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  1. Hi It would be great if you can share you results, regarding high pressure pump, trigger pattern and injector charakterisation. Thanks.
  2. You can span one axis of the target boost table to a rotary switch, so you can do up to 33 different boosst tagets. If you use a potentiometer you even can get infinity many boost targets.
  3. Sorry if i hijack tjr thread. Why is ign and fuel cut used for rotary and why not also on other engines?
  4. mapper

    Co2 boost control

    Please elaborate what you want to achive. Maybe its already possible.
  5. A easy layout with such button woulf be good for the End-customer. I would like to setup a layout page for the customer so he can access active test and clear of error code. All other areas of the ECU should be protected or even better there should be access control for every setting.
  6. mapper

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    Aem UEGO Analoge widband is junk. The never ready up the same as my reference lambda on the dyno. I highly recommend the Link CAN-Lambda. They read very accurate.
  7. If you have a C-dash you should be aible to program a custome can stream from Furry to Dash with all data you need.
  8. mapper

    2JZ Which Cam Sensor?

    The 2JZ non-VVTI has one Crank and two Cam sensors. Which one is intended to use with the 2jz trigger mode, front or rear one? t
  9. mapper

    Rotary switch

    I'm using AEM 30-2056 and for Highend Application Motec 9 Position. Doesn't matter much which one you use, it just should give you signals between 0 and 5 Volts. Besides, Adamw / Link ECU that would be a nice Accessory in your product lineup!
  10. mapper

    Rotary switch

    If you use a calibration table with Volt input and integer position numbers (1-12) output, the output does only change in steps of 1, so no problem between interpolating. However, if you have a 12 Position Switch for example Launch RPM, the Launch RPM would only change negligible little.
  11. mapper

    Rotary switch

    We use up 4 rotary switches on some cars. 12 pos Launch RPM 12 pos Torque Maps, VA to switch between 3 boost strategies (TP, RPM base, straight) with several Boost Targets. Alter IGN on some maps. 12 pos Traction Control Targets 3 Pos Switch for different E-throttle Targets You can do quite complex setups and much more than the Average Joe may think is possible with LINK. Only limiting factor is the overal number of 30 tables. And 4D,5D,6D would be nice for boost. I would also like to have a few more Fuel and IGN overlay tables (7D,8D,9D...). Same for traction control.
  12. mapper

    PRI News

    What else have been the big news you released at pri?
  13. mapper

    PRI News

    Hi i read that LINK is going to release two new plugin ECU's. For what cars are it?
  14. mapper

    Nos control

    I think its much better to have all universal function like virtual aux, timers, 4D, 5D, fual fuel table etc. than a dedicated NOS function. This way you can build your own NOS function excatly how you want it. You just habe to be a bit creative with the universal functions.
  15. mapper

    Rotary switch

    You can already do that. Just setup a anloge input for rotary switch. Use eighter direct voltage or use a calibration table to output position. Use rotary voltage or position as an axis for launch rpm, traction aim, boost aim, etc.
  16. mapper

    High low boost setup

    Sorry what? I'm not sure if anyone can understand your question. Please try it once again in other words.
  17. Just use the LINK 1/8 NPT Sensor calbration you can select in PC Link. It looks like the same sensor as the Link one.
  18. mapper

    Toyota 86 CAN

    I know a guy from Dubai has integrated a Furry ECU into a a GT86. He spent arround 3 days to make the CAN work. So it couldn't be too difficult. If there are to less adresses available in the LINK ECU, you can use a Motec Dash as a Gateway between. Maybe the AIM Link dash could do that,too.
  19. mapper

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    The fuel Modell does the main correction for ethanol. You can use the 5d table to correct if on higher boost settings the efficiency on ethanol differs a bit from pump fuel. If 5D is needed, values are usually below 3%.
  20. mapper

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    That's a good point. Yes I have done it in multifuel. And yes it can be a bit of a compromiss with the 4D table, because on ethanol the engine is usually more efficient at higher boost, because egt is lower = backpressure lower = lower pressure Ration = more efficient. However, you can use the 5D table to correct that.
  21. mapper

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    I don't agree. I get better results with tps vs rpm and 4d mgp vs rpm. For sure on turbo and single throttle engine.
  22. You should really check out the mixture map function. There is no reason to use an external software. All the pictures you show can easy be done in PC link. In every table a cross is shown to mark which cell is used at. You just have to set up new layout pages with things you like to use. Check out Layout > and all the bar graph, navigator, x-y plots etc. Of course Mega log viewer is a good log software, but the PC Link logging capabilities are even stronger.
  23. Guys relax a bit. I've mapped and I'm supporting several 600-800hp 2.0 to 2.3l time attack engines/cars with a Link ECU and multimap strategy. Such an engine runs usually for 5000 race track kilometers until a rebuilt is needed. That's a similar distance to a 24h race. I like to answer your question.: All LINK ECU use the same PC-Software and the same Firmware. The main difference between all LINK G4+ ECU's is only the hardware. your tuner should tune the main Fuel and ign Maps from the lowest to the highest boost levels. There are 3 main Boost Maps in the LINK ECU. You can additionally span one of the axis of the Boost Wastegate or Target table to a driver Rotary Switch. So it's possible to have up to 33 different boost maps, which all can be switched on the fly. On top of that, you can activate 4D fuel and ignition tables on one or several of the boost maps. This allows trimming Ignition and Fuel on some maps if you or your tuner like to do that. The Link Ecu is really flexible. Usually, the only limit what you can do is the creativity of the tuner. As an example, we installed 3 rotary switches in a Time Attack/ Hillclimb car. One 12-Position Rotary Switch is used to choose between 12 different torque maps (mainly altered by boost strategy). The Launch RPM can be chosen over another 12-Position Switch, depending on whether and Track conditions. And lastly, we have a 3-Position Rotary Switch to choose one of 3 Drive by wire Throttle Maps. For engine Safety, we set up Limits for too low and to high Coolant temp, Oil temp, Oil press and Fuel press. We are also using full time closed loop lambda and sending a lot of Data over a custom CAN. As you see, the LINK is a very capable system. But as every ECU, it needs a capable tuner to use it properly.
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