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  1. mapper

    Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    Can you please send me your Pinout. I have a same steel arm pedal. Thank you in advance.
  2. mapper

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    well no it's clear, thank you Adam.
  3. mapper

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Do I miss something? ECU has built-in Trigger Pullup of 4.7kOhms. GS1005 Sensor is asking for a 2.4kOhm pullup Resistor to 12V. The ECU pull-up is already higher than the recommended one. Why should we use the second pull-up? And how can Cherry/ZF recommend a pull-up resistor without knowing what pull-up is in the ECU?
  4. Another thing which I would like is a 3D Accel Cold correction table so it can be spanned with Engine running time or charge temperatur or a modelled intake manifold temp. The reason is simple. Just after cold startup, it needs much more accel enrichment, than after 1-3min running time of the engine. From a tuning perspective, you need to add a lot of accel enrichment just after the start of the engine so throttle response is good. But after 1-3min running ECT is still similar, but manifold ports have got some temp into it. Now the big Accel enrichment just flushes the cylinders and oil film down.
  5. mapper

    Traction control on AWD

    Other ECU manufacturer use ROC to make a traction control. What I read it does work well. That would just need an additional axis option in a future release. I would like to have GPS function in the next gen Link Ecu.
  6. mapper

    'Save All' logs

  7. mapper

    Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    just a side note. your IAT Sensor will not read right anymore because the vaporization on the sensor will cool it down. Consequently its hard to measure in terms of temperature what effect the injection will have.
  8. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Okay, good to know. Do you have a part number for ones you use?
  9. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Or switch PWM Signal with a relay. Means less load on the relay. Thank you for the answer. Would it be possible to add GP PWM to Aux and Fuel output in a future release? or are there hardware limitations?
  10. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Not sure, can aux ign be set as a gp PWM table?
  11. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Think we are talking about the same. "hardwired" is a simple term to descript the internal function of a SSD Relay. In fact there is a Mosfet transistor or thyristor inside the SSD and the internal connection are electrons which diffuse between the gates (n-p-n) in the semiconductor material.
  12. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    no, the problem is the Hella solid state relay is switched on when both control terminals are switched to ground. Thats due to the internal working of a SSD. Means to turn the SSD Relais off, the control input must have no electric connection (ECU-Relay wire disrupted) or +12V connected. The problem is that the AUX output of the Link ECU is switched to ground when ECU is off.
  13. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    There is no +12V connected to the coil on a Solid state Relay. Load side was +12V direct from BAT. I ended up to disrupt signal to ECU with a conventional Relay. Because live time of Relay... What I was thinking about is if the SSD Relay cab be manipulated with a diode or Pullup or similary in signal line.
  14. mapper

    Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    A problem i found on the hella one is, it is ground switched and the ECU switch to ground when its off. Means pump start to run when ECu is turned off.
  15. mapper

    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Yes i was refering to the other post. In the meantime Adam clarified it via Mail and I'm sure E-Throttle is working well.