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  1. So i need to pull the ECU out of it's housing and there is a pinout on the board? Doesn't Link just have a colour guide for what wires do what on the XS Loom? Thanks and Regards Chris Â
  2. No unfortunately not. It came with a vehicle that I purchased and now i'm using it in another car and require the use of the XS Loom.  I have PC Link with it's help guide, but i can't seem to find any information about it in there. Regards
  3. Hi There, ECU: Link G4 Plug and Play Vehicle: 1998 R34GTT with RB25DET NEOÂ I have a link G4 plug and play. I'm looking to use the XS Loom to wire in my wideband and a few other sensors but i can't find a wiring diagram for it anywhere. There is no connector, hence no pinout. Does anybody have a link to a diagram so I can work out what wires do what? Any help appreciated. Thanks Â
  4. Howdy, I have an R34GTT plug and play G4. I have just done an inlet and throttlebody conversion to fit an RB26 6x throttlebody setup. I have pulled across the RB26 ACV as well but I can't seem to find a way to enable to the idle ignition control selection under ECU Settings (as available on the RB26 base map) on my R34GTT map. I'm assuming that there is a setting somewhere that will enable it, but i can't find it for the life of me. When I search under parameters it does show the field but it's greyed out. At the moment it's idling at almost 1800 rpm and i need to lower it down. ThanksÂ
  5. Hi All, Just installed a G4 plug and play into my Series 2 Stagea (R34GTT) and i'm in the process of setting everything up. I have managed to configure the VCT and the car runs/drives and has been tuned on a dyno by a professional tuner. The only question I have is around the configuration of the factory knock sensors. I have read the help documents and seem to be able to configure analogue expansion inputs AN V5 and AN V6 to pickup the factory knock voltage. What I don't get it how I can use this factory voltage to configure onboard automated knock protection. Does the knock setup automatically look at the knock sensor voltage once it's configured? Is there anyway to map the voltage to a more visual display (ala Power FC?) All the best Chris
  6. Hey all, We were on the dyno last night mapping the car using a G4 plug and play with a 5bar map sensor. Everything worked flawlessly apart from the VVT setup. There were various selections including JZ, Vq35 etc but nothing for the NEO engine. Has anybody had any experience with setting up VVT for the NEO engine? Apparently it's wired in on the plug and play? Â Advice? Thanks! Â Chris
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