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  1. Will this ever be possible? I think its an important thing
  2. The AMS 2000 runs the fastest dragracing vehicles in the world with this strategy ( doubble solenoids and controlling the dome pressure ) IT IS faster.. it just is I have been asking for this for a long time now , the AMS 2000 is a 2500 dollar unit but it sure does its job , I really would like to do the same with my link system
  3. Hi . The shift works now when I added the Dyna shift counter. The shift counter is all 12v+ operated wich makes it a bit unstable , The digital in channels reads 12volt But i have discovered that water ( moist ) in the connectors makes the aux out go on and off irattionaly. Thats very bad for the gearbox Would it be possible in the future for you guys to make that funktion in the software? To have the counter internal and be able to controll outputs with one button Regards Peter https://www.facebook.com/christian.carlsson.96/videos/10155506925092108/
  4. I did a work around on the problem , Now it works But a lots of In and output channels were used https://www.facebook.com/peter.andersson.3152/videos/1745245132225997/ https://scontent-arn2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t58.16132-6/10000000_363747384029727_3012006296532876497_n.mp4?_nc_cat=0&efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6Im9lcF9oZCJ9&oh=e4d75a001d01c21be81c4a6e61050a83&oe=5AFA1393
  5. Hi , Can not get this to work . Any ideas in this area would be very much appresiated Regards Peter Ps , there is a shift counter in the digital parameter list , is it usable?
  6. This is the sequense that has to be created 1st gear to 4th gear same button , 5th solenoid is Reset solenoid and its the upper button. one more push and it reset so 1st gear can be engaged again A sort of slipper clutch Is used so gear detection will not work well. Stock Hayabusa has gear position sensor but not this transmission , it doesnt use shiftforks
  7. Hi , Im planing to let the Ecu controll my Weisman 4 speed Hayabusa gearbox using Aux 1- 4 for gears and Nr 5 as reset Doing that by add each output a resistor that gives different voltage read by analog in ( pullup ) ( gearpossition ) Is there a better way to do this? without the resistor ( intarnally ) Regards Peter
  8. I am so HAPPY now , first time in 3 years IT REALLY works A few followups questions on this If I whant to present more data on the display for any reson it wil not work? If I update Firmware , does this custom setup remain ? Or do i have to get it fixed by you guys every time? What can i say to Racepak? Is the Canadaper not good enough? I am very grateful for the help on this problem and I hope more users can benefit from this , Maybe some sort of preset in the software for the IQ3 Dash Regards Peter https://www.facebook.com/pet
  9. Now it loses signal It starts climbing and then down to zero and upp again . Random no pattern
  10. Yes , Data is fixed both with engine of and running 300 / 3000 NO drop
  11. I had Racepak online , remote help They say problem at the Link side But you can talk to Chris Havill at racepak chrishavill@racepak.com I allso tryed to get them send you the Can module for testing but no luck They say its replaced with a new universal unit I post this video to see if any outher users recognizes this problem
  12. So you have it working with older firmware? I have tryed for 2,5 year now haha
  13. Hi Boys , Just got my Dash back from service at Racepak ( can module to ) and the problems is still there . It works little longer now about 20 seconds and shuts down for about 1 - 2 seconds ( the RPM display ) Tryed 50hz doesnt work at all tryed 100 and 200 no differens Running firmware 5.6.4
  14. I have a thread about it in here http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/4970-racepak-iq3-and-g4-problems/ I allso had the Racepak guru Dick Koster looked at it on one of the Big race here in sweden A lot of Guys have been trying to fix it Short description how it works today Watertemp is fine Oilpressure =fine Lambda can only show lambda not AFR Map comes and goes in intervalls of 4 - 5 seconds RPM comes and goes in 4 - 5 seconds Gear possition works Regards Peter Ps , the quicktune problem have fixed it selfe with later firmwares so no probs there
  15. Mine is still not working , so is there a fix that works now?
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