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  1. Guys 70% of G4X firmware code has been writen from scratch. So it's not possible to just take over the new features to G4+. It's better when Engineers spent there time into development of the new product. The G4+ is on a very good level, so it is just fine to leave it how it is. As with any tecnical device you have to buy the latest generation unit to get all the new features.
  2. Thats not a nice way how you say that. On every product you buy the updates stops someday and you have to invest in the new generation unit if you want get all the recent features. Besides I'm 100% sure you would have been in the same situation with the other ECU manufacturer. And if your fuel table is properly tuned, there is no need for long term fuel trims. I recommend to use Mixture Map.
  3. Lamda Error CL ( effective correction needed for Fuel map) = (Target Lambda (1- CL Trim%/100) - actual Lambda) *100% For example a rich dip after a lean spike: target Lambda: 1.0 Actual Lambda= 0.85 Actual Trim = +10% (before response of CL for rich dip) Fuel table correction = (1.0* (1-10%/100) -0.85)*100%= 5%
  4. mapper

    Can switch module

    There comes nothung to my mind why it shouldn't work. So yes you can
  5. The gain value is within the range I would expect it. I'm using similary values.
  6. No problem, just set tps lockout to max (110%) and Map lockout to something like 500kpa. I recommend to use link can lambda or internal on Furry and Thunder ECU, because they can dectwct wrong sensor which sets CL lambda to openloop. On analog lambda it could be possible that a wrong sensor leans mixture out.
  7. I tune near each week G4+ and G4X. Yes, I really feel what LINK claims. The faster ECU and asynch injection leads to better throttle response. On the g4+ you allways see a lean spike during fast throttel opening. On the G4X you won't see that. Idle stability is much better, too. And Maths are such a great tool!
  8. Sorry my fault. You have to do it the other way arround. Virtual Aux PWM Aux with condition VA PWM > 50% and turn off delay: 0.2sec But yes we have to wait for VA PWM update
  9. I would try to use an Virtual Aux with on condition Aux pwm > 50% And switch off time of 0.2sec or so This gives you a boolean including hysteresis.
  10. Just had the same situation yesterday, but luckly found it quickly. I also found that cylinder level turned off when i switched between first and second order filter (7 and 14khz). Then i had to switch to another second order filter and back to make it work again. Seams like a strange bug.
  11. The parameters you are looking for are MAP and MGP.
  12. why not using a VA aux to Switch ON and off? You can implement a logic with a Timer, start and reset timer with DI = ON and then VA only turns off if timer X < 15sec.
  13. If i remember right, numbers in Pwm table means: 0 % = 12V 100% = 0 V Means you have to flip your numbers in the table. You should check current requirements, too
  14. I have to check in datalogs if the cut% stays the same even if 0bis detected durung shift. Settings really depend on power level and engine. I don't use 40drg retard on all cars. If 10deg works for your application, leave it. Back to fuel &ign cut. Shifting out of gear will be faster, if ign cimut is appkied instant, rather than waiting for next inj. event.
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