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  1. I have a G4 Storm to control a Chevrolet small block. Im using all 4 injectorchannels to fire my 8 injectors. Which driver (1234)  to which injector(12345678) ? Stock it´s just 2 banks left and right. Do i have any benifits running 4 channels? I have read in the help that odd driver numbers should be wired in one bank and even in another but on which side of the engine? Animated firing order SCB Attaching my .pcl im running for now  camaro2014.pcl
  2. I am currently using 2 spare aux ports, but i have 2 spare ignitions drives available. the downside with highside driving of the leds is that it will require a remake of the instrument housing which they sit in to supply ground instead of 12v+
  3. Hello! I have a problem with my indicator leds connected to the aux ports, i have one as CE-light and one to show when the transmission is in lock-up mode. When the G4 ecu pull the output to ground the leds lights up bright as they should. But when the port is turned off the leds glow very dimm. The leds are connected with approx 900 ohms in series, producing about 18mA over the led, the manual states that it shuld be a 1k resistor, may this be the problem? Â I will go over and check all grounds and maybe change the 12v source from the gauges part in the fusebox because when i use the blinkers or the reverse light goes on the ce led blink less dimm in the same pace as the blinkers or steady when in reverse. Â The wiring to the leds goes through a 2wire cable with shield, 12v connected to the shield and the gorund-signals in the 2 wires. I suppose it is possible to use relays but it feels that is over the edge to drive some leds. Â Seems to be a wiring problem rather then a ecu problem ? Is it possible to solve this using a 10k pull-down/up resistor ? Â Â Â Â Â
  4. Thanks for the help! Got it running now
  5. Have done some progress to day, i have a spark, but still problems with the injectors Theay are 1,6 ohms with 10 Ohms ballast resistors = 11,6 ohm The klick very low when running injectortest, and no fuel squirts. When i use the 'prime' funktion Key-On the injector squirts a rapid shower when i turn on the key, but nothing happens when cranking. Do i have to go down to a lower ballast so that the injector and ballast together ends up near 6 ohm which is the lower limit?
  6. Im having problem with the ecu not triggering the injectors or ignition. Running Distributor and external coil 2point Common injection on injectorchannel 1 and 2 Ignition channel 1 to igniter I am only using trigger 1 connected to the VR in the distributor MultiTooth and 8 theets selected in trigger menu When i go into ignition and running 'test' the coil fires as it should When i go to the injector test page the program says 'this will turn on the injectors.......' i hear a low ticking from the injecotors but no fuel comes out, when i turn off the testmode the injectors inject twice. When cranking nothing happens no fuel and no reaction with ignitionlamp attached to sparkwire. Get Trigger 1 'OK' Trigger Err Counter '0' RPM about 82 Rpm while cranking Attached my pcl file Something i have missed? camaro1.pcl
  7. I have a Distributor setup with a GM HEI 8 Pin igniter The igniter controls dwell and puts out a square wave on pin tach out. Ground - System ground or signal ground? Tach Out - to trigger1? Ignition - ignition 1? Crank Override - Connected to +5v How should i wire Trigger1 and Trigger2 ? My old injectionsystem managed to only use the Tach Out to trigger fuel and ignition without any sync signal. the VR wheel in the distributor has 8 teeths.
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