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  1. Hello Ive got a link g1 d42v5e in my rx7. Ive never had the 4 pin plug while ive owned it but may have at somestage. but i did see there was a temperature sensor in my intercooler piping. Is it needed and if so can you still buy those looms? Cheers
  2. is there any way to find out how much boost my motor is tuned for / can run??
  3. found the problem, after checking the timing found that the trailing plug werent firing in the right order, simple fix swaped the leads around. unsure why it was like that. idles fine now, still have to leave the idle control unpluged cos it revs far to high other wise. cheers for all your help.
  4. well tow started it today was running, still needs a few things done before i can give it a good drive, starts ok off the key when warm so we mite be ok
  5. after double checking everything, still not having much luck, it very very hard to start, sound like it is firing to early and slowing the engine down when it catchs a spark while cranking, after cranking it over and not starting i checked the plugs, leading are dry, but the trailing plugs are wet. when i did get it going the idle was very high. Â ive checked the timing and adjusted it but it made no different. Â the car was running before it was pulled apart, (previous owner) Â all the wiring in the car has been redone, inlcuding the link wiring loom. Â I dont know how, but it was running the S4-5 leading and trailing coils and ignitors. i changed them to the s6/7/8 coils and ignitor because i read in the link book and on here that you cant use the s4-5 one, and plus they are ugly. I never got the old loom to see how it was done and really some how i think this might have something to do with it. would you have any idea one what they would of done or any other ideas of what could be wrong. Â cheer for all your help so far. Quentin
  6. yes the injectors are high impedance, being thats there is a narrow and full range tps wat one do you wire it up to. sorry ive only got the downloaded link manual, but none of the s5 13b info. cheers guys your being a big help.
  7. sweet they are right. il double check the injectors. jut try to check everything off so i can find out why its not starting. Cheers
  8. just wondering wat way your meant to wire up the injectors s5 rx7. Cheers
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