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  1. Hi Cozcorners There is many options, it depends on your requirement. Yes setting Log Trigger to rpm > 50 would work fine. You there using 800 rpm ???? My option is for my race car. So if speed > 25kph start logging until ignition is turn off. Allows the race engine to warmup and NOT record data during warmup, therefore saving memory to allow fast & many data points recording during the race. Possible explanation for your NOT logging, there MAY be a limit in the firmware on the number of recording starts. So once you start recording keep it active until the end. Only one start. Cheers Andy
  2. Hi Cozcorner Option to stop logging on/off during warmup. Change ECU logging on trigger to a Virtual Aux Output. Acts as latched trigger. That is will start logging once over 800 rpm and stay on until engine stops. Virtual Aux # Switch Logic (1 or 2) and 3 Condition 1 rpm > 800 Condition 2 Aux Virtual Value1 = ON Set number to # Condition 3 rpm > 10 Can change the values to better suit your requirement. Hope this helps. Cheers Andy
  3. Hi Adam Thanks for spotting that the Gear Shift was on. Have turned it off as was not using it. Now all good. Thanks again. Cheers Andy
  4. Hi Link Team This issue is NOT about startup parameters. I have done 2 logs. The first log showing PercentageICut goes active on the first application of TPS. All future applications of TPS all OK. Then in the second log applied TPS before cranking (power on and before starting engine). Then started engine and running for sometime applied TPS and NO PercentageICut. This shows in the RPM Limit code there is a "one shot" (latched) condition in the wrong place. Again I hope you will investigate. Cheers Andy Log 2017-09-27 5;45;00 pm.llg Log 2017-09-27 5;45;47 pm.llg
  5. Andy Drummond

    First Rev Up

    Hi Everyone, Question to all other Link users. Trying to determine if it is my setup or not? On the first throttle (rev up) after starting (power on), the engine hesitates (misses a beat) then rev's. Any following throttle / rev ups, is excellent response. Please reply with either yes / no on your engine or comments. Cheers Andy
  6. Hi Simon Sweet Tested and confirmed all good. Cheers Andy
  7. Hi Team Is it possible to Disable the Aux 9/10 Power fault alarm, if both Aux 9 and Aux 10 are OFF (Not in Use) Also for Aux 17-20 power fault alarm. Since increasing Virtual aux to 8, I am using many less actual aux outputs. Since I am not using any actual aux outputs above 8, therefore the +14 Aux 9/10 Red is NOT wired same for Aux 17-20. But I getting these ECU faults all the time, which blinds me to any real ecu faults that may happen. Confirming that +14v Aux 9/10 pin is NOT wired, is ok for good operation of the Link ECU. Hope you understand my request to stop false alarms. Cheers Andy
  8. Hi Scott I run a two level power system, Switch one powers ecu, water pump, able to programming online. Switch two (ignition switch), powers coils, injectors, solenoids, fuel pump, etc. Which presently is via a relay would like to change to master relay but I use the ignition switch input for conditions in some aux output control. Hence would like the option to use the digital input (ignition switch Thunder input) like current ignition switch if assigned to DI 1 to 16. Cheers Andy
  9. Hi Link Team Have just purchased a thunder ECU. Is it possible to have the Ign Switch input (thunder only) assigned a Digital Input number, so can it can be used in logic conditions. Example DI 17 Cheers Andy
  10. Andy Drummond

    VE calculation

    Hi Fant and Simon Reading another post, Fant you do not have a MAP sensor so you need to change your engine capacity by dividing it by 10. Simon With Load = BAP there is decimal place correction required. Cheers Andy
  11. Andy Drummond

    VE calculation

    Hi Guys I was running the above setup about 6 months ago, Had the same problem the VE fuel tables values were very small. So compared air per cyl values and found by reducing the engine capacity from 1752 to 250 cc was able to have VE table around 70% WOT. What setting makes this happen is "Equation Load Source: Load = BAP" Have since changed to Load = MAP and all is good. Solution for you is wait for correction from Link, or change your engine capacity value, or if possible switch to "Load = MAP". Hope this helps and best of luck. Cheers Andy
  12. Hi Ashley Thanks for doing the ignition improvement above, is it possible to also include the "Idle Target Error Table" to have 0.1 interpolation. Cheers Andy Drummond
  13. Hi Scott Running the very very latest firmware. The problem has be around for some time, I just being a bit slow to notify you. Cheers Andy
  14. Hi Team Is it possible to improve the "Idle Target Error (rpm) Table" output interpolation to resolution of 0.1 Will give a smooth idle angle correction. Cheers Andy
  15. Hi Team A small request if easy, to display the active log file name (file name only required) to the left side of the pclr file name on the top line of PCLink. Cheers Andy
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