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  1. Here is a link anyway to the competitions forum with similar issues. http://forums.haltech.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&p;=28152
  2. Will write a bit about my car and then some about the issue rb30det with r32 rb25de head (all fully rebuilt - 8.5 compression) gt3540 1.06 turbo on custom manifold - 3.5 inch exhaust with one muffler 700cc injectors with bosch 044pump Mitsi evo3 coils running in wasted spark with Link G3 LEM Anyway, my car makes 295kws on 14psi and then 304kws on 18psi. The tuner who tuned it seemed to think it could be a cam issue, however a friends setup has done 360kws on the same cams, head etc. The torque and power curves are almost identical, and the AFR looks the same as well so fueling isnt an issue. Further investigation on various forums has uncovered people having issues with teh cracnk angle sensor putting the timing out. The tuner didnt seem to think this was my problem, however what symptoms am i likely to have in that case? A mechanic friend who works at a dealership thinks the car would run like crap, but it runs great. Any ideas would be great. Cheers
  3. Yes, ive loaded these drivers before into another laptop. When i check the com ports to see whether the link is activated it doesnt show up, so obviously the file isnt taking. It seems overseas lots of people are also having problems with link usb drivers
  4. Hi Link, I have installed your software, however still cant get my laptop to recognize the computer. Computer is a HP Compaq nx5000. When I check in device manager for it, it also doesn’t show. Can you please give me some advice on how I fix this? Im also plugging in my computer for the first time since my tune. The tuner didn’t give me a copy of the map. When I eventually get this going, will the map automatically load, and am I then able to save it and keep a copy that way. I look forward to hearing. Cheers Byron
  5. Hi there, im looking for some information on wiring the 3 channel amplifier into my existing coil setup on my rb25de engine that im turboing. The instructions come with very little that a novice like myself would understand. Any information would be great. Cheers Byron
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