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  1. mapper

    T1 Race Development Temp Sensor

    Just use the LINK 1/8 NPT Sensor calbration you can select in PC Link. It looks like the same sensor as the Link one.
  2. mapper

    Toyota 86 CAN

    I know a guy from Dubai has integrated a Furry ECU into a a GT86. He spent arround 3 days to make the CAN work. So it couldn't be too difficult. If there are to less adresses available in the LINK ECU, you can use a Motec Dash as a Gateway between. Maybe the AIM Link dash could do that,too.
  3. mapper

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    The fuel Modell does the main correction for ethanol. You can use the 5d table to correct if on higher boost settings the efficiency on ethanol differs a bit from pump fuel. If 5D is needed, values are usually below 3%.
  4. mapper

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    That's a good point. Yes I have done it in multifuel. And yes it can be a bit of a compromiss with the 4D table, because on ethanol the engine is usually more efficient at higher boost, because egt is lower = backpressure lower = lower pressure Ration = more efficient. However, you can use the 5D table to correct that.
  5. mapper

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    I don't agree. I get better results with tps vs rpm and 4d mgp vs rpm. For sure on turbo and single throttle engine.
  6. mapper

    Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log

    You should really check out the mixture map function. There is no reason to use an external software. All the pictures you show can easy be done in PC link. In every table a cross is shown to mark which cell is used at. You just have to set up new layout pages with things you like to use. Check out Layout > and all the bar graph, navigator, x-y plots etc. Of course Mega log viewer is a good log software, but the PC Link logging capabilities are even stronger.
  7. mapper

    Questions about the capabilities of a WRX9+ G4+

    Guys relax a bit. I've mapped and I'm supporting several 600-800hp 2.0 to 2.3l time attack engines/cars with a Link ECU and multimap strategy. Such an engine runs usually for 5000 race track kilometers until a rebuilt is needed. That's a similar distance to a 24h race. I like to answer your question.: All LINK ECU use the same PC-Software and the same Firmware. The main difference between all LINK G4+ ECU's is only the hardware. your tuner should tune the main Fuel and ign Maps from the lowest to the highest boost levels. There are 3 main Boost Maps in the LINK ECU. You can additionally span one of the axis of the Boost Wastegate or Target table to a driver Rotary Switch. So it's possible to have up to 33 different boost maps, which all can be switched on the fly. On top of that, you can activate 4D fuel and ignition tables on one or several of the boost maps. This allows trimming Ignition and Fuel on some maps if you or your tuner like to do that. The Link Ecu is really flexible. Usually, the only limit what you can do is the creativity of the tuner. As an example, we installed 3 rotary switches in a Time Attack/ Hillclimb car. One 12-Position Rotary Switch is used to choose between 12 different torque maps (mainly altered by boost strategy). The Launch RPM can be chosen over another 12-Position Switch, depending on whether and Track conditions. And lastly, we have a 3-Position Rotary Switch to choose one of 3 Drive by wire Throttle Maps. For engine Safety, we set up Limits for too low and to high Coolant temp, Oil temp, Oil press and Fuel press. We are also using full time closed loop lambda and sending a lot of Data over a custom CAN. As you see, the LINK is a very capable system. But as every ECU, it needs a capable tuner to use it properly.
  8. mapper

    Ethanol Content Clamp Function

    The continental Ethanol Content Sensors will read significant lower when low flow goes through the sensor. This means during a WOT run the ethanol content will read significantly lower at high load and rpm than at idle, because the flow in the return line is low. I attached a Log to show the problem. With more boost, I see values 20% lower at WOT than at idle. This is a well-known problem and other ECU manufacturers have an Ethanol Clamp function for a good while. The Ethanol content does with activated clamp function only update when the Injector Duty Cycle is below a certain level. Once the INJ Duty Cycle is higher than the threshold the ECU takes the last value read below the threshold and update Ethanol content only when InjDC goes below the threshold. So a quite simple function, but with a big need! Please implement it asap. Thank you.
  9. mapper

    Improved Engine Protection

    Modelled and Multi-Modelled fuel compensats for differential fuel pressure flucation. Use a GP Limiter and spann axis diff fuel press and set rpm limit to a low value or zero if it diff fuel press is 20-50kpa to low. Use another GP limiter and set axis oil press vs RPM. You can also built strategies with timers, virtual aux etc. And use virtual aux status as axis. It's completly up to you how you want use GP limits and 3th axis of RPM limiter. You just have to be creative to get what you want.
  10. mapper

    E throttle cl idle control

    Here is another log first, I experiencing wired ISC CL Trim when AP is pressed 0.2-0.3%. Suddenly about 3-4% ISC Trim is added and idle goes to 3000RPM+. This is well visible in the log. second. The DBW PID are well tuned and follow very good without overshooting if I apply big target jump. But the controller seams to struggel quite alot during idle to make small adjustments. Even when idle control is turned off. I spent hours with different PID, nothing seams to work well for idle. I tuned the same throttle body on other ECU's without any problems. _wired_idle_control_DBW_ISC_CL_Trim_added_randomly_Log 2018-07-31 5;49;20 pm.llg
  11. mapper

    Clear Fault Code over CAN or ECU Input

    Ah thats great! Haven't know that. You should at that to Website and help fault fault code list.
  12. I would like to have a function clear fault codes which can be activated over an ECU Input or over CAN. We set up customer Dashes that every fault code is shown as plain text message. It will be good that the customer can clear the fault code with a press on the Dash or an external switch.
  13. mapper

    Center Diff Control. DCCD (ACD? ATTESA?)

    I would really like to use gp tables. We have more than enough spare aux on an Evo I'm developping, but unfortunately there are juat too less MAP Slots available. I know 30 table slots sound like many, but we already run out off slots on the 4 cyl. Ind. Cyl trim, knock control, cl boost with, DBW, Launch, all need tables. Is there no possibility to increase the table number in the firmware, so we can use Aux tables for ACD control?
  14. mapper

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    I contacted Aim direct in Italy yesdarday and they infomed me that Link support is already testing revised firmware. Good job guys! Hopefully Aim does release it soon.
  15. mapper

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    Hi Adam I just expierienced the same problem this week, after firmware update fuel press, oil press etc. Is no shown correct. I loaded the generic dash stream into the User Transmit Stream 1 and adjusted the multiplier. For IAT and Oil press it worked, but fuel press is something messed up on the AIM. Parametet is unsigned, but aim shows negativ values... Consequently i tried to set up a customs stream, where ai try to duplicate the genetic dash stream on the AIM as receiver. The First 3 parameters do function, but the second line wont. I know it's not a link product, but could you please elaborate what the the row counter is for? And how must the receive mask been set if i want receive meddage in the AIM only for ID 1000 for example. Thank you in advance.