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  1. Traction control on AWD

    Other ECU manufacturer use ROC to make a traction control. What I read it does work well. That would just need an additional axis option in a future release. I would like to have GPS function in the next gen Link Ecu.
  2. 'Save All' logs

  3. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    just a side note. your IAT Sensor will not read right anymore because the vaporization on the sensor will cool it down. Consequently its hard to measure in terms of temperature what effect the injection will have.
  4. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Okay, good to know. Do you have a part number for ones you use?
  5. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Or switch PWM Signal with a relay. Means less load on the relay. Thank you for the answer. Would it be possible to add GP PWM to Aux and Fuel output in a future release? or are there hardware limitations?
  6. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Not sure, can aux ign be set as a gp PWM table?
  7. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    Think we are talking about the same. "hardwired" is a simple term to descript the internal function of a SSD Relay. In fact there is a Mosfet transistor or thyristor inside the SSD and the internal connection are electrons which diffuse between the gates (n-p-n) in the semiconductor material.
  8. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    no, the problem is the Hella solid state relay is switched on when both control terminals are switched to ground. Thats due to the internal working of a SSD. Means to turn the SSD Relais off, the control input must have no electric connection (ECU-Relay wire disrupted) or +12V connected. The problem is that the AUX output of the Link ECU is switched to ground when ECU is off.
  9. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    There is no +12V connected to the coil on a Solid state Relay. Load side was +12V direct from BAT. I ended up to disrupt signal to ECU with a conventional Relay. Because live time of Relay... What I was thinking about is if the SSD Relay cab be manipulated with a diode or Pullup or similary in signal line.
  10. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    A problem i found on the hella one is, it is ground switched and the ECU switch to ground when its off. Means pump start to run when ECu is turned off.
  11. [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Yes i was refering to the other post. In the meantime Adam clarified it via Mail and I'm sure E-Throttle is working well.
  12. Crank trigger tooth count

    I agree, have to check what ROC numbers we get just by throttle blips. Adam does the trigger decoding take ROC into account to guess when next reference signal must occur? Or does it just use actual RPM (means ECU expect steady RPM) ?
  13. Crank trigger tooth count

    Hi Guys I just realised that I made another mistake in my calculation. I edited the post above. Timing drift can be huge on low crank count trigger. to get you some additional numbers, error falling in square! timing drift @ 6000rpm and Rate of change in RPM 18000RPM/sec: Numbers are for worst case scenario (90deg between last reference signal and spark signal) Number of Crank Reference signal / Timing drift 4 / 20.25 deg 8 / 5.0625 deg 12 / 2.25 deg 18 / 1.0 deg 36 / 0.25 deg 60 / 0.09 deg
  14. CAN dash setup

    I had some troubles with CAN not working right with the LINK CAN-Dash cable in past. Adam if i remember right the CAN Dash cable has a resister buil it, isnt'it? I would try a twisted cable from ECU to the Dash. I installed already alot of Plex uSDM 100 and 102 dashes. Only problems o had was firmware updating the Plex doesn't work right sometimes and you have to load a older firmware first anf then lates again. Besides, you can do some smart things with Math channels and custome CAN.
  15. [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Will the new Firmware come with a fix for idle control with DBW? I have to convert a few LINK equipped cars in the coming months and i dont like to install an external idle controll valve. I even have to less aux available on a car.