adjust ignition timing accordingly.
  6. mapper

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi Adam You're right I missed to think about it's a singel spool DC Motor. This strategy needs two coils or a stepper motor. But the small moving strategy is not the same as just zero deadthband. Zero deathband makes the control always work, but doesn't change the target signal. The strategy i was talking about does apply a small oscillation to the target, so to the controler input. I expierenced the same problem with hold step as A5_quattro. I will check if i find a log. Not right sized dbw to engine size is relativ. We run 800hp+ on a 2,2l engine. This is calling for a 76mm+ throttle body. I agree that this makes it much more difficult to control, but somehow we need to find a strategy in aftermarket to control it.
  7. mapper

    E throttle cl idle control

    I have the factory DBW Throttle body manual from Bosch. 500HZ is the lowest recommendet frequency. Most OEM system work a higher frequencys. Lower frequency means also slower control, which we doesn't want. Syvecs strategy sound similary to the small oscillation strategy i mentioned.
  8. mapper

    E throttle cl idle control

    No really not, I'm sure Link will do something. Every ECU manufacturer has some problems. Except this problem the LINK G4+ platform runs very stable, and reliable. Overall the ECU's are still absolute great! DBW idle control is the only thing which is not ideal atmo. Think it even work ok on small throttles. From a control aspect a big DBW throttle compiend with a small engine is the most difficult thing to control. I just asked my system control engineer docent (worked for 20years+ for OEM's). The main problem ist the friction. I will explain it on a example. Target TP = 2.0 % Actual TP= 1,7% The PID controler increase the Output DC%, but the TP stays on 1,7% until the static friction is overcome. Now the dynamic friction is much lower, which means the TP jumps to a much higher value like 2,7% and consequently overshots the target. Now the same process starts to the other side. This is called stick-slip effect. I'm aware off two strategy which could be applied. - Target signal must be be moved always by a small amount so TP does allways a small oscillation arround Target. Consequently there is only dynamic friction and no stick friction. The disatvantage of this methode is higher mechanical wear. - second strategy is to use push and pull driver at the same time. They work agains each other, so force is applied to both sides of the throttle. So the throttle is active hold in position from both sides and not just spring against one side motor force. With this methode the stick friction force is much smaller in proportion to the close and open force applied by the motor. Disadvantage, it's quite complex to engineer the control algorithm.
  9. mapper

    E throttle cl idle control

    I've expierienced the same problem. Besides it seams no possible to find good PID Settings which control idle very precise and makes the throttle enough fast with less overshoout at big changes. I use a 82mm throttle on 2,2 liter engine, means idle is controlled within 1-1,5%. Even with idle control turned off, the PiD controller oscillate slowly arround target especially when in gear, because TP seams to jump once integral has summed up enough to overcome friction. Think the push-pull driver must apply current from both sides to control and hold the throttle with more force arround idle. I've used Nichols Ziegler methode, measured step response, phase margin etc. to adjust PID's. I also tried Link VDO PID (which oscillate heavy after a step btw!) and spent a lot of time to find sensible PID empirically. Unfortunatelly nothing seams to work well for idle. Bad E-thrrottle idle control was discussed a lot over past years. Think it's really time that link engineers investigate into this Problem.
  10. mapper

    Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    Can you please send me your Pinout. I have a same steel arm pedal. Thank you in advance.
  11. mapper

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    well no it's clear, thank you Adam.
  12. mapper

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Do I miss something? ECU has built-in Trigger Pullup of 4.7kOhms. GS1005 Sensor is asking for a 2.4kOhm pullup Resistor to 12V. The ECU pull-up is already higher than the recommended one. Why should we use the second pull-up? And how can Cherry/ZF recommend a pull-up resistor without knowing what pull-up is in the ECU?
  13. Another thing which I would like is a 3D Accel Cold correction table so it can be spanned with Engine running time or charge temperatur or a modelled intake manifold temp. The reason is simple. Just after cold startup, it needs much more accel enrichment, than after 1-3min running time of the engine. From a tuning perspective, you need to add a lot of accel enrichment just after the start of the engine so throttle response is good. But after 1-3min running ECT is still similar, but manifold ports have got some temp into it. Now the big Accel enrichment just flushes the cylinders and oil film down.
  14. mapper

    Traction control on AWD

    Other ECU manufacturer use ROC to make a traction control. What I read it does work well. That would just need an additional axis option in a future release. I would like to have GPS function in the next gen Link Ecu.
  15. mapper

    'Save All' logs