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  1. Hi, I'm installing a Storm G4 with a module E-Throttle. I connected the wiring as follows: Aux output 4 - E-throttle signal 1 / to White/Brone E-Thrt module Aux output 7 - E-throttle relay / to White E-Thrt module Aux output 8 - E-throttle signal 2 / to White/Green E-thrt module Yellow E-thrt module to + motor Grey E-thrt module to - motor In the Analog inputs volt 1 to 4: tps sub, tps main, fps main and fps sub. The e-Throttle motor only work in the moment change the polarity relay. Doesn't work in the calibrate tps settings. And the display 'config' always indicates all aux outputs in 'off', and always 'no errors' in the fault codes. How I can check the proper functioning? In the aux output 1, i have the boost solenoid, and also only works with checking pwm, in normal mode is allways 'off' Thanks, regards Albert
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