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  1. I'm using fuel cut most of the time to prevent the very hard bangs during shifting. But the downside is, the power cut feels a bit slower. I would really like if LINK will do a IGN And Fuel cut option.
  2. I like to add another point. I'm really missing a delta function where you have two cursors to see the difference between two points. Once GPS mapping is possible a distance mode for the X-axis will be needed, too.
  3. Hi It would be great if you can share you results, regarding high pressure pump, trigger pattern and injector charakterisation. Thanks.
  4. You can span one axis of the target boost table to a rotary switch, so you can do up to 33 different boosst tagets. If you use a potentiometer you even can get infinity many boost targets.
  5. Sorry if i hijack tjr thread. Why is ign and fuel cut used for rotary and why not also on other engines?
  6. mapper

    Co2 boost control

    Please elaborate what you want to achive. Maybe its already possible.
  7. A easy layout with such button woulf be good for the End-customer. I would like to setup a layout page for the customer so he can access active test and clear of error code. All other areas of the ECU should be protected or even better there should be access control for every setting.
  8. mapper

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    Aem UEGO Analoge widband is junk. The never ready up the same as my reference lambda on the dyno. I highly recommend the Link CAN-Lambda. They read very accurate.
  9. If you have a C-dash you should be aible to program a custome can stream from Furry to Dash with all data you need.
  10. mapper

    2JZ Which Cam Sensor?

    The 2JZ non-VVTI has one Crank and two Cam sensors. Which one is intended to use with the 2jz trigger mode, front or rear one? t
  11. mapper

    Rotary switch

    I'm using AEM 30-2056 and for Highend Application Motec 9 Position. Doesn't matter much which one you use, it just should give you signals between 0 and 5 Volts. Besides, Adamw / Link ECU that would be a nice Accessory in your product lineup!
  12. mapper

    Rotary switch

    If you use a calibration table with Volt input and integer position numbers (1-12) output, the output does only change in steps of 1, so no problem between interpolating. However, if you have a 12 Position Switch for example Launch RPM, the Launch RPM would only change negligible little.
  13. mapper

    Rotary switch

    We use up 4 rotary switches on some cars. 12 pos Launch RPM 12 pos Torque Maps, VA to switch between 3 boost strategies (TP, RPM base, straight) with several Boost Targets. Alter IGN on some maps. 12 pos Traction Control Targets 3 Pos Switch for different E-throttle Targets You can do quite complex setups and much more than the Average Joe may think is possible with LINK. Only limiting factor is the overal number of 30 tables. And 4D,5D,6D would be nice for boost. I would also like to have a few more Fuel and IGN overlay tables (7D,8D,9D...). Same for traction control.
  14. mapper

    PRI News

    What else have been the big news you released at pri?
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